Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 2017

Look who's all caught up in their feelings again. We kid—well, sort of, Cancer. June is a perennially sentimental month for your sign, as the Sun makes its annual visit to Gemini and your nostalgic, restful twelfth house for the first three weeks. It's "soft-shell crab" time, when you may wear your heart on your sleeve whether you want to or not. Be especially gentle with yourself, getting more sleep, saying "no" to draining obligations and having a good cry or two.
While the Sun in your foggy twelfth house can make you feel sluggish, there's a silver lining. Energizer Mars is in Cancer from June 4 to July 20, charging your batteries. You could wake up from a siesta feeling surprisingly refreshed, inspired by a grand idea you hatched in your dreams! The red planet only visits your sign every two years, so make the most of this cycle. Clarify your personal goals or pour yourself into a solo venture. Assertive Mars helps you advocate for your ideas—you won't take no for an answer! Just pace yourself so you don't burn out. You'll have plenty of time to swan-dive into a full immersion when the Sun enters Cancer on June 21.
Meanwhile, your personal life heats up, as expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Libra and your domestic fourth house on June 9. The bountiful planet has been back-pedaling here since February 6, disrupting plans to move, expand your family or prioritize self-care. A relative's needs may have overwhelmed you, and your own moods may have undergone some wild swings.
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Jupiter is in Libra from September 9, 2016, until October 10, 2017, a 13-month visit that only happens every 12 years. Since your sign is the natural ruler of the zodiac's fourth house, you've been a "super-Cancer" this year. All of your traits—from nurturing to needy, caretaking to creative—have been magnified by the super-sizer planet. Jupiter retrograde may have brought relief from the emotional intensity, and now, as it zooms ahead, get ready to feel ALL the feels again. Prepare yourself by creating adequate channels to pour this energy into. Take a workshop to hone your intuition or master an artistic craft. Book studio time to write songs or pound out that short story collection (solitude equals serenity with Jupiter in your fourth house).
Your relationship with your mother, children and important women will also go through a growth spurt. This might mean a bit of empty-nesting or encouraging more self-sufficiency instead of coddling everyone. You may want to connect to your ancestors and learn more about your family history. Perhaps you'll lean on a loved one—a role reversal that can help both of you evolve. Jupiter's expansive touch can also impact your living situation. Between now and October, plow ahead with plans to renovate, redecorate or relocate. Since Jupiter rules travel, a long-distance move or vacation home might be in the stars. Perhaps you'll just make like a real crab and learn to carry your home on your back, getting comfortable with a nomadic lifestyle. As long as you pack a great novel, your favorite playlists and most treasured possessions, you can create a sense of place wherever you go.

That same day (June 9) brings the year’s only Sagittarius full moon, which will fall in your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. As you get your personal life back on track, you might tackle your wellbeing next. Schedule your checkups and address and follow any doctors’ orders to move more, clean up your diet or make a lifestyle change. This is also a great day for an epic decluttering mission. Out with the old and outmoded—bring some clean white space back into your life and don’t fill it up with junk. 
Summer soul-searching is also in the stars, as dreamy Neptune makes its annual retrograde from June 16 to November 22. Neptune is floating through Pisces and your ninth house of travel, study and philosophical explorations. Vision quest, anyone? You might dive into metaphysical or spiritual teachings or take a class to dabble in a creative pursuit. A summer yoga retreat could be right up your alley—silent Vipassana meditation might be perfect if your head feels extra noisy these days. People from different cultures and backgrounds could be important way-showers, so open up to a global tribe.
Once the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21, your mojo returns full force, and you'll be downright irresistible this birthday season! Hosting the blazing Sun AND ambitious Mars in your sign at the same time will make you an unstoppable force of nature. Watch out, world! The June 23 Cancer new moon really brings it all home, kicking off a fresh six-month cycle for your most indie-spirited quests. This annual new moon marks your personal new year, a time to identify what you'd like to accomplish between now and your next birthday. Dream big!
Just watch your step on June 25, when Mars in Cancer locks into a heated battle with outspoken Jupiter in your touchy-feely fourth house. You may accidentally come across as arrogant or ego-driven, stepping on sensitive toes. A female friend or relative could push YOUR buttons, evoking a fiery reaction. Careful with those deadly pincers, Crab! You'll regret lashing out with a below-the-belt zinger when someone stresses you out. Domestic demands or a fragile family member may need your attention, which could be at serious odds with your personal goals. Don't miss out on any grand opportunities by playing the codependent caretaker. Arrange for others to handle home-front duties so you don't spread yourself too thin and lose your cool!
The next day brings brighter skies, as Mars embraces dreamy Neptune in a harmonious trine, filling you with a sense of boundless possibilities. A serendipitous chance to travel, share a world-bettering message or publish your work could arrive. If you need to have an honest conversation, these skies are much more amenable for clearing the air. You'll be able to stay focused on the bigger picture and assert your needs while giving others ample room to be truthful. Inspiring conversations could give you a fresh perspective on a situation that's dogged you. Open up to people from backgrounds and experiences different from yours—you can both learn something powerful from the exchange.

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