Virgo 2024 Horoscope: Love, Money and Top 5 Themes for the Year

The following is excerpted from The AstroTwins’ Virgo 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner.

Virgo 2024 horoscope overview: Versatility

Feet on the ground, head in the stars: That’s how you’re rolling into 2024, Virgo! This year brings a unique set of stretching exercises as you figure out how to blend your wealth of practical wisdom with your out-of-this-world ambition. Good thing you’re one of the zodiac’s mutable signs. Versatility is your secret weapon for success!

Let’s start with the fun part—all the places you will go. (Ohhhh!) As the year opens up, wisdom seekers Jupiter and Uranus are journeying together through Taurus and your ninth house of global adventures. Until May 25, these free spirits direct your attention far beyond anything (or anywhere!) that’s comfortable and familiar. Whether you’re traveling, studying or learning a whole new way to do business, immerse yourself in every experience.

“How wide is your wingspan, Virgo? Get ready to stretch far beyond your current horizons—and possibly into new dimensions!”

-The AstroTwins’ Virgo 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner

Top 5 themes for Virgo in 2024

Will 2024 be good for Virgo? The following is a short highlight of each theme for Virgo, explored in the 300-plus pages of The AstroTwins’ Virgo 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner!

1. Broaden your reach

Big Visionary Energy? You’ll have no shortage of that in 2024. But forget about manifesting in your preferred, methodical fashion. Jupiter is the galactic gambler who increases your risk appetite and says, “Go big or go home!” Side-spinning Uranus wants you to break molds before you make them (or even think about pouring a single prototype). Basically, Virgo, you’re being asked to work in a way that’s diametrically opposed to your core nature.

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2. Go pro

Ready to taste the sweetness of success? Your professional life could rocket into a whole new orbit starting May 25, when bountiful Jupiter soars into Gemini and charges up your goal-getting tenth house until June 9, 2025. Luck is on your side wherever Jupiter goes, but the victories you experience after May 25 won’t be a happy accident. Rather, they’re the actualization of all those years of hard work and leadership you’ve put in. When Jupiter rises to the top of your solar chart (the tenth house) every 12 years, you sweep up all your merit-based achievements and position yourself as an expert and industry go-to. What do you want to be known 

3. Be fluid with relationships

Two steps forward, one step back? Your closest relationships sway through this awkward dance all year, as fluid Neptune and rigid Saturn fumble together in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. Talk about a paradox! Spiritual Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions, known for dissolving boundaries. Strict Saturn is a no-nonsense realist who enforces boundaries like a border-patrol agent. Can you feel the contradiction here?

Emotional agility will be required to navigate this complex cosmic choreography. What do you want from relationships, Virgo? Some of your hard-and-fast rules could change in significant ways this year.

4. Make green glamorous

Ready to swap fussy glamour for low-maintenance cool? Don’t raise your freshly threaded eyebrows too high, Virgo. By the time 2024 is through, metamorphic Pluto will be on an uninterrupted, 20-year journey through Aquarius and your sustainable sixth house (AKA “the Virgo house.”). Clean, green and serene could suddenly become the top-three must-haves on your checklist.

5. Manage your resources strategically

You work hard for your money, Virgo, but as that old chestnut goes, is your money working hard for you? With the lunar nodes stretching across your fiscal axis all year, you’re getting a master class in financial planning. Whether you’re the type of Virgo who pinches pennies or the one who never saw a sample-sale treasure you could resist, 2024 may be the year that you completely reconfigure your fiscal strategy.

Virgo 2024 horoscope for love

Little known astro-fact: Virgos are some of the most hopeless romantics in the zodiac! Chalk it up to your innocent spirit. No matter how many times Cupid misfires his arrows, you manage to restore your heart to its virgin state, then revive your dream of finding a perfect love. Yes, it’s “a process.” But when isn’t it for you, Virgo?

This year is different. With stoic Saturn in Pisces from March 7, 2023 to February 13, 2026, you’re feeling wiser and a lot more grounded when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Virgo 2024 lucky dates for love: January 11, April 3, October 4

Virgo 2024 horoscope for money & career

Adopt a growth mindset! In 2024, your entire vision of work and wealth might expand in a new direction—one that you couldn’t predict in your data-tracking app or on a spreadsheet. Through May 25, abundant Jupiter and spontaneous Uranus travel together through Taurus and your worldly, entrepreneurial ninth house. Study business models that don’t require you to hustle and grind.

Virgo 2024 lucky dates for money: March 25, June 4, September 15

Planets in Virgo in 2024

The following planets visit Virgo in 2024, with a brief excerpt about what it means from The AstroTwins’ Virgo 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner!

Sun in Virgo
August 22 to September 22, 2024
It’s birthday season for you, so step out and shine! Seek novelty and take extra initiative during this radiant monthlong phase.

Virgo new moon
September 2, 2024
Bonus New Year! Set your intentions for the next six months and get into action.

Virgo full moon
February 24, 2024
Ready, set, manifest! Your work of the past six months bears fruit and it’s time to harvest the rewards.

Mercury in Virgo
July 25 to August 14 and September 9-26, 2024
Retrograde August 5-14, 2024

Crown yourself monarch of the social butterflies when popularity-boosting Mercury visits your sign once a year. Circulate and get social. Reconnect to old friends during the retrograde.

Venus in Virgo
August 4-29, 2024
You’ve got the romantic It Factor when the galactic glamazon charges up your powers of seduction. Willpower is weak in the face of beauty and luxury. Watch your spending!

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