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December 2016

Cozy up by the fire, Taurus. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Sagittarius until December 21, visiting your eighth house of intimacy, sex and shared finances. It can be an intense and focused time, when your awareness is concentrated on one special person or situation. Dive deep into finishing a project before the holidays, or do some year-end emotional contemplation. There's probably a lot to process and sort, so choose your cocktail-gathering RSVPs discerningly. You'll have plenty of time to kick up your platform heels between Christmas and New Year's. Until then, you're on a mission…or just really, really focused on your behind-closed-doors adventures with a seductive and special someone.
Money's on your mind midmonth when the full moon in Gemini—a potent supermoon—beams into your second house of security and self-worth. This full moon could deliver a confidence boost, with some real-world victories to boot: a year-end bonus, record holiday sales, or maybe talk of a promotion in 2017. Or perhaps you'll just have an epiphany about the path you want to pursue professionally. Jot down those lunar-inspired insights as they come to you. If you're thinking of treating yourself or a special person to a luxe gift, you could score a great treasure (and maybe even a deal) today.
The second house also rules daily routines, so you may already start taking inventory of your habits and practices, and which ones you'll leave in 2016. Ready to ditch your dependency on that vaping pen or third cup of coffee? Want to be more present with loved ones instead of starting at your screen? Little changes can add up to a big lifestyle shift.
The reflection deepens on December 19, when pensive Mercury turns retrograde until January 8. Mercury's backspin can create breakdowns with communication, travel and technology—kind of the last thing we need over the holidays—so take extra care with your interpersonal exchanges AND your data for the rest of 2016. Mercury will reverse through Capricorn and your outspoken, worldly ninth house. Loose lips could definitely sink ships, so watch those provocative, button-pushing comments and social media posts. Take extra care if you're going away for the holidays, too—triple-check reservations, spring for the travel insurance, pack a spare tire and emergency roadside kit.
The fun times really begin on December 21 (Mercury retrograde be damned), when the Sun starts its monthlong foray through Capricorn, lighting up your ninth house of inspiration and adventure. Emerge from the intense bubble of Sagittarius season and reconnect with the wider world. Now you're in the mood for lively conversations, mixing and mingling, and dreaming up inspired plans for 2017. With travel emphasized, you might start perusing blogs like AFAR for trip ideas. Set your fare alerts or try an app like Hopper to get pinged when ticket prices drop for a dream destination.
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Change is in the air as the year closes out. Irreverent Uranus—which is in your twelfth house of healing and closure from 2011-18—will steal the show for Christmas and the new year. Not only does Uranus end a befuddling five-month retrograde on December 29, it will make two rare and powerful aspects (angles) that could be downright world-changing.

On December 24, radical changemaker Uranus will form a rare and supportive trine to teacher planet Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a curious mix indeed, since Uranus is all about revolution and reinvention, while stalwart Saturn is the guardian of tradition and time-tested structures. Since they'll form a cooperative angle to each other, old- and new-school people and concepts, blending into a fascinating fusion.
For you specifically, this aspect will touch down in some intensely emotional parts of your chart. Uranus is in Aries and your twelfth house of healing, closure and fantasy. Saturn is in your intimate and transformational eighth house. This could spell a HUGE personal breakthrough, which could span from a pregnancy to an engagement, to a long-overdue split. Financially, you could receive a supportive windfall from a relative, perhaps via an inheritance, which you may decide to invest or use to purchase property. It could also be a time of confusion, as you scramble to align your long-held values with the changing times, upgrading traditions to reflect the ways both you and the world have evolved. Politics aside, one headline-making example is Taurus Melania Trump, who announced that she won't move into the White House until the school year ends. Change is hard for your sign—but necessary!
If you're dealing with a health issue (physical or mental), a mix of Western and holistic remedies could have powerful results. Or you might combine Saturn's traditional medicine approach with innovative and technologically-forward Uranus' powers, signing up for a clinical trial or an experimental study. If you're dealing with an addictive pattern, this is also a powerful time to enter recovery or therapy. Your psychic and mystical powers could also shoot through the roof—or surprise you by showing up for the first time. Don't ignore the "signs" and the calling of your intuition. Its guidance will keep you sane and steady in the coming months.
Saturn and Uranus will travel in close proximity for much of 2017, helping the old guard and new play well together. There will be two more exact trines coming up on May 19 and November 11 next year, the last times in your life this duo will align in these zones of your chart. In short, this is major—so use it to catalyze healing and consciousness.
Uranus makes its second major aspect on December 26, when it will be opposite adventurous risk-taker Jupiter. This could be a time of rapid and sudden change—which could be positive in some ways, but also majorly destabilizing. With two of the most rash and impulsive planets butting heads, there's a real danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, overturning what's good in the name of revolution. This aspect only occurs once every 14 years, and will happen two more times in 2017—on March 3 and September 28. You'll feel this tension for the last couple weeks of December.
Uranus in your healing and dreamy twelfth house will clash with know-it-all Jupiter in your sensible sixth house. This could cause you to second-guess the flashes of powerful intuition you're getting, dismissing divine guidance in the name of skepticism. Or, you could swing to the other extreme and get paranoid, dislodging yourself from the facts entirely. Stress could affect your health, so do everything you can to stay balanced now. This aspect could bring surprising news that forces you to change your lifestyle—or your body may reach a limit of how much wear and tear it can take. Keep your wits about you, as this can be an accident-prone and reckless period. The last thing you need is to end the year with a needless injury because you were caught up in your head.
So…that's all happening over the holiday weekend. Action-packed doesn't begin to describe it!  "Christmukkah" (Christmas + Hanukkah), which coincide this year, will also feature a Scorpio moon, spotlighting your partnership house. Don't try to do everything alone. Lean on your S.O. or most supportive peeps. With loving Venus and expansive Jupiter making a golden trine, romance is definitely in the air. This openhearted combo of the two "benefic" (positive and helpful) planets can offset some of the chaotic Uranus-fueled vibes in the air.
Although we'll feel these Uranus aspects for the rest of 2016, the temperamental planet WILL end a five-month retrograde in Aries on December 29. People will become a bit less reactive, but do be careful near this date. We've observed over the past few years that buried hostilities and even acts of violence have occurred as Uranus stations direct (turns forward). So please, walk away from any scenes that feel tense or combustible, whether that's in public or at a party.
Since Uranus is also in your escapist twelfth house, its forward turn can awaken some self-destructive or addictive patterns. Watch your alcohol intake and be careful about getting caught up in a clandestine attraction or obsession today. Old "victim stories" can pop into your head now, too. If you feel disempowered, reach out to a therapist, energy healer or grounding friend to vent. Don't carry this energy around with you.
Luckily, December 29 also brings a grounding Capricorn new moon, a great time to really start setting goals and planting seeds for the year ahead. La luna in your visionary ninth house helps you see the big picture, and this could be the perfect day to draft an inspired vision for 2017. This new moon also plants the seeds for entrepreneurship, travel and study in the coming six months.
Could a little bit of peace come to our planet before the calendar turns? New Year's Eve features the moon and tolerant Venus in humanitarian, social Aquarius. Both will form a supportive trine with worldly Jupiter in harmonizer Libra. For you, this will bring a dose of grounding energy, and even the possibility of meeting a powerful business contact while celebrating. With Jupiter in your service sector and the moon-Venus duo in your VIP zone, you might celebrate at a black-tie charity event or attend a party for a cause.
Fiery Mars and idealistic Neptune will also unite in Pisces and your eleventh house of group activity, furthering your desire to gather in a safe space with compassionate and caring people. Once again, just watch your substance intake, since this cosmic alignment can find you easily overdoing it. Pace yourself, stay hydrated with lots of water, and turn on the music to dance up a storm (Pisces rules the feet). Grooving into the new year and lost among the feel-good vibes of a crowd? Yes please!

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