Taurus Monthly Horoscope


August 2016

Let the nesting commence! The Sun is in Leo and your domestic fourth house until August 22, making your stability-seeking sign crave security and deep roots. Gather with your family and loved ones, spend quality time at home, indulge in some overdue self-care. Your creative side is also awakened now. The fourth house rules females and feminine energy, so connect with the ladies in your life. Your mother or a maternal figure could figure into the events of the month.
Looking for a new place to hang your hat—or craving a stronger sense of place? The August 2 Leo new moon kicks off a six-month cycle for home and family. You may decide to move, or explore ways you can make your current abode feel more like a sanctuary. Break out the interior decorating skills, reconfigure the furniture, revitalize your walls with a new shade of Benjamin Moore color. Some Bulls may get pregnant or decide to start a family; others could seek a new way of relating to a child, parent or female relative.
This year's Leo new moon will form a helpful trine to structured Saturn in Sagittarius and your eighth house of intimacy, mergers and financial ties. You could pool your resources with a powerful woman, a significant other or even a relative for mutual gain. (Hello, family startup?) Maybe you'll receive a gift, a loan or some kind of family support that helps advance your goals. Real estate is governed by both the fourth and eighth houses. Is it time to put a downpayment on a home—or to start saving for one?
That idea could pick up steam in the second half of the month. On August 13, Saturn will end its five-month retrograde (backward) cycle that began on March 25. With the planet of maturity and tough lessons moving forward again, bumpy patches in your closest relationships could start to clear up. Perhaps a promising business venture stalled or fizzled out, especially if you couldn't come to mutual terms. The sale or purchase of a home may have gotten delayed. For couples this could have been an important period for stabilizing your connection. Single and attached Bulls may have found that love felt more serious and heavy, or your lusty libido may even have been dampened. Although with bountiful Jupiter blazing through your fifth house of passion until September 9, there's at least been a counterforce! Finances may have gotten tight, perhaps due to a large payment or expense. 
Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017, so there's still work to be done around intimacy, sex, vulnerability, joint business ventures and shared finances—all of which fall until the eighth house's rule. But now, it won't be a matter of "one step forward, two steps back." Your diligent efforts will actually yield slow and steady progress.
On August 24—and all week surrounding this date—plodding Saturn will be conjunct speedy Mars here, which could pick up the pace, but also drive up your resistance. You may feel like you have one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. Don't rush into anything, but don't miss an opportunity by being overly cautious either. Warning: On August 26, Mars will form a tense square to foggy Neptune in your social eleventh house. Be careful with whom you confide your secrets to, and don't borrow or loan money among friends. Your deep dark intel could seep into the rumor mill, and that's the last thing you need!
Prior to this, you could be clinking fluted glasses. A career high point arrives on August 18, when the Aquarius full moon illuminates your tenth house of professional endeavors and success. This full moon is also a penumbral eclipse—meaning it's an "almost eclipse" and could sweep in with some exciting changes. This lunation could bring a promotion, a sudden leadership opportunity, or a chance to cash in on the hard work you've done all year. An easy-breezy sextile to Uranus in your mystical twelfth house could bring opportunity through a major serendipity. Let the divine play headhunter for you today! Full moons can bring transitions, and this day could see one door closing in order for some gilded new gates to fly open, unrolling a crimson carpet monogrammed with your initials. The tenth house rules fathers, and you may have a moment of open-hearted conversation and connection with your dad or an important man.
On August 22, the Sun soars into Virgo and your festive, flamboyant fifth house. Shed those homebody vibes—you're ready for some overdue summer fun. Romance could even be on the agenda, as el Sol heats up your passion sector until September 22. Hit those late season sales and pick up some glamorous pieces, because you could be making up for lost time on the celebration circuit. If you've been feeling insular and reserved, your vibrant personality comes out once again. Take the filters off and express yourself without reservation! Single? A better-late-than-never summer romance could also spark up.
But before you rush headlong into a #Hiddleswift style whirlwind courtship, the month ends with screeching brakes. Communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo from August 30-September 22, which could put a budding romance on ice. Since retrogrades bring back the past, an old lover could resurface, causing confusion and mixed feelings. You may be tempted to "just look someone up," but be careful about inviting drama back into your life, Bull. With expressive Mercury gone rogue in this dramatic part of your chart, be extra careful about those incendiary (read: offensive) posts and comments. Temper your knee-jerk reactions. Your bluntness could come across as biased—and even bigoted! We know: SO not what you intended, but with Mercury's signal-scrambling retrograde, avoid snarky and over-the-top comments at all costs. The ensuing chaos will waste your time and could even burn a bridge. 

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