Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Rick Merlin Levine)

Rick Merlin Levine & The AstroTwins

SATURN: The Keeper of the Gates

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About Rick Merlin Levine:

Between the personal inner planets and the metaphysical outer planets sits Saturn. Veteran astrologer Rick Levine dives into the ringed planet’s role as the border patrol guard of the solar system. From his cottage in the jungle of Bali, he talks about Saturn’s role in 2020 and outlines a mind-blowing link between the planet’s symbology and etymology. In this late night chat with Tali, Levine also offers advice on navigating the Aquarian energy that will bring further disruption to the status quo by mid-2020. 

Rick Levine is a widely respected voice in the global astrology community. He has a special gift for bridging the gaps between astrology and spirituality, science and religion, the head and the heart. Rick’s daily horoscopes were read by millions. Now, tens of thousands of astrology students view his teachings online every month. He is a true modern-day wizard, a net-junkie, and is rumored to have been initiated into his astrological studies by Pythagoras himself.