The 2022 Capricorn Full Supermoon Is an Actionable Wake-Up Call

Calling all leaders—yes, we’re talking to you. The 2022 Capricorn full supermoon arrives on Wednesday, July 13, inviting us to step up and regain command in the face of uncertainty.

That wakeup call you hear? It’s the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon, summoning us to action beginning July 13, 2022 (at 2:37PM EDT). 

A supermoon is a full moon that appears larger and brighter than the typical full moon. What makes it “super” is based on the distance between the moon and the earth. And in this case, the moon is at its closest proximity to the earth along its elliptical orbit. You can read about supermoons (and all moon phases) in our Moon section

Symbolized by the persistent and steady Sea Goat, Capricorn governs your long-term goals and lends structure to your ambitions. When a Capricorn full supermoon shines its inspector’s high beams on your life, the result can be a humbling experience.

It can also be an illuminating experience! Once you see where you cut corners or skipped steps, you’ll know exactly what to do to put the integrity back into your mission. If you got distracted from an important goal over the past few months, the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon snaps you back to attention. Pick up the ball and run with it, remembering that it’s never too late to start again.

The 2022 Capricorn full super moon is also a Buck Moon

The full moon in July is called the Buck Moon, according to Farmer’s Almanac. Each year in July, the male deer (buck) begin to regrow their antlers. This month’s lunation is also called the Thunder Moon.

The 2022 Capricorn full supermoon is the manifestation of the Capricorn NEW moon, (also a supermoon) which took place on January 2, 2022. As the fruits of your labor ripen into form, take a moment to celebrate your crop. Then, plot out what seeds to plant next.

What does the supermoon in Capricorn mean?

6 ways to activate your ambitions at the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon

1. Take your dreams to the drawing board

Check in: Are your goals manifesting in a way that brings you joy? Or could they use a full-on course correction? Maybe a peak has turned into a valley or a distracting detour; perhaps you just reached the finish line and are not sure where to turn next. Pause to plug in new GPS coordinates and get yourself back on track. 

Remember: Strong structures begin with a blueprint. If you haven’t mapped out your vision, this lunar lift sends you back to your creative drawing board. Start by identifying milestones to mark your progress. What would the halfway point look like, phase one, or the beta test? This single-focused full moon might inspire you to do LESS, but to give your all to one important benchmark that you want to accomplish by the end of 2022.

After you have the desired endpoint in your crosshairs, sketch out a list of actionable items. If you’re serious about developing a venture, you’ll probably need support, especially in moments when you hit a roadblock. Tap a wise and experienced person to formally show you the way. One session with a consultant might be all that’s needed to get a stuck mission in motion. 

2. Rework your schedule at the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, AKA Kronos, the god of time, which gives you a prime opportunity to examine your relationship to things like schedules and deadlines. Start by opening up your calendar and taking a hard look. If you’re cramming an unreasonable number of calls and appointments into a tiny bit of whitespace, you’re likely dooming yourself to failure. Capricorn (and Saturn) are nothing if not realistic. Perhaps you need to dial back on a few obligations so you can focus on ones that don’t just move the needle but feel meaningful as well.  

If you’ve been winging it, you’re also on a slippery slope. Under the pragmatic beams of the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon, start plugging commitments back into your daily grid. Set reminder alarms so you don’t have to rely on memory, which takes up more psychic space than most of us realize. No more missed workouts or happy hour no-shows!

3. Address the systems, not just the symptoms 

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But sometimes the issue cuts deeper than that. To truly evoke change, you have to work beyond the surface or symptoms, transforming the system itself. As the Law of Attraction states, “The roots create the fruits.”

Capricorn is the zodiac sign that rules structures—including the government, corporations and the economy. Authority figures of all stripes fall under the Sea Goat’s domain. With issues like gun law reform and abortion access throwing the United States into turmoil, the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon seems perfectly poised to help us assess leadership structures, voting rights and systematic methods for actually making a difference. 

As the zodiac’s persistent Goat teaches us, be tenacious! Research laws and policies, address city council, set up an appointment with the HR director. Following protocol can be frustrating, but it’s part of the slow and steady methodology that a Capricorn-fueled victory requires. Persist!

4. Ground yourself with structure

Yeah, it may sound like the boring stuff, but remember, without structure, there really can’t be any creativity or freedom for the long haul. It’s one of those universal paradoxes: Without teeth-gritting discipline, the pyramids would never have been built. The Grammy-nominated album would never drop. The best-selling manuscript would languish half-finished because you couldn’t figure out how to resolve a plot contradiction.

Those moments when you feel stuck or need to break things down into action steps to get through an impasse? That’s when Capricorn’s systematic flow makes all the difference. Open up your calendar app and plug in tasks for the next week, or month. Bite sized is still the right size if it gets you one step closer to your goal every day.

5. Let your resistance guide you

This brings us to the next piece of your 2022 Capricorn full supermoon transformation work. Ask yourself: “What am I resisting?” Be brave, and brutally honest here. Capricorn is a stubborn Goat, after all! It’s the flip side of being tenacious and loyal—you’ve gotta be able to dig your heels in and stick to a position—which is fine up to a point.

There comes a juncture where we become our own worst enemies, and stictuitiveness turns into self-sabotage. But instead of seeing resistance as “bad,” let’s view it as energy and acknowledge it. There’s probably some innate wisdom underneath the surface. As human beings, we are a species trying to survive, stay safe and avoid pain. So what’s the embedded emotion hiding behind your refusal to embrace what’s right for you—or to take that next brave step?

Many times, it’s just fear. When we’re scared, we go into a self-protective fight-or-flight mode. Ask yourself: What am I protecting myself from by not taking action? How can I help myself feel safe and get back into action?

6. Start again at the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon

So you stopped doing cardio every morning. You were overwhelmed by the state of the world. Hung over. You meant to and swore you’d stream a class tomorrow. You didn’t. A week passed. Then why bother? It was too late, right? Well, the 2022 Capricorn full supermoon doesn’t think so. It says, forgive yourself—and set a new goal. Begin again, right where you left off. Or, go back two spaces on the metaphorical Monopoly board if you must.

Capricorn energy is also about taking careful steps up the rocky trail. If you focus on the top of the mountain it seems daunting. But if you just take the first step, and the one after that, soon enough, you’ll look up and you’re halfway to the summit. 

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