2020 Gemini New Moon | 8 Ideas to Connect and Communicate

Double up for the win! The 2020 Gemini new moon brings kindred spirits and synergistic connections our way.

by The AstroTwins

Ready for a rebrand or an image refresh? The 2020 new moon on Friday, May 22 (at 1:38 PM EDT) wants us to think about the messages we’re sending out to the world.

Ruled by chatty Mercury, Gemini is the star sign that governs communication, friendship and local affairs. Begin putting your feelings and ideas into words. Is it time for a new set of wheels, like that fuel-efficient hybrid or lightweight cruiser bike? Gemini also rules transportation, making this a great time to shop around and go for a few test drives.

New moons are initiation points—days for planting seeds that we’ll harvest six months later at the corresponding full moon. The 2020 Gemini new moon helps us turn a fresh page and spark productive dialogue. Conversations initiated now could unfold between today and the November 30 Gemini full moon, which is also a potent lunar eclipse.

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Here are eight super-charged tips to harness the 2020 Gemini new moon beams:

1. Be the connector.

Affable, outgoing Gemini understands the power of social networking. Pay it forward this week and play matchmaker: Link the awesome people you know and let them take it from there. Write a glowing testimonial for someone who gave you great service. Shout people out on Instagram with a compelling story about someone who inspired you. Be the person with the juiciest contact database or a finger on the pulse of new music. If you’re not naturally a connector, cozy up to one this week and observe the master in action. Or, take it up a notch and turn your connector status into a super-connector, someone who can build relationships very quickly. While being a connector-type is an art unto itself, it’s also a skill that can be learned. Start with unfettered generosity, then stick your neck out and give props to people you believe in.

2. Call it as you see it (tactfully please).

Round of true confessions: Is there anywhere that you’re being “two-faced” in your life? That includes subtle “lies of omission,” the things you don’t say, that build up into a wedge between you and your loved ones? Make a list of things you’re holding back, and from whom. Maybe there are things you’re too scared or shy to say aloud (like “I love you” or, “you’re important to me” or, “you hurt my feelings”). Then, go on and have those conversations. You’ll feel like a new person once you do. Warning: telling it like it is doesn’t mean tearing people down or bludgeoning their egos with a truth hammer. Speak in “I language,” instead of the accusatory “you.” For example, “I’ve been missing you a lot,” is likely to engender a more favorable response than, “You never call, you never text.”

3. Find your “second city.”

As the zodiac’s sign of the Twins, Gemini loves everything in pairs. Given that commuting and short trips also fall under Gemini’s domain, let this new moon lead you to a second city that speaks to your soul. It’s a wide world out there, and you can’t always find everything you need within walking distance of your own front door. Which aspects of yourself would you like to develop? Spin the globe and find a city that’s known for nurturing that activity or mindset.

A fresh cultural atmosphere can lure forth a slumbering side of your personality. Anyone who’s traveled can attest to feeling differently when in, say, New York City than in a sleepy seaside town in the South of France. Gemini’s “split personality” reputation would love nothing more than for us to develop a bit of an alter ego this week. If you can’t actually travel there at the moment, start researching the trip for when the coast is clear. For some people, this will be the week where bicoastal or bi-city living becomes an exciting reality.

4. Go locavore.

Supporting local businesses is a perfect way to honor the community-minded Gemini new moon, and doubly so in the current economy. Extend the trend to your palate this month and give the locavore food movement a try. Food that’s grown by area farmers is more likely to be fresh and thus, packed with live enzymes. Plus, you’re supporting the growers in your region. Some nutritionists believe that our systems benefit more from eating seasonal ingredients, which follow the same natural rhythms as our bodies.

Look into fresh off the farm produce delivery services and CSAs (community-supported agriculture). Each week throughout the summer, a newly harvested box of fruits and vegetables will arrive on your doorstep or a communal dropoff point. Some weeks it will be anyone’s guess what the box will contain, which is an exciting opportunity to grow your epicurean skills. Farm-to-table dinner party, anyone? Check the LocalHarvest directory of 30,000 CSAs, local farms and markets to find a local food source near you.

5. Dance, dance, revolution!

It takes two to tango, so log in to a dance class this week, like Dance Church—or just put on your favorite playlist and get down. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Beyonce backup dancer-level or cursed with two left feet. From salsa to tango to ballroom, learning to groove together requires an incredibly powerful level of unspoken communication. Who will lead? Who will follow? Dancing can reveal the areas of your relationship that need strengthening (Pop and Lock or, uh, Pop and Just Stop?). Although a few frustrating spinouts may happen, stick with it and you’ll get in step with each other like never before.

6. Find your “zone of genius.”

We’re fans of Gay Hendricks’ book The Big Leap, which talks about finding your zone of genius—that thing you do effortlessly and magically. Gemini rules books and brilliant ideas, so treat yourself to this awesome read. If you already KNOW your zone of genius, commit to doing one thing that expresses it.

7. Upgrade your technology (in an earth-friendly way).

Gemini rules gadgets and new media—all forms of communication devices. Are you eligible for a phone upgrade? Is your printer so ancient it’s practically fossilizing with each page it ekes out? Just be mindful of your carbon footprint: You can donate old cell phones in drop-off bins and take outworn computers, printers and appliances to special recycling areas that will dispose of them without wreaking further havoc on the planet. Tip your hat to Gemini’s communal spirit, too: your “ancient” (read: two-year-old) desktop PC could make an amazing donation to a youth center or a women’s shelter.

8. Go on a tech diet starting with the 2020 Gemini new moon.

On the other hand, if you’re addicted to texting, answering every call, and staring at your smartphone instead of engaging with people (guilty as Insta-charged), we challenge you to a two-week technology diet. Take one hour a day minimum to go gadget-free and connect with another real, live human being! Every moment of life doesn’t have to be captured in pixels or posted for public consumption.


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