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Tarot spreads are specific arrangements of tarot cards used to gain insight into a question or a situation. Each card in a spread reveals something related to your question.

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More about Tarot Spreads

How many different Tarot Spreads are there?

There is no fixed number of tarot spreads. New tarot spreads are created by tarot readers all the time! Some of the most commonly known tarot spreads are the Celtic Cross and the 3-Card or 5-Card Spread. Advanced tarot readers may create custom spreads for specific situations or questions. The number of possible tarot spreads is limited only by the creativity of tarot readers.

Which tarot cards are used in Tarot Spreads?

Both Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards are used in tarot spreads. Major Arcana cards paint a big picture, while Minor Arcana cards reveal day-to-day happenings and individual events. Major Arcana represent profound lessons and life-changing moments that can shift your path. Each card in a tarot reading is worthy of your attention, but the Major Arcana command special focus.

What is learned in Tarot Spreads?

In a tarot spread, a tarot reader uses the cards to gain insight into a person’s situation or question. The cards in a spread are interpreted to reveal insights, guidance and advice. The cards and their positions in the spread can give a reader an understanding of their situation or question, identify obstacles or challenges and provide clues for how to move forward.

Tarot spreads can also be used for self-reflection, spiritual growth and personal development. What is learned in a tarot spread depends on the situation or question being explored, the cards in the spread and how they are interpreted by the reader. Learn what each tarot card means here.

When to use Tarot Spreads vs. A One Card Pull

Tarot spreads involve drawing and interpreting multiple cards arranged in a specific pattern, as described above. Each card represents a different aspect of the situation or question being explored.

A one card pull involves drawing a single card from a tarot deck. This card is also used to answer a situation or question, but by drawing a single card, you get a single answer. One card pulls are used for quick, straightforward readings or as a daily guidance (some people like to pull a card each day). One card pulls provide a simple answer or insight while tarot spreads are more detailed.

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