Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Rachel Schwartz)

Rachel Schwartz & The AstroTwins

Using the Planets Proactively with Kabbalistic Astrology

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About Rachel Schwartz:

The system of Kabbalah teaches us to be proactive rather than reactive—to use consciousness and free will when our egos are triggered. How can we cultivate a practice of staying centered no matter what the planets do? Ophi talks to Rachel Schwartz, Kabbalistic astrologer, about how to stay “in the light” of consciousness using Kabbalistic astrology principles? Hear how the 2020 planets open windows in time that can be huge opportunity periods—and the surprising way Kabbalistic astrology regards each planet’s role in your life!

Rachel Schwartz is a world renowned Kabbalistic astrologer – striving tirelessly to bring about unity and love in the world, desiring to use the wisdom of Kabbalah and astrology as an agent for change. She lectures around the world, speaking about relationships, family, children, career and communication.

A native of Tel Aviv, she’s lived in New Jersey for the past 11 years. She and her husband have four children, which she says are her proudest achievement.