Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Shakirah Tabourn)

Shakirah Tabourn & The AstroTwins

Intergenerational Harmony in the 2020s

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About Shakirah Tabourn:

What’s your transformational superpower? Each generation has a unique role in shaping the new decade. Pluto’s placement in your birth chart defines where your age group will make its mark on the world. Ophi talks to Shakirah Tabourn of Thestrology and NFLUX Magazine about the Pluto generations—Leo (1939-1957), Virgo (1957-71), Libra (1971-84), Scorpio (1984-1995), Sagittarius (1995-2008) and Capricorn (2008-24)—and what each will contribute to the 2020s. 

Shakirah of The Strology and NFLUX Media is an astrologer, writer, and creator. She is self-taught and combines modern and traditional techniques along with tarot to offer a unique style of astrology to her clients and students. She has written horoscopes for Girlboss and has been featured in Bustle, Bushwick Daily, and VICE UK. Her astrology & culture magazine NFLUX features interviews, seasonal horoscopes, embodiment activities and more in both print and online. Her first book for Sterling Publishing, Zodiac Signs: Pisces will debut in early 2020. You can find her offerings on her website & on social media / @thestrology / @nfluxmag.