2022 Horoscope for Virgo

By The AstroTwins

Relationships were a big 2021 theme, and that trend only gets stronger in 2022. Lucky Jupiter, the planet of growth and new adventures, will pivot between Pisces, ruler of your committed partnership zone, and Aries, galactic guardian of your intimacy zone. Until May 10, Virgos can take decisive steps to make an alliance official, whether that’s inking a business deal, getting engaged or buying a home with a longtime S.O. From May 10 to October 28, while Jupiter visits Aries and your merging-minded eighth house, long-term wealth and permanent bonding are on your mind.

You may crave more privacy and could also attract a lucrative opportunity to invest in an asset. Explore the options, from the cryptocurrency market to real estate. Meantime, Virgos who are writers, teachers or students will thrive under the new eclipse and Lunar Node series on your communication axis. Travel, relocation (whether long-distance or to a neighborhood) and a fresh social circle could also be on the horizon. Bottom line: This is a year to work smarter, not harder—a huge relief after 2021’s industrious demands. Give every area of your life a stress check. If you’re struggling, you’re doing too much alone. Carpe diem and make it a double!

We’ve got you covered with your AstroTwins 2022 horoscope for Virgo for love, career & money, wellness, and friends & family. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope book!


Relationships get a major boost in 2022, thanks to lucky Jupiter’s tour through Pisces and Aries—the signs ruling your 7th and 8th houses of committed partnership. Throw some of that Virgo caution to the wind and take a chance on romance. You could meet your match while traveling or by exploring a new zip code on your dating app. Cross- cultural connections could bring the missing spark this year.

Coupled Virgos: don’t be afraid to explore independent interests. A healthy dose of autonomy keeps the spark alive. Plan to take at least one bucket-list vacation together before the year is through. Clear the air—or the decks—while Venus is retrograde until January 29. If you’re not on the same page about kids, life paths or another must-have, go your separate ways. Bonds deepen quickly while Jupiter is in Aries from May 10 to October 28—prime time for joining lives and making vows.

Career & Money

Keep on grinding, Virgo—your payoff is in sight! Taskmaster Saturn is hustling through Aquarius for its final full year. After putting you through paces since March 21, 2020, you can finally systematize, document your process and automate a few laborious tasks that you seem to repeat over and over. (Virgo heaven!) Embrace new partnerships wherever possible, as bountiful Jupiter brings favor and fortune to your collaborative efforts all year.

With the lunar South Node in Scorpio and your cooperative third house after January 18, you and a kindred spirit could rake in the profits as a dynamic duo. Stability is exciting once go-getter Mars buzzes into your security zone from August 20, 2022, to March 25, 2023. Pour energy into building your nest egg: purchase real estate, funnel savings into a retirement portfolio, trim expenses. Make sure you have a cushion in place before Mars turns retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023.


Scheduling is the key to sanity this year! In addition to work duties and a regular fitness regimen, block out time to rest and digest. With Saturn in your sixth house (AKA the Virgo house), your parasympathetic nervous system could use a break. The good news is, you can activate its calming powers with your sign’s favorite pastimes: meditation, yoga, massage, walks in nature, deep breathing, spending time with kids and pets. Dial down the inflammation- producing foods like wheat and dairy and scale back the stimulants like coffee and sugar. Gut health is always key to strong immunity and this year, you may need to add more microbiomes to your diet—especially when agitating Mars hits your nutrition zone for six months on August 20.

Friends & Family

Spring free from that cocoon, Virgo butterfly! Your social life is set to soar as the lunar South Node anchors in Scorpio and your third house of friendship from January 18, 2022, until July 17, 2023. Forget random encounters though! This 18-month cycle is like a soul-squad reunion tour, reconnecting you to kindred spirits who you’ve clearly known in past lives. Get involved in your local scene: you could leave an indelible mark on your community! But don’t get stuck in one place. The lunar North Node in Taurus spins your compass in a worldly direction. Connect with far-flung friends via social media and maybe an epic travel plan. Friction and home may intensify under Mars’ watch after August 20—a prompt to change your living situation or learn healthier means of conflict resolution.

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