Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 2017

Can a Bull get a break around here? We've entered your annual month of rest, as the Sun wends its way through Aries and your sleepy twelfth house. Closure and transitions are the main themes, and your energy levels will be lower than usual. Conserve your power and turn within while your subconscious is activated. This low-key cycle is preparing you for Taurus season, which will reset your solar clock on April 19. It's been a long year, so take stock of all you've accomplished and learned and tie up any loose ends before your birthday.
The stars are eager to help clean your slate, and that's an understatement. April will feature FIVE planets in retrograde motion, turning your attention firmly to the unresolved past. Retrogrades occur when a planet passes the Earth in its journey around the Sun, causing the illusion that it's moving backward. Obviously that's not really happening (how screwed would we be?), but everything under that planet's astrological jurisdiction can and probably will go haywire. During a retrograde, it's wise to ask yourself: Where have I cut corners or rushed into things? Retrace your steps and make sure everything is set on a firm foundation before you lay down one more brick.
As April begins, expansive Jupiter and peacemaker Venus (your ruling planet) are already retrograde. With Venus in reverse from March 4 to April 15, people's normal stores of compassion can run dry. Love and friendship can hit a bumpy patch, as people struggle to find a common agenda. Make a concerted effort to be kind, especially when Venus backs through Pisces and your social sector from April 2 to 15. Tension could rise in a group setting, and friction can flare with friends. Avoid the drama queens at all costs—and don't be one yourself!
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Jupiter has been backsliding through Libra and your healthy, organized sixth house since February 6, interrupting fitness plans or making work a bit more tedious. The devil is definitely in the details, and while Jupiter is in reverse through June 6, you may decide to hire helpful pros to lighten your load. Take special care of your wellbeing, as you could be susceptible to seasonal sickness or injuries if you overdo it. Schedule checkups and double down on making those healthy changes that you've been putting off. The Libra full moon on April 11 is the perfect day to recommit to your own vitality. Doctor's orders could prompt a lifestyle change, or you may just feel a burst of motivation to get everything in its place. You could hire (or fire) a right-hand person today, as this lunation spotlights the helpful people on Team Taurus.
This month three more planets will join the retrograde brigade. From April 6 to August 28, structured Saturn will turn around in Sagittarius and your eighth house of shared finances, sex and intimacy. You may need to rethink or repair a serious relationship, possibly taking a big step backward or doing the difficult work or parting ways. On the flip side, you might get really serious about pursuing a joint venture, diving into the necessary research or hashing out the finer points. Saturn is the master builder of the zodiac, and its reversals expose crucial flaws in the foundation. If you've constructed anything on a shaky base—a friendship, business deal or romance—Saturn retrograde will force you to strengthen that core or go bust.
The next planet to go retrograde is Mercury, the guardian of technology, travel and communication, which reverses from April 9 to May 3. The first week and a half could be the trickiest as Mercury backs through Taurus, leaving you feeling tongue-tied and wildly misunderstood. Hold off on any major pitches or splashy launches, unless it's with a previous client, since retrogrades favor the past. From April 20 on, Mercury is retrograde in Aries and your hazy twelfth house, which could bring mixed messages, hidden agendas and even some shady people into your sphere. If you sense dishonesty, do NOT go forward: You could be found guilty by association. With mental Mercury in your foggy twelfth house, you could feel fatigued and unclear. Give your brain a break from heavy lifting. Instead, focus on healing and processing emotions you've avoided. You may have a loss to grieve or a disappointment to accept. Your subconscious could be working overtime, so pay attention to strong gut feelings as well as your dreams, which could be especially vivid.
Last in line to join the retrograde brigade is shadowy Pluto, which makes it annual U-turn from April 20 to September 28. Pluto will back through Capricorn and your expansive ninth house. This cycle could find you questioning your beliefs (never a bad thing for Bulls, who can get set in their ways) or feeling disillusioned. A calculated risk may not pay off as quickly as you'd hoped, so be cautious. At the same time, beware losing faith and plunging into unnecessary pessimism. Scale back if you're being overly ambitious. Travel and study can also deepen your soul-searching process, but with intense Pluto impacting these areas, take care not to fall for a manipulative guru figure or trust the wrong people in a faraway locale. Keep your wits about you.
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Luckily, some of this impact will be offset after April 19, when the Sun starts its annual sojourn through Taurus. The next four weeks bring your birthday season and a fresh start, so even retrograde challenges will be met with a (mostly) positive attitude. You're feeling too alive to let these setbacks bring you down! Prioritize your personal goals and give them your all, especially at the April 26 Taurus new moon. This once-a-year lunar beam is like your very own, personal new year, a super-charged time to (re)commit to cherished goals. The seeds you plant this day will ripen over the next six months, coming together between now and the November 4 Taurus full moon. Don't let the retrograde chaos deter you from getting started on your ambitious solo ventures and dreams.

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