Cancer Monthly Horoscope

January 2017

Hibernation? Not for you! January is no time to tuck into that isolated crab shell, Cancer—at least, not for the first three weeks of the month. The Sun is cruising through Capricorn and your interactive seventh house until January 19, putting the spotlight on great company, partnerships and your closest ties. Some Crabs could even start the year with an engagement, or on a mission to create a rock-solid business or romantic relationship. Hello, 2017 #goals.
Your bonds could probably use some extra love, since communicator Mercury has been retrograde since December 19, scrambling signals and bringing tense moments with your nearest and dearest. Mercury turned retrograde in Capricorn and your relationship zone. Over the holidays, an ex may have resurfaced and old tension could have flared for couples and close friends. Making plans could have been a comedy of errors—you booked a reservation for 8:00 and they showed up at 9:00…that sort of thing. Luckily, Mercury corrects course on January 8, putting your important and closest ties back on terra firma.  
On January 4, however, Mercury backs into Sagittarius and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house. Boost your prevention and self-care, taking extra caution to avoid the snifflers and sneezers wherever you go. Hold off on signing any fitness club memberships until Mercury retrograde ends, as this can be an unfavorable time to sign contracts. Spend the first week of the month decluttering, organizing and clearing out stuff like expired vitamins, clothes you no longer love and other things taking up physical (and psychic) space.
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The first full moon of the year is YOURS to own, so get ready for the spotlight! On January 12, the Cancer full moon illuminates your personal accomplishments, solo ventures and novel ideas. If you've got something big to share or launch, this could be your day. Caveat: A few complications could come with it. The moon will form a tense Grand Cross with the Sun, expansive Jupiter and disruptive Uranus—all the zones of your chart that affect the most crucial parts of your life: relationship, home and career. You may experience massive change in all of these areas at once, making it hard to focus on your own initiatives. From career demands and curveballs to homefront activity, you're juggling a lot by mid-January.
This could also come as a cosmic challenge to your caretaking instincts—in a good way. Will you sacrifice your goals and dreams to be there for others? Or for once will you put yourself first and let them solve their own pseudo-crises? This full moon offers an invitation to be assertive, and to champion your causes with as much love and care as you naturally give to others. Of course, as the zodiac's most emotional and nurturing sign, you'll never be a hermit. But leave yourself a slice of the pie instead of giving it all away to everyone else.
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Now, about that winter hibernation: If you're craving an escape, you can slip into the shadows after January 19, when the Sun sinks into Aquarius and your private, intimate eighth house. This is an excellent time to dive into a detailed research project or something that requires a lot of attention to details. Your sex life could sizzle as you deepen your connection to one special person. Quality one-on-one time to connect—mind, body and soul—could stave off the winter blahs. That special someone could be YOU, so if you feel like limiting company and indulging in alone time, go for it, Cancer. Just watch the heavy mood swings that can come from too much alone time and isolation.
The eighth house rules transformation and regeneration, so if you're thinking about doing a post-holiday detox this is a great time to start—especially at the January 27 Aquarius new moon, which will kick off a six-month cycle of reinvention. Shared finances and joint ventures also fall under the eighth house domain, so you could do some savvy investing, explore a real estate purchase or sale, or start working with a financial advisor. With Mercury retrograde's "shadow period" also ending January 27, you've got the all-clear signal to sign any deals and binding contracts…or even to say "yes" to a romantic proposal. Is it time to explore moving in together, having babies or making some other permanent gesture? Seeds planted at the new moon will unfold in the coming six months.
January 27 also heralds the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster. Out with the screeching and manic Monkey, in with the more sensible and orderly Rooster. You'll probably find this energy much more your speed, as the unsettling Monkey energy made it hard for your security-loving sign to settle into a proper groove.

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