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December 2017

A year like this one doesn't go out quietly—and indeed, December is bookended with a rush of cosmic commotion. This year's holiday season is celestial cinema. And since it's happening during Sagittarius season, which lasts through December 21, you might just want to dim the lights and watch the show quietly. Sagittarius rules your privacy-seeking eighth house, which is all about secrets, mergers and intimate bonds. You could be working intensely on a project that requires extreme focus and behind-the-scenes work. Oh, and that "project" could be a relationship or a sexy new love interest that's got you a little fixated! While everyone else is making the party rounds, you're in the mood for intense one-on-one encounters, where you can go deep.
But don't limit yourself, Taurus! On December 2, a rare and beautiful trine forms between generous Jupiter and enchanting Neptune. It's the first of three trines that will lend magic to your interpersonal zones between now and August 2018. Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your committed partnership house, beaming at compassionate Neptune, which is in Pisces and your eleventh house of groups and friends. You could meet someone who completely dazzles you, perhaps at a party or through mutual contacts. Since the eleventh house rules technology, the "click" could happen online. Stay open to intriguing new people, and come out of your brooding cocoon for a weekend of networking. A person or new circle you meet near this date is likely to play an important role in 2018.
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This connection could be romantic or platonic, but either way, you'll feel a meeting of the minds, hearts AND spirits—and you'll want to take it further. Pace yourself, o’ charging Bull! You'll be prone to idealizing people. Don't hoist anyone onto a pedestal, even if you're a starry-eyed superfan. You're susceptible to flattery now, and while it feels great to be admired, you need to keep your wits about you.
Have you thanked the people who bring happiness and ease to your life? With Jupiter playing celestial Santa Claus, start the holiday gifting—or shopping—for Team Toro this weekend. The Jupiter-Neptune trine bestows superconnector status on you. You might find yourself playing matchmaker, linking up compatible people or introducing two single friends. (The karma points alone are worth it!) For couples, this is a perfect weekend to cohost a party or to attend as a dashing duo. If things have been tense between you, getting out for some glamorous socializing can take the edge off and get you back in sync.  
That will pay off in spades, because on December 3, communication planet Mercury begins its last retrograde of the year. The planet that rules technology, travel and all things interpersonal will reverse through Sagittarius and your eighth house of financial and emotional mergers until December 22. Don't rush into any contracts just because you want to sign on the dotted line before the calendar turns. Small but crucial details can slip through the cracks, spiraling into a bigger headache. Change your passwords and increase your privacy settings since this tech-scrambling retrograde could put sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, at risk. Working with people may get tense. Be explicit with all emails, conversations and instructions…and prepare to be misunderstood anyway. This month, lean on the more patient side of your nature instead of going, er, Bull-istic on them. Try these "emotional listening" techniques instead of ruling with an iron fist.
In your personal life, jealousy and suspicion can flare up, and you might be tempted to snoop in someone's texts—a terrible idea. Mercury could find you piecing together a story that's not remotely true and lobbing accusations based on a "gut feeling." Mercury retrograde is an important time to go back and communicate about anything you've swept under the rug. If you're feeling ill at ease, dig beneath the surface to find the real. Deal with the initial trust breach or summon the courage to be vulnerable. This cycle can also bring back an ex, perhaps someone you had strong sexual chemistry with or used to obsess over. Tread lightly before following through on those carnal urges. You don't need the crash that inevitably follows one mind-blowing night.
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December 3 doesn't only belong to Mercury's mayhem, thankfully. That same day brings the year's only full moon in Gemini (also a supermoon), which will illuminate your grounded second house of work, money and security. You could receive a bountiful payout for something you've been working on over the past six months. This might be a moment when you need to stand your ground. If someone's been taking advantage of your generosity, la luna gives you the guts to speak up and advocate for yourself.
The next wave of planetary action arrives during the week of December 18. That day brings a Sagittarius NEW moon, which is accompanied by the Sun, Mercury, love planet Venus and structured Saturn—all of which are also in Sagittarius. Whew! Your intimate and financial ties get a dose of extreme clarity. New moons are proactive; this one can spur some early 2018 resolutions about love, sex and money. Think long and hard about who deserves a slot in your inner circle (and between your Egyptian cotton sheets). If an important relationship is out of sync, what's needed to get it humming along again? This new moon could invoke a powerful new chapter for joint ventures that will unfold over the next six months.
The banner news—and it's cause for celebration—arrives on December 19. That day, weighty Saturn ends a three-year trudge through Sagittarius, and it won't return until 2044. Since December 24, 2014, the ringed taskmaster has been laying a heavy hand on your eighth house of long-term finances, sex and permanent emotional bonds. All of these areas have been a struggle for you at times, but with slow and steady work, you may have matured. Anything touched by Saturn is like an investment that pays off over time but requires you to be patient and possibly take a short-term loss.  
Saturn has actually been visiting your two relationship houses since October 2012, so the past five years haven't exactly been a walk in the park. Perhaps you worked hard to pay off debt or to establish stronger emotional bonds. Money and romance may have occasionally been in short supply—no fun for a sign that enjoys both of these things very much. On the plus side, you may have bought real estate, committed to a serious relationship or distanced yourself from toxic people.
And just like that, intimacy boot camp is over—amen! Lighter days are ahead. From December 19, 2017, until December 17, 2020, Saturn will be in Capricorn, taking a much easier route through your ninth house of expansion, travel and entrepreneurship. Over the next three years, you'll get serious about your growth and expansion. You could launch an entrepreneurial venture and turn it into a rock-solid business. Some Bulls may return to school, since the ninth house rules higher education. You may travel for work or be invited to teach, publish or lecture about your work. (Get the full scoop on Saturn in Capricorn for your sign in The AstroTwins’ 2018 Planetary Planner.)
This vibrant and visionary energy will really kick into gear on December 21, when the Sun leaves your myopic eighth house and enters Capricorn for a month. By New Year's Eve, the Sun, Venus, Saturn AND Pluto are all here. You'll round out 2017 with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm. It's good to see you in hopeful spirits—and people will notice! With go-getter Mars and effusive Jupiter in your partnership house as the calendar turns, you could connect with someone from a wildly different culture or background. Maybe you'll travel with your S.O. or a close friend to ring in 2018. Since you’ll be in chatty and convivial spirits, make a point of surrounding yourself with dynamic people.
Whatever you do, make sure to add a few luxe touches, since the moon will be in Gemini and your epicurean and posh second house on New Year's Eve. It will also oppose Mercury, so watch your budget and keep track of your wallet (literally). This is the kind of night where you could leave a phone in the cab or lose your evening bag at a party in a jumble of coats. Stay away from anyone who tries to pull you into an intense or dramatic conversation—you need to be out in the center of the crowds, not sucked into their spiral.
The social vibes will carry over, as January 1 will feature the year's first full moon. It will fall in Cancer and your social third house, so think about hosting a late-afternoon brunch that features a ritual or intention-setting circle. You'll be percolating with starry-eyed plans—and sharing them with a group can add an extra layer of accountability. There’s nothing better than having your tribe cheer you on to success!

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