Is It Good to Get a Tarot Reading? 7 Reasons Why We Think So!

Let’s take the mystery out of tarot and give you all the reasons why it is good to get a tarot reading.

Here are 7 reasons why you might want to get a tarot reading (you can decide if they’re good, but we think they are!) This article explores many of the questions you may have before you get a tarot reading. And we include some reasons why you may not want to get a tarot reading, too.

Reasons to get a tarot reading

1. You have a question you need help getting answered

2. You’re looking for guidance beyond your own intuition (or advice you’re receiving from others)

3. You’re facing a big change in life (new job, a move, a relationship change)

4. You’re feeling stuck or unable to move forward, something is holding you back

5. You want inspiration or direction

6. You’re simply curious and a tarot reading could provide a new perspective you hadn’t considered

7. You’re feeling secure and maybe reflective, a card reading could be validating

What should I know before I get a tarot reading?

Firstly, tarot is not fortune telling. Hollywood and infomercials have long reduced tarot to that characterization. (Hey, we loved Miss Cleo, too, but you get the point!)

Tarot cards are read to give insight and guidance on a present moment in your life, which may then help you make better choices in the future. Tarot is a tool for self-discovery, but you’re part of the process!

If you’re new to tarot, try a simple 3-card pull that you can use to read your past, present and future. Or, you could draw a single card to answer one question you have, and use our guide to all the tarot card meanings here, for quick insight.

Before you read your own cards or see a professional tarot reader, there are a few things to consider:

– Be open-minded. Tarot is a powerful tool for self-growth.
– Be clear about your intention. If your question is vague, what you glean from the cards may not be helpful.
– If you see a professional reader, be sure it’s someone who is reputable, and before your reading, you discuss your goals and be sure you know their parameters.
– How you will use the insights gained. Be sure to take notes and a picture of your spread for later reference, or if you’re having a professional reading, ask if it’s okay to record it.

Why should I get a tarot reading, or do one myself?

To gain insight and clarity about a question you have or a situation in your life. Tarot can guide you through situations involving love and romance, money and career and really anything you’re navigating. By gaining deeper insight, you can make more enlightened decisions.

Who should do my tarot reading?

Most definitely YOU can! See our article about reading tarot by yourself.

Reading your own cards is a perfectly acceptable and common practice. We like to do our own readings, especially with our Zodiac spread.

But if you want to gain a perspective that may go deeper than your own insight from reading cards, it is a good idea to get a tarot reading from a professional. In doing so, you may feel more connected to your spiritual or metaphysical beliefs. For example, if you go to a trustworthy professional reader, it can provide a sense of receiving guidance from a higher power or the universe.

What age is appropriate to get a tarot reading?

It’s generally considered appropriate to be 18 (an adult) to get a tarot reading, but there are no official rules or laws for tarot, which is considered entertainment. Because of the curious nature of tarot (and its entertainment value!), tarot has exploded in popularity on the TikTok social media platform, primarily among teens.

Since tarot cards delve into mature issues related to adult life, such as career, relationships and personal growth, it is generally considered an adult practice. (It’s worth noting here that tarot readings shouldn’t replace professional advice from licensed mental health professionals, therapists or medical doctors.) But tarot has become a way for teens to learn about themselves, explore their personalities and interpersonal dynamics, and gain tools for self growth that they undoubtedly benefit from in adulthood!

Like any service agreement you enter in to, do so with a critical eye! Not only do you want to be sure your reader (TikTok or otherwise) is reputable, it may not be for everyone, as this writer experienced. On a lighter note, we like this TikTok tarot reader’s tips for choosing a reader.

How often should I get a tarot reading?

You can pull a daily card if you like! It’s common for tarot lovers to pull a card each day to answer a single question, or to gain insight into their “theme” for the day.

But frequency depends on your needs and your goals. Why are you wanting to get a tarot reading? It is good to know your motivations before drawing cards. And how often you read them is up to you, there are no rules, but it’s best to use tarot cards as needed. It’s common to do a tarot spread reading once a month, or every few months. If you see a professional reader, you can decide together how often it may be appropriate for you to get a tarot reading.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t get a tarot reading?

Actually, yes. As much as we think it is good to get a tarot reading, there are a few instances when you might want to avoid it.

Reasons to not get a tarot reading:

1. You’re feeling mentally or emotionally unstable, or you’re relying on tarot as a substitute for professional advice. It’s sometimes better to seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional. Remember to prioritize your mental health and well-being, and seek professional support if necessary.

2. You’re not ready, not open or feeling skeptical about your situation. When you get a tarot reading you want to stay open to the possibilities unfolding and keep a curious mindset, for best results!

3. You’re looking for fortune-telling. Maybe try a Magic 8 Ball instead?! Tarot cards are insightful, they aren’t fortune cookies! Remember tarot cards help you gain insight to make informed decisions.

Bottom line

Whether or not to get a tarot reading is a personal decision. Base it on your individual needs and goals. If you are unsure whether a tarot reading is even right for you, it may be helpful to speak with a trusted friend or to seek the guidance of a professional tarot reader to discuss your feelings before you get a tarot reading.

If you feel drawn to tarot as a tool for guidance and self-discovery, it may be a positive and enriching experience for you to get a tarot reading!