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December 2017

So much for 2017 going gently into the good night! From start to finish, December is one bustling month in the stars. And with the Sagittarius Sun heating up your administrative sixth house until December 21, you could be juggling a LOT before the calendar turns. All those lingering tasks and unfinished odds and ends can quickly become your responsibility. Keep that caretaking urge in check, Cancer. You deserve a vacation, too, and if word gets out that you're the most capable person around, others could be quick to dump their duties on you.
Another reason to be vigilant? On December 3, communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde in Sagittarius and your helpful, health-conscious sixth house until December 22. Mercury retrograde is notorious for foiling technology, travel and interpersonal affairs—and with the quicksilver planet gone rogue, it could be hard to keep chaos at bay. With so many details to handle before the holidays, you'll need to be extra organized. Instead of trying to multitask like a maniac, delegate! But don't just hand the reins to someone without giving explicit directions. At work, people could misunderstand your instructions, emails get lost, computers crash. Holiday planning could also be hair-raising, so don't make them too complicated. Everyone has special demands: They can't eat gluten, they don't have a place to stay, this one isn't talking to that one… Argh! Do yourself a favor and stay OUT of it.
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Wash your hands regularly, too (literally and figuratively). With chatty Mercury reversing through your wellness sector, you're extra susceptible to germs from coughers, snifflers and close-talkers. Don't feel bad if you dodge a hug or a handshake from someone who looks under the weather. Manage stress to avoid getting run down now. Take regular work breaks, get to the gym (but maybe bring your own yoga mat and wipe down the Elliptical before AND after using). Blow off steam through revitalizing physical activity or a fun mental challenge (crossword puzzles, board games) instead of spending your free time bitching about that infuriating colleague.
Need some help letting go? The weekend of December 2 and 3 offers some lovely, high-minded vibes that can offset Mercury's mischief. On Saturday, December 2, expansive Jupiter will form its first of three golden trines with flowing Neptune. This rare and heart-opening alignment, which is sorely needed in the world now, will occur two more times between now and August 2018.
On a global level, this Jupiter-Neptune summit might just increase the peace (amen to that!). And for you personally, it could bring a romantic or creative renaissance, as these generous planets unite in fellow water signs. Jupiter is in Scorpio and your passionate fifth house while Neptune is in Pisces and your expansive ninth house. You're willing to take a chance in the name of self-expression, and your authenticity can open major doors. Speak from the heart and don't hold back! Cancers born on (or right near) July 3 could experience an emotional or artistic breakthrough, as these luminaries form a powerful, three-way grand trine with your Sun. Talk about a divine download! You're feeling charitable and open-minded, so go do something good for the world today. Couples might plan a romantic getaway or take a spontaneous, decadent day trip.
On December 3, just as Mercury starts its about-face, we'll also have the year's only full moon in Gemini (also a supermoon), which rules your twelfth house of endings, rest and healing. This is like a double dose of closure or a super-charged transition. Something you've been holding onto could be swept away—and chances are, this situation or relationship has passed its prime. If you've been stuffing down your feelings, it will be impossible to suppress them now. Let yourself have a good, cleansing cry or a long and uninterrupted night of sleep. Meditate, head to the day spa and just nurture the heck out of yourself.
This healing full moon could bring a spiritual or emotional epiphany. But give yourself ample time to process what comes up before leaping to conclusions. Although full moons are illuminating—and you may very well see someone's true colors—la luna is still in your foggy and fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Deciding on the right course of action could take a few days. There's nothing to "do" here. In fact, if you can be still, the answers will reveal themselves to you.
After this bustling weekend, things quiet down—at least until the week of December 18 brings another rip-roaring round of planetary action. It starts that day with a Sagittarius new moon, which helps plant seeds in your grounding sixth house. Although it's not exactly well timed with all the holiday feasting, this new moon could inspire you to get on-board the wellness wagon: exercising, cleaning up your diet and decluttering your spaces. Even if you're not ready to go in full force, you might sneak a Fitbit onto your last-minute wish list or plan some veggie-based savory side dishes for any upcoming holiday meals. With five heavenly bodies in Sagittarius today—the Sun, moon, clever Mercury, beautifying Venus and structured Saturn—you're inspired to turn over a new leaf in a big way!
Start by enlisting a seasoned expert, maybe? On December 19, Saturn will finish a three-year run through Sagittarius, ending a cycle that's restructured your approach to work, wellbeing and self-care. You may have weathered some health challenges or ridden out a career pivot. Or maybe you spent a LOT of time developing your craft and honing your skills, since Saturn demands that we pay our dues.
Now Saturn will move on to your opposite sign, Capricorn, from December 19, 2018, until December 17, 2020. The ringed taskmaster will march through your seventh house of committed relationships for the next three years, weeding out the riffraff in both business and romantic unions. Only serious contenders will make the cut, and ties could be tested. If your bond isn't balanced, Inspector Saturn will lay down the law, demanding that you repair the foundation before it cracks. Some Crabs could part ways while others may be kept apart due to bad timing, a heavy work schedule or a sick family member. Finding quality time will definitely take effort, but if you're equally committed, you can and will get through any trying times together.
Integrity-driven Saturn rules boundaries, and when it visits your partnership house, you could start attracting serious people whose skills and experience are on a whole new level. Nurture these relationships and don't force things. Saturn's course is a marathon, not a sprint.
On the flip side, has your inner circle become TOO insular? Boundaries are healthy; walls and barriers are not. Those are based on fear and distrust, which stems from feeling like a victim in life. Mature Saturn will insist you start "adulting" with other people. That means taking total responsibility for your part of the equation rather than throwing up those self-protective Cancer defenses. 
Saturn was last in Capricorn from 1988 to 1991, and if you can remember that far back, you should recognize familiar themes. This is a unique transit that only comes around every 29 to 30 years. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger under Saturn's rule, so embrace the opportunity to create healthy, balanced connections rooted in mutual respect.
The new Saturn phase really kicks in on December 21, when the Sun starts its monthlong journey into Capricorn. The rest of the year is all about enjoying your favorite people—and maybe meeting some new ones! By New Year's Eve, the Sun, romantic Venus, stable Saturn and powerful Pluto are ALL in Capricorn, setting the stage for new levels of commitment. Some Crabs might even get a proposal as the calendar turns. As you craft your 2018 resolutions, do some deep pondering about the quality of your relationship, and the kind of people who can feed your ambitions in the coming year.
With the moon in Gemini and your restful twelfth house this NYE, you'll be in reflective spirits and may prefer a more intimate gathering to the madding crowds. You could be battling a cold or fighting fatigue, thanks to a tense opposition between the moon and Mercury. But that won't stop you from turning heads and tearing up the dance floor when the DJ plays your jam. With sexy Mars and adventurous Jupiter both in Scorpio and your lusty fifth house, a passionate midnight snog (or more) could be on the agenda.
But don't get too tangled up in the flannel sheets or lost in your intention-setting rituals, Crab. Save some energy for January 1, because 2018 begins with a full moon in YOUR sign that evening. Talk about starting the year off right! Even better? It's the first of two Cancer full moons in the coming year (typically there's only one); the next one will be on December 22, 2018. In between, there will be a July 12 Cancer solar eclipse (new moon), which could take your solo endeavors to a brilliant new level. So don't sweat the December 31 hoopla too much. You've got a big year kicking off the next day—so relax and go with the flow as you bid 2017 adieu.

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