This Summer Solstice Tarot Spread Sets Your Cosmic Compass (Plus: Tarot Cards for the Summer Zodiac Seasons)

Try this Summer solstice tarot spread to kick off the season and guide your intentions until the Autumn Equinox

Before we guide you through our six-card Summer solstice Tarot spread to set your cosmic compass for the season, here’s a little about what the solstice means, and why it’s a powerful time to do a tarot reading.

“Solstice” in Latin combines sol and sistere. Sol means Sun. Sistere means to stand still, not move. At the actual solstice (always on June 20 or 21, commencing the Cancer zodiac season), the Sun reaches its highest height in the sky before journeying South. For three days, the Sun appears to stand still.

When should I do a Summer solstice tarot spread reading?

You probably guessed it: the three days the Sun is at its height is the ideal time for your Summer solstice tarot spread. We consider this a prime opportunity for us all to pause and recalibrate and to do a Tarot ritual for yourself. If you missed this window, don’t worry! Learn about the Summer zodiac season Tarot cards later in this article.

Our Summer solstice tarot spread helps you discover what you can “harvest” between Summer solstice and the Autumn equinox. Ideas to get started:
• Choose your deck of Tarot cards
• Embellish your space with a crystal or another totem you want to bring energy to your reading
• Clear your mind and be ready to receive
• Shuffle your cards (we recommend shuffling then cutting the cards 2-3 times)

There’s always a bit of anticipation before you pull cards in a reading. Just remember: Tarot can be the conduit to deliver just the right cards and messages you’re needing! Even if you don’t love what you draw at first, take time to reflect on the meaning of the cards for you. All of the Tarot card meanings can be found here.

Tarot is a lot like astrology in that there are some guidelines on interpretation, but there are multiple ways to read a Tarot card. The best way to read a card is to leave it out, think about it, and reflect.

The Summer solstice Tarot spread

Draw six cards, and place in them in the shape of the Sun as shown in the image below.

Summer solstice Tarot spread card layoutPin

Here is what each card represents in your Summer solstice Tarot spread reading:

Sol (Card 1): Where opportunity is bright for you, right now.

Sistere (Card 2): Where you can stand still and reflect.

Shadow (Card 3): What needs to be illuminated? The sun casts a shadow at things we may need to be looking at!

Sunbeam (Card 4): Advice for your situation.

Cultivate (Card 5): What to “grow” for the rest of the Summer.

Shine (Card 6): What are the key opportunities to shine this Summer?

Use your Summer solstice Tarot spread to forecast your Summer. See where you’ll shine and what to look out for! Adopt a growth mindset while you draw your cards.

The Tarot cards of the Summer zodiac seasons

Every zodiac sign has one or two cards associated with it. Note that which cards are linked to specific zodiac signs is not an exact science; many tarot readers and astrologers have differing thoughts on the topic. We support the most commonly considered Tarot card and zodiac sign connections.

For the four weeks of each zodiac season in the Summer, you can really tune in to these cards. Every time you look to a Tarot card, you can see something new in it. The images are really yours to interpret. Here is our guide for the Summer cards. Summer includes three zodiac seasons: Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

Cancer Tarot cards

The two Tarot cards associated with Cancer season (June 21 to July 22) are:

The High Priestess: The High Priestess is very Cancerian, encouraging you to “go within” and get in tune with your intuition. It’s about your inner and outer selves getting rebalanced.
The Chariot: The Chariot is about moving forward, even though we think of Cancer season as looking inward. But this is the time of year that we have the most light. We can be decisive! Tune into your intuition and get moving!

Leo Tarot cards

The two Tarot cards associated with Leo season (July 22 to August 23) are:

Strength: This card depicts the goddess, Cybele, opening the head of a lion. The lion is Leo’s symbol. This card is about your inner depth of courage, where your power lies.
The Sun: The Sun is the ruler of Leo. This is a time to be emboldened, to be yourself. And put yourself out there, be free, and have that playful, childlike energy. Harness the inner solar power, do something bold and courageous.

Virgo Tarot cards

The two Tarot cards associated with Virgo season (August 23 to September 22) are:

The Magician: This card is about manifesting.
The Hermit: This about going within to contemplate and find your light.

Putting it all together: The Tarot cards of Summer

Virgo season is right before the harvest, looking at where your true power lies. You put yourself out there with The Strength and The Sun during Leo season, you got moving with The Chariot and tuned into your intuition with The Priestess, and now you have all this amazing energetic power, what are you going to do with it? During Virgo season, The Hermit carries us out of Summer. You get to wisely sort all the crops and harvest!

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