Taurus Monthly Horoscope


October 2016

"The details are not details. They make the design." Let this sentiment from designer Charles Eames guide your month, as the Sun visits Libra, your sixth house of health, organization and efficiency, until October 22. With fall in full swing, this is a great time to streamline your life: rearranging your closet, sorting through your papers and making sure you're eating health-boosting fare, like chia-seed smoothies and bone broth with fresh turmeric. With expansive Jupiter now spending its first full month in Libra, you'll be even more motivated to get all the “little things” in order, like focusing on your workout schedule and getting a solid eight hours of sleep, so you can be a well-oiled machine in order to tackle the nuts and bolts of your life.
Watch out for a health hiccup on October 15, however, as the Sun forms its annual face-off with unpredictable Uranus in Aries, your unconscious twelfth house. Your stress levels might reach epic proportions today, causing you to reassess how you cope in high-pressure situations. The tension might be coming from your own high standards, so try to ease up, Taurus. Maybe you've taken on too many emotional responsibilities, like being there for a friend in need, when you need to refuel your own tanks. Maybe it's time to cocoon yourself in the "burrito sauna," a funny looking spa trend that seems oddly comforting. Under this intense Sun-Uranus conflict, an unhealthy addiction could surface, or you might be tempted to reach for a harmful vice. Forget the after-work margaritas and chain-smoking. Channel pent up energy into a brisk walk or kickboxing class. Your heart (and mind) will thank you.
Another reason to dial down the tension coincides with the October 16 Aries full moon, which forms a conjunction to unpredictable Uranus. An epic and cathartic emotional release is on the horizon—one you might not have seen coming. This full moon is also a supermoon, adding extra potency to your feelings. You could get a glimpse of someone's true colors that you find utterly shocking, or have an electrifying spiritual experience that prompts you to let go of some MAJOR baggage. Maybe you'll spontaneously extend an olive branch to someone you've been angry with. Or, you'll nail the door shut on a toxic situation you've allowed to linger too long. Set yourself free and move on, Taurus.
On October 22, the Sun glides into Scorpio, your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and long-term commitment, spotlighting your relationships. All too often, your self-sufficient sign tries to shoulder burdens alone, positioning yourself as the rock for just about everyone. For the next four weeks, though, you benefit from collaboration, cooperation and compromise. Delegate tasks to qualified people and get the support you need.
You may be especially inspired to join forces on October 30, when the Scorpio new moon turns a fresh page in your interpersonal life. Is it time to make things official—or at least start discussing that? This new moon is also conjunct chatty Mercury, so you might initiate some important talks, or you could start exploring a business or personal partnership with someone new. Your existing relationships can also benefit from this collaborative new moon. Maybe you need to revamp the way you communicate or share responsibilities? Even longtime relationships can benefit from a fresh approach—and right now is your perfect chance.
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