“The New Abnormal” 2022 Astrology Convo with Podcast host Aileen Xu

Ophi explores “The New Abnormal” on The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast, covering current event topics through the lens of astrology.

“The New Abnormal” is the term coined by The AstroTwins to describe the uncertainty of our times. Ophi, one half of The AstroTwins, got to delve into this topic on a recent episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast with host Aileen Xu.

The New Abnormal means nothing’s been the same since the new decade began—and it probably won’t ever be again. In The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope book, it’s explained that we’ll start getting used to this “new abnormal. “As old systems break down, space for new ones emerge.”

It was in the context of this theme that Aileen framed her conversation with Ophi for The Lavendaire podcast.

“The macro trends happening in the world right now are reflected in astrology,” Aileen says.

History is a great indicator of what may be coming up and the opportunity to do things differently, Ophi says.

“Astrology is the study of the cycles of history and time. It’s not just a tool for predicting the future but also making sense of the past and the present.”

An end to a “big” Pluto cycle in 2022

2022 is an interesting time because we are at the end of a big Pluto cycle in Capricorn. It will next be in Aquarius from 2024 to 2044; the last time it was there was the late 1700s.

“When I look at astrological trends I like to look back to what happened and how is it similar to how it’s happening now,” Ophi tells Aileen.

Pluto stays in a sign for 12-20 years. People born during that phase, their generation is shaped by their Pluto sign. It takes more than 200 years for Pluto to cycle through all 12 zodiac signs.

So a person will never have a Pluto return, but a county can, such as the U.S. which is now experiencing its Pluto return after 248 years. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, the county was founded.

What a Pluto return can teach us in The New Abnormal

“When (a return) happens, it’s like an activation,” Ophi says. “‘I’m back!’ It’s time for the next round of lessons or experiences.

Pluto is the planet of destruction and rebirth, transformation. The planet represents power.

It’s subject to interpretation what this means for the U.S., Ophi explains. The return represents an end, a completion, but what will it mean? It will be the rebirth of something.

“We may be in a period of time of war for awhile. The pandemic taught us valuable lessons like pivoting or working together with people or adapt our lifestyles.” (Ophi later in the podcast explores the definition of “war.”)

The willingness to sustain ourselves will usher us into The New Abnormal probably more comfortably than if we hadn’t otherwise learned lessons from the pandemic.

“We have to accept that we’re going through this,” Aileen says. “The world is changing and what you can do is focus on what you can control. The big things are way out of our control we’re just living in it.”

Other topics covered in The New Abnormal conversation

Ophi says, “There are some years where things are ‘it’s time to go and make and build.’ Some are: ‘I don’t know what normal is.’ The old normal is done. The new normal is still forming. Be in The New Abnormal; embrace it.”

“Be okay with being uncertain,” Aileen adds.

The YouTube video includes time stamps within for many topics included such as:

Saturn in Aquarius

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