Virgo Season 2020 | 7 Ways to Tame Chaos

Time to tidy up! From August 22 to September 22, the Sun moves through orderly Virgo, helping us streamline and systematize the chaotic areas of our lives. It’s all in the details when discerning Virgo rules, so take a look at where adjustments can be made during Virgo season 2020.

by The AstroTwins

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological sign, no matter what your Sun sign horoscope may be. Virgo season 2020 is from August 22 to September 22.

Virgo is the second of the zodiac’s three earth signs and one of three mutable signs, meaning it’s adaptable and always up for a little self-improvement. Virgos are the zodiac’s editors, with keen eyes that can spot what needs to be fixed or improved. Maybe it’s time to address some health and wellness issues or to clear out the clutter and organize your workspace.

There couldn’t be a better time for practical changes that will bring efficiency, but do be careful not to take on Virgo’s nitpicky tendencies in the process. Sometimes “done” is better than “perfect.”

As the sign of selfless service, Virgo loves to help. This has its pros and cons. Where’s the line between “being supportive” and meddling with unsolicited feedback? Be mindful of your intentions—and other people’s boundaries—during Virgo season 2020.



As we say goodbye to bombastic Leo season, here are seven ways to capitalize on the efficient, analytical Virgo vibes

1. Build your best life.

You don’t have to wait for 2020 to finally be over before you make resolutions, especially when it comes to grounding things like diet, exercise and finances. Virgo season 2020 is the best time to start making moves toward living your healthiest, most balanced life.

Self-care might be a buzzword these days, but it’s one of the sharpest tools in Virgo’s arsenal. Integrate it into your lifestyle over the next four weeks. Assess your most important needs and invest in your best version of yourself.Once you’ve experienced the benefits of stress-relieving lavender aromatherapy baths and morning workouts with resistance bands, you’ll never go back.

You’ll find no shortage of apps to further your quest, including Calm for sleep and meditation and Shine for motivation and affirmations. Approach your wellbeing with mindfulness and intention (so very Virgo!), but be careful not to become too self-critical (also very Virgo) in the process.

2. Take a digital detox.

During Virgo season 2020, data and information rule—and while we love Siri and Alexa for immediate answers to anything and everything we want to know, too much of anything is never healthy. Smartphones can zap your focus. Twitter can devolve into troll fights and drags. Instagram presents you with a daily barrage of “perfect” lives and bodies that can be toxic for your self-esteem (never mind that the photos are selected for maximum envy impact and the features have been enhanced on a filtering app).

Studies have found that social media promotes narcissism and mobile devices may be the culprit behind insomnia for some. If a complete break from technology—even for just 24 hours—seems impossible, consider a switch-off period (maybe just an hour) each day. Or ban that mobile from your bedroom and wind down with a paperback book. Time away from your screens will make you more peaceful, thoughtful, and connected with the real people in your lives—the ones who really matter.

3. Embrace the wild.

When mentally agile Virgo rules the skies, it’s easy to spiral into overthinking and become ungrounded in the process. To get centered again, lean in to the earthy energy of this star sign. Even if you’ve already been getting outdoors more to cope with quarantine, this might be the perfect time to take up the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, which means “forest bathing,” a key component of preventive health care and healing in this hyper-urbanized country. There’s nothing like a relaxed walk in nature to clear the cobwebs from your brain, and you’ll get a bunch of other benefits as well.

Forest bathing can boost immune system functioning, mood, focus, and energy while reducing blood pressure and stress. You can forest bathe wherever you can find even one single tree. Leave your phone behind, walk slowly and without agenda, and savor the sensuous sights and smells under the canopy.

4. Chop wood, carry water

After the flamboyant (and at times, narcissistic) parade of Leo season, modest Virgo steps in, reminding us that there is power in humility. Make a habit out of practicing random acts of kindness—it’s the ultimate character-building exercise. You could donate anonymously to someone’s grocery (or school supplies) bill, volunteer at a food bank or canvas for a politician.

Do good for good’s sake, even if you never get publicly acknowledged for your humble contributions. Virgo season is the time for offering help where it’s needed. Could you organize other parents to support with online home schooling? Reorganize the flow with coworkers so that everyone on the team has space to juggle family needs too? It’s going to take a village—filled with generous village people—to accommodate the global changes of Virgo season 2020. Where can you step in?

5. Embrace wabi-sabi.

All this self-improvement could easily lead to setting new “impossible” ideals—but there’s an antidote! Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in things that are imperfect—a timely philosophy for persnickety Virgo season 2020. With roots in Zen,this simple concept reveres nature and accepts the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. Wabi-sabi suggests that surrendering to and being in the natural flow ofeveryday life brings peace and balance.

Living wabi-sabi can be as simple as savoring the magic of heirloom tomatoes in late August, cooking with seasonal
ingredients, or adding more houseplants before it gets too cold to spend all your time outside.

6. Use your words.

Ruled by articulate Mercury, Virgo season sharpens our command of language. Whether you freestyle Snapchats to your friends, pen stanzas in a Moleskine notebook or write your memoir is up to you. But you may discover that you have more to say (and share) than you gave yourself credit for during this monthlong zodiac season.

No need to plunge down any rabbit holes in search of material. Down-to-earth Virgo is the zodiac’s realist. Let the landscape of your life be the inspiration, like Virgo Beyonce’s “Lemonade” visual album. Even if you don’t have a way with words, you can still be an appreciator of the literary or spoken art form. The late Chanel creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, was a Virgo. He built a floor-to-ceiling library, stacking his massive collection sideways so the titles are easy to read. This kind of “practical eccentricity” is pure Virgo, so don’t ever make the mistake of accusing this sign of being boring!

7. Put on your considering cap.

The term “thinking cap” was originally “considering cap,” and it dates to the 17th century. The term has evolved in the 20th century to become slang for putting on a condom (a safe and practical Virgo thing to do). But the original meaning of putting on your consideration cap, or thinking cap, implies a period of reflection and concentration—an ideal state of mind for Virgo season 2020.

Dig into a project that requires your best analytical deliberation and scrutiny. This could be as whimsical as getting the gang together for a late summer music festival. It could be as geeky as digging into transpersonal psychologist and philosopher KenWilber’s classic A Theory of Everything. It is, after all, back-to-school season. Young or old, educating yourself not only makes you smarter, but it also improves your memory.


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