February 2017

Hang your "do not disturb" sign, Crab. The Sun is roving through Aquarius and your eighth house of intimacy and privacy, tugging at you to go within. Cut down on social gatherings and raucous happy hours so you have more time to reflect. When it comes to company, make room for your inner circle, including your S.O.—and no one else. Your undivided attention is in high demand now: Be sure to give it to the most deserving. Feelings are your fuel, and this month, introspection puts you in touch with your inner power. Be fearless in plumbing your own emotional depths.
But don't get too cozy in that cocoon, as your homebody sign is wont to do. Energizing Mars is in Aries and your tenth house of career all month, keeping you busy with public appearances, working your way up the professional ladder and making shrewd and strategic professional moves. Bust out the spreadsheets, fine-tune your plans, and get to slaying. Just make sure to really decompress with your downtime and hold firm boundaries around when you're working and when you're not. No answering that pseudo-emergency email from your client on the weekend! #ItCanWait
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Has your home life been a little TOO bustling? Since September 9, expansive Jupiter has been in Libra and your domestic fourth house, making Chateau Cancer a vibrant and possibly exhausting hotbed of action. Domestic matters—such as a residence change, pregnancy, parenthood or an issue with a relative or roommate—may have consumed your attention. Your emotions have just been a little larger-than-life, and possibly driven by some epic mood swings. Who can think about work when your personal sphere is so demanding?
Fortunately, on February 6 Jupiter turns retrograde (backward) in Libra until June 9. (For more on retrogrades, see here.) The planet of expansion has been revving up your domestic sector since September 9, 2016, and will keep on keeping on until October 10, 2017. By the time this cycle is over, you'll have a wholly different perspective on what "home" means to you. Meanwhile, this short pause gives you a change to catch your breath and make necessary course corrections before charging ahead again on a personal matter this summer. Review and reevaluate!
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The pressure will still be on, however, as Jupiter in Libra and erratic Uranus in Aries are traveling in close opposition all month. These two freedom-loving planets come to exact aspect March 2, in the second of three such oppositions—a rare occurrence that only happens once every 14 years. (The first was December 26, 2016, and the next will be September 28, 2017.) The cosmos are grabbing you by the lapels and asking: How's that work-life balance going, Cancer? Parenthood or family duties could compete with your plans to land a raise or promotion. A domestic situation might become all-consuming and challenge your hard-won gains at work. Finding equilibrium between your personal and professional lives could be seriously challenging, as there seems to be change coming from BOTH directions at once. Breathe, Crab—and don't get caught up trying to make everyone happy.
More change is in the air because February is eclipse season! Two of 2017's four game-changing eclipses fall this month, shaking up the status quo. Eclipses can push us off the fence when we've been wishy-washy or procrastinating, forcing us to make a clear decision. No waffling allowed! Unexpected events occur, and a whole area of our lives can change in short order. This can be exciting, daunting or a bit of both, depending how you look at it. Suffice to say, it's best to stay on your toes and expect the unexpected during eclipse season.
On February 10, the Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse kicks off a brand-new series on the Leo/Aquarius axis, which will last until January 2019 and revolutionize your financial houses, shifting your approach to earning a daily living and handling big-picture security (investments, retirement, real estate). This first eclipse lands in your second house of daily work, possibly heralding a job change, an out-of-the-blue promotion or a lightning-bolt epiphany about what you want to do with your life. For example, is it time to ditch your law career to become an art teacher? To navigate these seismic shifts, get in touch with your own value: It's your best decision-making guide.
On February 18 the Sun enters Pisces and your ninth house of adventure for a month, serving as a prelude to the upcoming eclipse here. The next four weeks are the perfect time to bust out of your cozy confines and explore the wider world. Book that vacation you've been dreaming about. (Patagonia, here you come!) If you're sticking closer to home, while away the winter days by taking a mind-expanding course or personal-growth workshop; learning about new philosophies and beliefs could connect you to your higher purpose. Rethinking your worldview or pondering the meaning of life? Michael Singer's “The Untethered Soul” could speak to your need for growth and limitlessness now. Leave no existential stone unturned!
The month ends on an inspirational note as the February 26 Pisces new moon/solar eclipse serves up the grand finale of the outgoing Virgo/Pisces eclipse series. These eclipses began in March 2015 and have utterly transformed how you communicate, how you commune with others, and where you seek adventure and expansion. These eclipses may have helped you find a new place to call home or pushed you out of your comfort zone, further out into the world to explore new cultures, lifestyles and philosophies. There was an emphasis on learning, speaking your truth and becoming a more well-rounded person. You may also have delved into a DIY or entrepreneurial project, something that was, no doubt, imbued with personal meaning. During this last eclipse in your ninth house, take your adventures and truth-seeking to a whole new level. Now that you're (more) comfortable with change, take a risk: Return to school, launch an entrepreneurial passion venture, get cracking on a literary project or pull the trigger on that trip of a lifetime.

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