The Best Wine & Cheese Pairings for Your Star Sign

Cheers! Summer is the season for socializing, with the Sun in chatty, charming and charismatic Gemini until June 20. Our social butterfly wings are spread wide as our calendars fill up fast, putting our minds into overdrive as we multitask to stay on top of our myriad plans. Ruled by communicative Mercury, the Gemini mind (and mouth!) is always moving at warp speed.

As the sign of the Twins, Gemini season is all about pairing up, so what better dynamic duo than wine and cheese to commemorate the festivities this month. So we partnered with our friends at and consulted with Wine All The Time‘s Marissa A. Ross and cheesemonger Greg Blais of NYC’s Eataly, to come up with the perfect pairings to suit your star sign’s palate.

How about a versatile Chenin Blanc coupled with the burst of buttery Calcagno for a Gemini’s short attention span? (For all twelve signs, click here for wine and here for cheese).

Remember that the Sun’s tour through Gemini can bring out the inner Chatty Cathy in all of us, prompting stimulating dinner party conversations (watch out for gossip!) and synergistic connections. Good food and wine paired with great company really is a match made in the heavens.

Image by ex-plore via Tumblr 


The AstroTwins

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