Taurus Monthly Horoscope

October 2017

Here's to a healthy start to autumn! October begins with the Sun making its annual visit to Libra, heating up your sixth house of wellness and organization. You're on a mission to get all the moving parts of your life humming along like a well-oiled machine. And you've got until October 23, while el Sol is in this clean, green sector, to dive in to decluttering and DIY projects.
The Libra new moon on October 19 is especially favorable for launching life-improvement efforts, as it opens a six-month window of opportunity. If you want to kick a bad habit or start a fall fitness regimen, this is also a great time. A few days later, energizer Mars enters Libra, fueling your motivation until December 9. Just be mindful not to bite off more than you can chew, as this bustling Mars cycle can send stress levels through the roof. At least it gives your luxe-loving sign a good reason to join that upscale new gym (and justify the price tag). Your sanity depends on it!
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Pause for the cause on October 5, when the year's only Aries full moon lights up your twelfth house of healing, rest and closure. Time out, Taurus: There's something in your life that you need to let go of—and la luna could pry it out of your grip. Enough trying to force this, though. Wave the white flag and surrender, vulnerable as that may make you feel. Your Bullish determination is awe-inspiring, but sometimes even hard work and determination don't pay off. Quit trying to get a return out of a bad investment. Cut your losses and move on.
This full moon can bring a beautiful moment to receive. Instead of trying to prove how "strong" and "together" you are, swallow your pride and allow support into your life. (Contrary to what you may think, nobody's concerned with that.) Your psychic abilities are especially tuned-in today, and you could receive some divine downloads. Pay attention to gut feelings and serendipitous signs. An older person or a mentor could offer sage advice or even financial support. If you're struggling with an addiction or a self-sabotaging pattern, this full moon can point you in the direction of recovery. Pack the Rescue Remedy and your workout clothes on October 10, when the Sun locks into a heated square with power-tripping Pluto. You could feel overwhelmed by too many details and demands. Have you promised more than you can humanly deliver? Because Bulls hate "looking bad," you may push too far past your limits of time, energy and ability. Set your ego aside and create a more manageable plan, or risk getting sick and exhausted.
Similar precautions are needed on October 19, when the Sun and volatile Uranus form their annual opposition. Stress levels could spike off the charts, and you might reach the point of explosion. Be careful about lashing out at people who are only trying to help. At work, you may realize that someone on Team Taurus is simply not going to work out. No more excuses—it's ultimatum time. At parties or when you're out and about, go easy on the drinks, especially if you're feeling anxious. You're likely to overdo it, and things could spiral out of control fast.
This month's headline news arrives on October 10, when expansive Jupiter makes it big leap into a new sign—a transit that only happens every 12 to 13 months. Jupiter will power through your opposite sign, Scorpio, from October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018, bringing exciting growth to your seventh house of partnerships. Hello, dynamic duos! From a romantic click that turns official to a business venture that produces a major win-win, two is definitely your magic number for the next year. Jupiter was last in Scorpio from October 25, 2005, until November 23, 2006, so page back to that time for similar themes that could repeat themselves now. (Our 2018 Planetary Planner has an in-depth report on Jupiter in Scorpio for YOUR sign—pre-order your copy here!)
Jupiter is the planet of growth, and some Bulls may realize you're no longer in sync with a collaborator or longtime love. You might part ways amicably, and don't be surprised if you quickly find a better match. This Jupiter cycle could also bring a role reversal: For example, the stay-at-home parent suddenly becomes the breadwinner, or the corporate star leaves their job to pursue an artistic path. Solid couples could gear up for an evolution that will shift your duties and dynamics in a big way. With Jupiter's emphasis on travel and study, you could take that epic vacation or sign up for a mind-expanding class together.
Single Bulls might dive into personal growth, getting an enlightened look at any possible blocks you may have to letting that special someone in. Recommended reading if you're ready to find that amazing person is Calling in the One: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, a self-study guide by Katherine Woodward Thomas (the love guru who coined the term "conscious uncoupling" long before Gwyneth made it famous).
Thinking of taking a stroll down the aisle or renewing your vows? Get plans underway. With open-minded Jupiter at the helm, you may choose to do this in a highly individualistic way. Dating online? Widen your search radius to encompass more zip codes. As an affectionate and sensual earth sign, you don't prefer long-distance relationships. You want someone close to keep you warm (and hot!) at night. But with Jupiter here, you could loosen those restrictions—and possibly relocate for love. In business, you could pick up a steady client in another city or put together a small overseas team. Keep your options open.
Once the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, the bountiful Jupiter vibes will really kick in. A brilliant day to join forces—possibly the best of the year—arrives October 26. The confident Sun and expansive Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction (meetup), blessing your partnerships with inspiration and flow. A long-distance connection can heat up, or budding chemistry could move toward official status. If you're inking a deal, getting engaged or making just about anything official, this would be THE day to do it.

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