7 Ways the Virgo Solar Eclipse Will Reboot Your Life

From chaos into order? On September 13, 2015, the Virgo new moon will also be a partial solar eclipse, bringing bold new beginnings to our lives. Eclipse occur 4-6 times a year, and they are powerful change agents, pushing us out of any gray area into decisive new terrain. If you’re ready to plant your feet on terra firma, be willing to have the stars hit the “shuffle” button on your life’s playlist. Invite transformation into your life, instead of pushing it away.

Grounded Virgo is the sign of health, fitness and organization. This new moon/eclipse here reestablishes our connection to all things practical, sensible, and stabilizing.  Virgo is one of the zodiac’s three earth signs, urging us to renew our connection to nature and indulge in a hit of hippie chic. Here are a few ways to powerfully manifest the lunar potential of this new moon.

1. Swap chemical for natural.

Neat-freak Virgo loves things clean, green and pure as humanly possible.  Take a moment to read the labels on everything from the food you ingest to the products you slather on your skin and use to scrub down your home. While it may be well nigh impossible to eliminate chemicals from our modern lives, pick at least one product and swap it out this week. Buy an item from your produce list – like apples, beets and kale – at the organic farmer’s market stand instead of the chain supermarket. Toss the animal-tested foundation for an organic and eco-friendly blend. Continue replacing toxin-laden products with natural ones and by the full moon in Virgo six months from now, you’ll be glowing with au naturale radiance.

2. Perform a random act of kindness.

Virgo is the sign of selfless service, leaving it as no surprise to us that Mother Teresa—the original hugging saint—was born under this zodiac sign. Wrap your arms around the idea of helping someone without getting an ounce of credit for your good deed. This new moon loves random acts of kindness. Perform a good deed anonymously on Saturday. You could make a cash donation to a good cause, pay for the person behind you in the latte line (and slip off before he can thank you), recycle the soda cans left behind at the park. Don’t underestimate the power of a small, good deed – or convince yourself that you’re incapable of giving something bigger.

3. Socialize and exercise simultaneously.

Sacred self-care is the domain of Virgo, so this is the perfect time to hit the “Go!” button on a nutrition or fitness plan. Since Virgo is also ruled by communicative Mercury, get your entourage involved in your healthquest. Start a hiking group or join a Meetup.com running club in your area. Instead of rallying friends for a cholesterol-laden brunch (not that they aren’t fun every now and again!), start a practice of taking Saturday morning yoga classes, followed by a catchup at the raw juice bar. It’s a lot easier to stick to your guns and find pleasure in life affirming pursuits when you have your posse along for the ride.

4. Simply & purify.

Let’s face it, poor Virgo gets a bad rap. There’s the whole “virgin” thing, and then the stereotype that Virgos are pencil-pushing, protocol-enforcing anal retentives. And yeah, there can be a little truth to that. But unsexy? Oh no no. Virgo has brought us the likes of Barry White, Beyonce, Gloria Gaynor, Richard Gere, LeeAnn Rimes, Amy Winehouse, Pink and Lea Michele. At least a couple babies have joined the planet thanks to these sultry September souls and their crooning.

So we’re going to suggest a new and slightly improved word for Virgo: The Purist. What Virgo energy does is distill things down to their essence, pure and unfiltered. Nothing out-of-touch about that. Virgo is green. Natural. Organic. Baby-faced. Unspoiled. Raw. A little bit closer to God. It’s earth-based spirituality, plant medicine, the magic found in natural law. The innocence of first times. So, use this Virgo new moon as your annual opportunity to purify. Where life has gotten complicated, simplify.  Get back to basics. Act naturally. Restore order. Prioritize. Strip away what doesn’t matter. Make things sacred again.

5. Adopt “beginner’s mind.”

The Buddhist philosophy of “beginner’s mind” was made for Virgo time. If you’re not familiar, it’s the notion of approaching every person, experience and action as though it’s for the first time. That goes for your spouse of 40 years, your job of 20 years, all the people and things you take for granted. (We smell a gratitude list coming on…grab your pencils.)

Virgo is ruled by Mercury—the communication planet—which evokes our tendency to talk, think and overanalyze. Yikes! Buddhist thought is all about quieting the “monkey chatter” of the mind and being in the moment, radically present. It’s the antidote to Virgo’s critical and perfectionistic shadow side.

The mind is tricky; it never shuts up. But we don’t have to listen to it. The key is where you focus your attention. In honor of the Virgo new moon, dial down that constantly-running mental monologue. Make it a dull hum, like the buzz of a soothing NPR commentator or classical music in the background of your life. Maybe it’s more like living near a hospital: at first, it’s loud and crazy, but once you accept the blaring sirens as part of your reality, you barely notice them anymore. What changed? Not the sirens, but your reaction to them.

Choose your focus at the Virgo new moon. What’s WORTH your attention? If you weren’t focusing on the “ambulance sirens” in your life, what WOULD you put your energy into?

And if that doesn’t work, try this…

6. Hold a baby. (Or a puppy, a kitten, a bunny…)

When Ophi’s daughter was born almost five years ago, the first visitors to rush to the hospital were our Virgo friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen for months. Funny enough, none of these women have kids of their own, but they’re all enchanted by newborns—not to mention experts in soothing and swaddling. Our Virgo friends feel most identified with this newborn state, the fragility, fleetingness and innocence of it all. The newborn state is the most Virgo-like, when all is pure, unspoiled and utterly sacred. If a friend has a new baby, visit and hold the little guy or girl (she’ll love you for it, trust us). 

Caretaking Virgo is the sign that is associated with the nurturing of animals. Has the idea of adopting a furry, finned, or feathered critter been a recurring thought? Pop by the rescue shelter or let those pleading eyes in the window lure you in to the pet store for a snuggle. There’s a good chance you won’t be heading home alone. 

7. Add ONE healthy practice to your daily life.

Bike to the market instead of driving, or find a trail (urban or woodsy) and go for a spin. Buy yourself flowers as a ritual every Friday. Wear shoes that actually support your feet. Or, take a cue from Virgo “wellness warrior” Kris Carr and drink a green juice every day. The practice is up to you. What would make a difference in your life? Do it!

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