Virgo 2021 Yearly Horoscope

by The AstroTwins
an exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2021 Horoscope

2021 Virgo Astrology Overview:

After a colorful 2020, you’re ready for a bit more regimen and routine. Good news: 2021 puts you in an oh-so Virgo groove, as you focus on bringing order and wellness back to your cosmic court. While there will still be plenty of adventures and vision quests, you’ll be able to support your pioneering ideas with solid plans. A strong relationship theme arises this summer, so as you make your yearly calendar, leave plenty of white space midyear to cultivate dynamic duos.

2021 Virgo Love Horoscope:

Simmering passion gets turned up to a boil several times in 2021—especially if you’ve devoted ample time to self-care. From May 13 to July 28, boundless, bawdy Jupiter sails through Pisces, activating your seventh house of partnerships for the first time since 2011! During this cycle, which resumes again on December 28, you could liberate yourself from a restrictive relationship or rewrite the rules of romance. Long distance? Living Apart Together (LAT)? You may surprise yourself by being extremely open-minded. Both of the love planets, Venus and Mars, will visit Virgo in 2021. Glow-up goddess Venus swings through your sign from July 21 to August 16, joined by her dance partner Mars from July 29 to September 14. Hello, romantic and erotic renaissance! Venus takes an extended tour through Capricorn and your lovestruck fifth house from November 5, 2021, to March 6, 2022. This four-month cycle could bring anything from pregnancies to proposals to a passionate affair de coeur. But easy does it after December 19, when Venus ends the year in a signal-jamming retrograde.

2021 Virgo Money & Career Horoscope

Werk, Virgo! With disciplined Saturn in Aquarius activating your industrious sixth house all year (and until March 7, 2023), you’ll be a busy bee. Duties may feel a tad “lather, rinse, repeat,” but you’ll welcome the stability. Fortunately, venturesome Jupiter weaves in and out of Aquarius—from January 1 to May 13 and again from July 28 to December 28—which could set you on a steady growth trajectory. Figure out the right routine and you’ll relish the work you do. In 2021, process and technique are as important as the results. On June 10, the solar (new moon) eclipse in Gemini touches the top of your chart, bringing promising possibilities for your career. If you want to make a name for yourself, you’ll have to leap quickly!

2021 Virgo Health & Wellness Horoscope

With Saturn, the personal trainer planet, doing reps in your salubrious sixth house all year, you’re fired up for a fitness challenge. Since the ringed taskmaster likes to create lasting results, think of this mission as a marathon, not a sprint. Pay special attention to bones, skin and teeth, which are the Saturn-ruled body parts. Adventurous Jupiter will also weave through your sixth house (until May 13 and again from July 28 to December 28), which, along with boosting your energy levels, can expand your appetite. There’s a tendency to put on a few pounds when the abundant planet visits this zone, so if you care, you may need to be stricter with yourself about what you ingest—and when!

2021 Virgo Friends & Family Horoscope

Your inner circle is always at the top of your priority list, but with Jupiter and Saturn regulating the flow from your disciplined sixth house, you could have a breakthrough around setting boundaries. You’re the sign of selfless service, yes, but don’t confuse that with being a martyr. With both planets in idealistic Aquarius, you could connect to a high-minded crew, especially if they are as devoted to healthy practices as you are. Depending on safety restrictions, you might join a meditation circle or a hiking club. Two Sagittarius eclipses on May 26 and December 4 activate your domestic fourth house, which could bring fast-moving developments involving your residence or family. 

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