The Destiny Decoder by AstroTwins Tali Edut via Sophie Dahl’s The Kitchen Table

North and South Nodes on Sophie Dahl The Kitchen Table

Hello my name is Tali, and I don’t need to read your palm to know your destiny. I do, however, need to know your time, date and place of birth so I can swiftly plug it in to my astrological charting software. It’s your lunar nodes I’m looking for – two opposing points where the moon crosses the ecliptic – which tell me so, so much. I can see where you’re coming from and where you need to go.

Before I go on, I’d like to offer a disclaimer: I’m not here to convince you of the mystical pull of the stars. But then again, I’m not here to dissuade you either. Like many people I know, astrology just found me.

My stargazing obsession and subsequent “accidental career” began when I was a Fine Arts student at the University of Michigan. For my 21st birthday, a college friend gifted me a natal chart – a snapshot of where each planet is and what zodiac-sign it aligns with at your exact moment of birth. Perusing the printout, I was stunned. How in the world could this 30-page booklet reveal so much about me?

Although I am a classic Sagittarius in many ways – pulled into the publishing industry, obsessed with travel, blessed with a rainbow coalition of friends – learning about my moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio explained my attraction to…>>>read on at Sophie Dahl’s The Kitchen Table, and Discover Your Nodes with The Destiny Decoder Ring.