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September 2016

Are you ready for your close-up, Taurus? September's starmap has some major moments, including two game-changing eclipses and expansive Jupiter making its annual sign change. Adding to the cosmic celebration (or is it chaos?), Mercury is retrograde until September 22. There are also two page-turning new moons. Typically there is only one new moon per month, so you get a bonus dose of rocket fuel.

Fortunately, the air you breathe this September is fun and playful, thanks to the Sun in Virgo firing up your fifth house of passion and parties until September 22. You have confidence to spare and wherever you go—a rooftop cocktail hour, a sunset sail, an indie music fest—you're sure to light up the room. This is a great time for a back-to-school romance or to give into a creative project you put aside all summer.
Adding a little complication to the picture, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from August 30-September 22. This cycle is notorious for mucking up technology, travel and interpersonal matters. You could experience a few hiccups around love and self-expression, like, say, posting a flirty comment on the wrong person's Instagram or blurting out your feelings prematurely. Oops! Mercury's backspin through the theatrical fifth house could incite some Bravo TV-worthy drama. Since retrogrades bring back the past, an ex-flame could resurface or an old wound could reopen. 

Speaking of theatrics, this month's two eclipses can stir up the activity. Eclipses sweep in to shake up the status quo, sweeping away what no longer serves us. This month's duo are part of a series on the Virgo/Pisces axis running from March 2015-February 2017. During this period, the stars are teaching you when to go diva and when to stay down-to-earth. Yes, there are moments when it's perfectly appropriate to don that metaphorical bejeweled crown and demand the best. Then, there are times to put ego and drama aside or take one for the team. These eclipses have stoked your creativity, giving you enough chutzpah to turn your ideas into works of art or innovative projects. Fame or recognition could even come. If you're at all sheepish about attention (which you could earn a fair deal of here), think about it like this: in honoring your unique talents, you're showing others how to do the same. Since the fifth house rules imagination and energy, you just might need to let your inner child come out to play.

September 1 brings the solar (new moon) eclipse in Virgo. This is one fiery moment, Taurus—so brace yourself! The embers of a new romance could combust into full-blown passion. Or, you might have a brilliant "a-ha" moment about an artistic project and let the muse carry you away. Around this day, you might also have a breakthrough epiphany about how you express yourself. When you're truly authentic and come from the heart, your passion could translate into prosperity. And a dazzling moment of fame could even come your way. Flip back to September 13, 2015, the date of the first Virgo solar eclipse in this series. Themes or events from that period could resurface, helping you learn more about the importance of following your bliss. 

As #YOLO as you may be feeling, this isn't a leap without looking kind of moment. This eclipse forms a tense square to serious Saturn in Sagittarius, your eighth house of intimacy and joint finances. You might feel constrained by a money matter or a feeling of responsibility to a partner. Be extra cautious with spending now, as this isn't the time to take any fiscal risks. Vet all partners—creative, romantic and otherwise—before you give them the keys to your kingdom. 
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Meanwhile taskmaster Saturn is causing other complications, as it's locked in a second square all month with foggy Neptune in Pisces, your eleventh house of friendships and group activity. Problems might spike around a collaboration with colleagues or friends. There could be someone in the mix who projects a certain image that's far different from reality. One of you might be pouring more resources, financially or time-wise, than the others. Or, you might struggle with blurred boundaries, crossing a romantic line with a coworker or lending your hard-earned money to an unreliable friend. It's important to uphold your integrity now—being passive or seething in silence won't help matters. With shady Neptune in your tech sector, you might also want to boost your online security by changing your passwords and clearing the cookies on your browser.  

More hazy energy around your inner circle arrives on September 16, when a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Pisces, shakes things up in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. This eclipse culminates plans set in motion at the March 8 Pisces solar eclipse. There could be a changing of the guard in your crew—a close friend (that person you ALWAYS call first) could suddenly become unavailable, busy or unreliable. One particular association may also reveal shocking true colors. Don't hang on out of guilt or misguided loyalty, Taurus. Let go with grace and dial down the drama if you can. Not all friendships—even lifelong ones—are always meant to go the distance. Around this day, you might also get invited to join a creative collaboration, professional association or even a new friend circle. If you're launching a digital venture of any kind, you could unveil the beta version or start sending out press releases. (Just keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde for one more week, so wait a little longer to fully deploy!)

In other headline news, expansive Jupiter changes signs—an annual occurrence—on September 9. Since August 11, 2015, Jupiter has been in Virgo, your fun-loving, amorous fifth house, ramping up the glamour, romance and playfulness in your life. It may not have been a huge career year for you, Taurus, but hopefully you learned to enjoy life and follow your heart a lot more. Jupiter made you more aware that there are much bigger shores to explore than the ones you've been roaming. You might have met someone from a different cultural background who exposed you to a whole new way of life. Or maybe you traveled to work or show a creative project, or your artistic talents went global. Since the fifth house rules fertility, Jupiter's visit may have brought a pregnancy. 

But the summer of frolic and frose comes to an end—and not a moment too soon—on September 9, when abundant Jupiter enters Libra, your sixth house of health, wellness and streamlining, where it will stay until October 10, 2017. Out with the "festive," and in with the "functional"! Growth-happy Jupiter last visited Libra from September 24, 2004-October 25, 2005, so if you think back, you might see a recurring theme start to emerge over these next 13 months. Jupiter in Libra will help you see all the world-expanding possibilities that come from being practical, punctual and pragmatic. You might feel more pumped to stay on top of your health, booking appointments with the dentist, acupuncturist and your doctor. You could also find that cleaning out a filing cabinet or overstuffed closet boosts the "life-changing magic" that comes from streamlining. Get in alignment with your support staff at work—or start delegating to some capable service providers. You might even travel to a conference or take a short course to boost your skills with a short course. Is it time to get certified or licensed in your field? Or maybe you'll be a health tourist, traveling to Europe for an experimental therapy or enrolling in a yoga retreat somewhere exotic. By the time abundant Jupiter has its way with you, you'll be one lean, mean health machine. 

This grounded energy really kicks in on September 22 when the Sun enters Libra. For the next four weeks, get more centered in your daily life. Tackle the hardest items on your to-do list, just because it feels good to be a #boss. Hit the gym. Stock up on healthy organic foods. (And if you really want to jump-start a clean diet, Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss will help you be WAY more discerning in the grocery aisle. Then on September 26, the Sun forms its once-a-year conjunction to Jupiter and gives you ample motivation to become even more fit and efficient. Getting your life in order has never felt so sweet!

Also on September 26, transformational Pluto turns direct (forward) in Capricorn, your ninth house of travel and expansion. If you've been lost at sea about your life's purpose or seen big-picture plans flame out, things could get back on track now. During Pluto's five-month backspin, you might have come face-to-face with your unconscious limiting beliefs and shadowy self-doubts. Maybe you haven't made that huge leap with your entrepreneurial idea because deep down you felt guilty in some way. (If that's the case, you might benefit from this inspirational Jim Carrey video.) Whatever you learned will only help you as you embark on your next grand adventure…which, by the way, starts now. Hurrah! 

From September 27-November 8, go-getter Mars is in Capricorn, helping you take concrete action steps toward your most expansive, liberating plans. This could feel like a huge relief, as assertive Mars has been in Sagittarius, your intense eighth house, since August 2. Now, you're about to perform a serious jailbreak. You're ready to see the wider world, perhaps by making an overseas trip, learning about an enlightening new life philosophy, or even delving deep into an academic subject. Since the ninth house rules publishing, you might give voice to the wider world within yourself via a writing project. Whatever the development, you are amped up to take a big, bold risk. 

The month ends on a practical note, with the Libra new moon (the second new moon this month!) shining the spotlight on your detail-oriented and healthy sixth house. All your visionary goals will benefit from putting a solid plan and structure in place—so make concrete goals, timelines and actionable steps. Ask for help if you need it, as this new moon could turn up some savvy new people for Team Taurus. This is also a wonderful day to make some health resolutions. Quit smoking, reduce your sugar intake or ease off of whatever vice is bringing your vibe down. Start one step at a time when it comes to your new structure—you don't need to overwhelm yourself. Since new moons unroll over a six-month period, your small but steady actions could lead to a major transformation by the spring. 

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