Your 2021 Valentine’s Day Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, February 14, and your 2021 Valentine’s Day horoscope comes with more caveats than Cupid has arrows.

By The AstroTwins

On Valentine’s Day, love planet Venus and maximizer Jupiter are smashing with signal-jamming Mercury retrograde as the three planets make exact connections in the Aquarius region of the sky. This makes Valentine Day 2021 a bit of a cosmic connundrum—and not just because we’re all wearing masks and keeping our distance from each other.

We’re not saying Aquarian energy is unromantic, but its wooing begins through the mental connection. This heady, intellectual energy is more dispassionate than passionate, allowing us to pull back and be objective. But with backspinning Mercury in the mix—and the Sun and boundary-hound Saturn joining this quintet in Aquarius to boot—we may struggle to find that warm-fuzzy feeling this holiday portends.

With Mercury retrograde, these awkward moments can turn into agitated ones. Consider yourself fair warned: If you want to enjoy Saint Valentine this year, keep plans chill—or better yet, reschedule them for one week later when the Sun is in poetic Pisces and Mercury’s back in direct motion (on February 20)!

Your 2021 Valentine’s Day horoscope by zodiac sign

Note: Since Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday, your 2021 Valentine’s Day horoscope includes your zodiac sign’s forecast for the whole weekend.


With amorous Venus pouring energy into your quirky eleventh house, you can pull together an eccentrically enchanting celebration like a rabbit from a hat. How about a trip to “Wonderland,” Aries? Black lights, a tea party in bed, Alice’s famous “Eat Me” cake and a trippy playlist set the stage.

Costumes are always fun, but if you’re hoping for a romantic V-Day, opt out of anything too complex to wriggle out of. Make sure to communicate clearly about the plan—or any other subject that’s on the table. When Mercury retrograde buzzes Venus on Saturday, a perfectly cooperative playmate(s) could go Queen of Hearts on you, or vice versa.


With Venus cooling her red soles in your tenth house of prestige, Cupid’s flying you first-class this year. So maybe there aren’t any high-profile events to attend, but you can still bring a power couple fantasy to life this weekend. If it’s not too late, you could reserve a heated outdoor table for a dressy dinner with wine pairings—or pick up the meal and eat it by candlelight at home. (Upside: The wine will be cheaper!) But don’t make the mistake of bringing heavy talks about “the future” to the table. Mercury retrograde is sidling up to Venus, creating friction in communication. No one likes feeling pressured or being barraged with questions, Bull, so if you catch yourself playing interrogator (or even “cleverly” pressing), we recommend switching to a lighter topic, stat.


Lucky is the Gemini who snagged a sparkling clean vacation rental from a superhost for V-Day weekend. With amorous Venus shimmying through your ninth house of travel, a getaway with the Galentines or your sexy plus-one would be an ideal choice. But who says you can’t use your imagination to create that vibe at home? Switch up the furniture configuration and work some decor magic for an evening in Paris or Montego Bay. Listen to people’s words and requests, even while you’re captivated by the scenery (or the scene you created). Your ruler, Mercury, who’s been retrograde since January 30, makes an unceremonious connection to Venus on Saturday. If you don’t want this to be the buzzkill of the weekend, be present to the needs of others—and if you don’t know what those are, ask!


How much intensity is “too hot to handle?” You could be tempted to test the limits this Valentine’s weekend as flirty Mercury forms a coalition with Venus in your sultry eighth house. The only plot twist? Mercury happens to be retrograde, which can make it harder than usual to read unspoken cues. Seduction is an art form—and this weekend, you could become a virtuoso with very little practice. But guessing games are a no-go. Gently asking, in a teasing, sultry voice? Now we’re getting somewhere! Don’t be surprised if some unfinished business arises to be dealt with. Before you can get in the mood, you might need to have a heart-to-heart about bae’s neglectful behavior last week or a comment that rubbed you the wrong way. Speak your truth, just try not to belabor the issue!


Relationships are like a fine wine—yadda yadda. But you know that it’s true, Leo, so this V-Day weekend, swill, sip and enjoy a single pour instead of chugging the whole bottle at once. Messenger Mercury joins up with sweet-talking Venus in Aquarius and your partnership zone/seventh house, elevating your charm past legal limits. But there’s a catch! With Mercury in a signal-jamming retrograde, this rosy alignment still flashes a yellow light. While you want to be an open book, you don’t have to give people the CliffsNotes to your entire story. If people are meant to be in your life, what’s the rush? Enchant and entice, but don’t rush to reveal all your sexy secrets and scars. Pacing the proceedings will only make them want you more!


When you care to tune in, noticing every detail is one of your sign’s superpowers. Seductive Venus will be canoodling your ruler, sassy Mercury, in your observant sixth house this Valentine’s weekend. Which means all that personal data you have stored up is the very stuff that will make your celebrations so special. Yes, Mercury is retrograde, but play that to your advantage. Put together a nostalgic playlist or a hilarious photo album of favorite moments, and pepper the weekend with inside jokes from your past. Whether a Valentine, your Galentines or a new crush, demonstrating that “I see you” is almost better than saying “I love you.”


Don’t even bother trying to play it cool this Valentine’s weekend, Libra. With effusive Mercury and romantic Venus meeting up in your passionate fifth house, you can be over-the-top glamorous, decadent, spoiled, whatever! Yes, Cupid is demanding creativity this year, but you’re up for the task or romancing from home, under the stars or in a heated outdoor booth. One plot twist? Mercury is retrograde, which could throw a wrench or two into your plans. With that in mind, you MIGHT want to dial down some of the complexity of your naughty ideas. Do you really need eight courses…or a corset? Watch for drama with exes or even current baes. One under-the-breath comment could blow up the whole weekend!


Pillow fort for two? With Venus nestled in your homey fourth house—and meeting up with Mercury retrograde—a sexy meet-cute COULD go down on the living room floor for you, Scorpio. Think: cozy nostalgia. Set up a watchlist of classic romance flicks and a playlist of songs that hold special meaning that you can listen to while making a favorite dish from back in the day. (If you wind up sharing nachos in a pile of fleece while watching “The Notebook,” remember that there will be no one around to judge!) One thing NOT to do? Start bringing up past grievances, especially if you already forgave each other. It will be tempting to go there, but with Mercury in reverse, this could take you on a downward spiral that ruins your entire weekend…if not more!


With seductive Venus in your friendly third house, you’re feeling more playful than passionate this Valentine’s weekend. But while you’re teasing each other, stay away from any jokes that pack a bit too much truth. As vocal Mercury melds with vivacious Venus, you’ll get a lot further with people when you speak to them sweetly—and maybe a bit seductively. It’s not JUST because Saint Valentine said so. Mercury is retrograde and one careless comment could blow up any plans you have to celebrate. Have you been squabbling with someone you adore? Give peace a chance! This heavenly hookup can help you harmonize your needs. It might turn out that you’re both asking for the same thing but have been coming at it from different directions. Take time to listen, even if you’re revisiting an old conversation. You might actually hear their storyline differently this time around.


It’s up to you to determine what is valuable and what you can live without, Capricorn, but your fashion-forward sign does go weak in the knees for beautiful things—relegating common sense and budgetary concerns to the backseat. If you’ve asked Saint Valentine to bring you diamonds, we can’t blame you. And as planetary parser Mercury mashes up with aesthetic Venus in your luxurious second house, you may be compelled to treat yourself without reserve. But get real: What is a “want” and what is a “need”? Mercury is retrograde until February 20, cautioning against unchecked indulging. On the plus side, you may give someone a second look who you wrote off too quickly—or find yourself awash in a flood of appreciation for someone’s enduring (and priceless) devotion.


Your powers of persuasion are off the charts this Valentine’s weekend since lucky Aquarius is hosting enchanting Venus for this year’s celebration. Flirty Mercury is traveling right alongside Venus in Aquarius this weekend too. With these planets mingling on your first house turf, you’re in a prime position to ask for what you desire—and get a yes! But you don’t have to go for the direct hit—in fact, with Mercury retrograde until February 20, you need to be savvy. A little cheekiness and charm will just make your offer more enticing. If you’re in need of a “branding” update, your aesthetic compass could lead you to a bygone era for inspiration. Old Hollywood, ‘60s mod: W whatever appeals, you might even tap this for dress-up inspiration on V-Day.


Your love for poetry, fantasy and being swept away won’t sound remotely crazy this Valentine’s weekend. If anything, feel free to pump up the volume a little since seductive Venus and sweet-talking Mercury are meeting up in Aquarius and your boundless twelfth house. But no, we did not say crank it to full volume. Mercury IS retrograde, which means anything more than slight elevation could come across as way too much. Someone who’s always felt like a meant-to-be mate could profess deeper feelings, or you could wax nostalgic and call up an old flame for some sweet reminiscing. Attached? Pull out all the stops—but not without a budget! That unforgettable night might be worth every penny to you, but try telling that to your landlord when rent is due.

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