Relax (Really!) with Our Taurus Full Moon Ritual

You’re getting verrrrrry….sleepy. Ready for some rejuvenation? Our Taurus Full Moon ritual helps you relax into all your senses as the seasons change.

by The AstroTwins

Sensual Taurus is the sign of decadent comfort and deep relaxation. For this Taurus full moon ritual, celebrate the “somatic process,” as our dream-expert/Taurus moon friend, Stephanie, says. Meaning: How can you bring more luxuriating to your lounging so that you sleep like a baby?

Ritual: Slumber party

You don’t need to blow the bank redoing your bedroom. Perhaps you simply replace your pillows (if they’re older than three years) or give them a spin in the washing machine—this won’t destroy them, something many people don’t realize.

If your sheets are becoming scratchy or threadbare (or are just too basic!) the tactile Taurus full moon blows the whistle here. Jersey sheets or bamboo fabrics are affordable and don’t have to be the highest thread count to feel great.

Sensual Taurus loves ambient lighting and aromatherapy, too. Try a dimmer switch for your lamps and make sure all your digital devices are on the Night Shift setting (the blue-toned light of your device can be detrimental to your sleep!). On that note, do a clean sweep of any computer equipment or work that clutters your sleep area. If you live in a studio apartment, try a Shoji-style screen to block this, so you aren’t worrying about that unfinished report when you’re trying to get some shuteye.

Set a scented candle by your nightstand or an essential oil diffuser so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep with a flame. Inhaling lavender steam or another soothing scent can make for sweet slumber.

Once your Taurus full moon ritual nest is feathered, head to bed an hour or so earlier than you typically do. Read a book or listen to an audiobook or a guided meditation. You might even set up a portable speaker on your nightstand so you can play soothing sounds while you drift off (kind of like a personal spa!).

If you have a significant other, invite them to hang out with you in bed. You could read to each other or enjoy a cup of tea together—or hey, celebrate your newly minted boudoir with some lovin’!

Other ideas for a Taurus Full Moon Ritual:

  • Visit a perfume counter or try on essential oils to find a signature fall blend
  • Switch to ethical, organic or cruelty-free lines for makeup, skincare and home cleaning products
  • Bring Taurus’s earthy energy indoors during the cooler weather months with houseplants
  • Pamper yourself with an exfoliating facial or give yourself a clay or mud mask at home
  • Treat yourself to a new, cozy bathrobe or fluffy towels

Photo credit: Vea Vea via Stocksy


The AstroTwins

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