8-8 Lion’s Gate Tarot Spread to Open a Portal to Power

This Lion’s Gate tarot spread highlights 8-8, a day for abundance as the Leo Sun, earth, Sirius (AKA, the spiritual Sun) and Orion’s Belt form their yearly alignment. When this happens, it opens up the Lion’s Gate to the cosmos. How you can harness its energy using Tarot.
On 8-8, we did a collective Lion’s Gate Tarot reading (with a few special guests) on our Instagram!

The cards in a Lion’s Gate Tarot spread

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How to do a Lion’s Gate Tarot card reading

Pull 4 (or 5) Tarot cards. The purpose of each card is noted in the image above and described below. You can look up the meaning of the cards you pull in our Tarot Cards section!

Card 1: The Sun

The focus area for the reading. This card represents the theme of your Lion’s Gate tarot reading. it answers: what’s the big overarching focal area?

Card 2: Earth

Where you’re standing now. This card represents the present moment. This is where you are, right now.

Being in the portal, we can’t be in “spiritual bypass mode” or, put another way, we can’t ignore the reality of our 3D world! This card reinforces that idea.

Card 3: Orion’s Belt

What to pursue. Orion is the hunter. His belt separates the northern and southern hemispheres and appears in the middle, bringing the two sides together.

Card 4: Sirius

Who’s got your back? Sirius is Orion’s dog and it’s also the brightest star (also known as the spiritual Sun). It’s our messenger, our spirit guide. This card gives insight to: Who’s your protector?

Card 5 (optional): Venus

What your heart really wants. Venus isn’t typically part of the Lion’s Gate but this card was chosen for the Lion’s Gate tarot spread for 2023 because of the Venus retrograde in Leo. You can learn more about this in the Instagram Live Lion’s Gate Tarot reading we did on 8-8-23!


A lot of people misunderstand a Venus retrograde. It can retract things regarding love and money but there are many “parts” to the Venus retrograde that help us get a clean slate. This time period allows us a chance to go inward to think about what we want next.

Why do a Lion’s Gate Tarot reading?

The Lion’s Gate is believed by many (including us!) to bring heightened cosmic energy and spiritual opportunities.

Our custom Lion’s Gate Tarot spread described in this article (and demonstrated in our Instagram Live above) is designed for you to channel the transformational energy available when the Lion’s Gate activates on 8-8! But you can use the Lion’s Gate Tarot spread for anytime the portal is open. The portal opens every year between July 28 and August 12 (its official activation day is August 8).

The name “Lion’s Gate” comes from the zodiac sign Leo, symbolized by the lion. The portal activation date, 8-8, lands squarely in Leo season.

The Lion’s Gate portal is believed to be an optimal time for transformation, spiritual growth and manifestation. While this window of opportunity is open, the energy supports personal awakenings and our collective evolution. Where will the next Lion’s Gate portal take you? Where will it take all of us, collectively? One way to receive the messages is to do our Lion’s Gate Tarot spread, explained below.

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