Highlights from Our Tulum Astrology Retreat: Watch!

Ohhhh, Mexico. We’re back from our third annual Become Your Own Astrologer retreat in Tulum—Mexico’s Mayan Riviera—where we gathered with 18 women from around the world to teach the fundamentals of chart interpretation. Gala Darling, one of our two amazing workshop leaders, made a video that captures the spirit and highlights of the trip—our daily classes, the trek to the Mayan ruins, shopping for Mexi-swag and general cosmic clowning around. Watch below—we wish you were there with us!

YouTube video

We took over the Shambala Petit Hotel for a week, staying in a cluster of eco-chic cabanas built right on the sand. No shoes were needed once we stepped inside Shambala’s gates, as the resort is built right on the beach. The Taurus owner, Roberto, served us three gourmet, mostly-vegan meals a day (healthy Mexican food is filling!), while the gifted massage therapists Patty and Mari were on hand for acupressure and other treatments (Mari’s include a fascinating past-life reading). Not surprisingly, the Pisces in our group were on the tables daily!

Every year, we fret a little before the retreat: Will everyone get along? Will the material be confusing? Will they like their roommates? But there’s something about astrology that gives us all permission to be real. We can own our so-called flaws because, as the chart reveals, we all have our lessons, challenges and contradictions. Astrology is a tool for self-acceptance—a way of seeing your own blueprint and learning to make more conscious choices based on that. Very empowering, we say!

Each day, we held astrology class in the morning. We began with the fundamentals of astrology—planets, zodiac signs, the 12 houses—making sure everyone has a firm grasp on those. Several of our participants were total beginners, and the class is designed for all levels. From there, we taught how to read charts for money, love, compatibility and timing—so everyone left armed with new tools. They gained exciting insights into themselves and their closest people, and made lifelong friendships. (You can see our group’s shared photo album on Instagram. We used the hashtag #Tuluminati.)


This year’s retreat began at an Aries new moon, so we focused the theme on self-acceptance. The amazing writer and Blogcademy creator Gala Darling led a Radical Self-Love workshop, complete with glitter(!) paper that we burned to create intentions and release what no longer served us. For our daily movement class, we had hilarious, healing and heart-opening Qoya classes from Kitty Cavalier, who also led a sacred seduction workshop. As Kitty explained to us, seduction isn’t about trying to “get” someone to be attracted to you. It’s a way of life—and it just means being aligned with who you are, embracing your essence and celebrating that. We all got some good giggles during her fun, powerful exercises. Gala and Kitty, both Virgos, are amazing writers—we highly recommend following their blogs if you don’t!
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Next Tulum retreat: April 2-8, 2016

We’ve already booked Shambala Petit for the soonest available date. Our next retreat will be April 2-8, 2016 and it’s already filling up! Please click here to find out more or reserve a spot.

We are also looking into ways we can bring a condensed version of the retreat & Become Your Own Astrologer class to cities around the world—for both men and women (our Tulum trip is for women only, but we don’t want to leave the fellas out of the fun!). Want to host a Become Your Own Astrologer weekend in your area? Contact our retreat coordinator Melissa.