7 Rock Solid Ways to Harness the Energy of the 2022 Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse

The 2022 Taurus new moon arrives on Saturday, April 30 (at 4:27 PM EDT) as a groundbreaking solar eclipse. Get ready to feel the earth move under your feet!

by The AstroTwins

How firm is your foundation? Every year, the new moon in Taurus gets our feet back on solid ground. Since the 2022 Taurus new moon is also an eclipse, this adjustment is more important than ever.

Eclipses are known for shaking things up that need to be stabilized. You might feel a bit off balance near April 30, so do what you can to steady yourself. Eat nourishing foods, scale back stressful activities, spend time with supportive people. (For more help getting rooted, check out our Taurus season earth element meditation for grounding.)

The 2022 Taurus new moon whips our lives into shape

Pragmatic and efficient, the 2022 Taurus new moon whips our lives into shape. Are we nourishing ourselves (and boosting our immune systems) with fresh, healthy food? Managing our time accordingly so we aren’t total stress cases? Doing our work with integrity so we can enjoy the luscious results we create?

There’s another “green” that this new moon is concerned with, since budgeting falls under Taurus’ domain and it is Taurus season. There’s no time like the present to get a handle on cashflow to ensure that we don’t burn every penny we earn.

Just as the springtime buds are bursting into flowers and leaves, the 2022 Taurus new moon also invites us into nature’s al fresco temple. The first of the earth signs, Taurus is all about creating the fertile soil to plant our seeds in—both literally and metaphorically.

Seven ways to harness the sensual and (ultimately) steadying energy of the 2022 Taurus new moon and solar eclipse

1. Make a “micro-resolution”

Taurus is a creature of habit. While this can make us wonderfully persistent, it can also reveal where we’re stuck in a rut. According to the book, Small Move, Big Change, making “micro-resolutions”—instead of sweeping promises that quickly lose steam—can actually create lasting shifts.

For example, rather than vow to get into killer shape for summer, create the micro-resolution of packing your sneakers in your bag, or walking around the block after dinner every evening. The seismic shift is caused by making one small effort, then building on that, which creates a snowball effect in the long run.

2. Flex your green thumb

While the gleaming produce displays at Whole Foods are undeniable eye candy, most of us have little clue what it took to harvest those luscious and edible jewels. And while it’s great to buy organic, some of us may be far removed from the idea of sticking our hands in the pesticide-free soil, planting heirloom seeds, watering the crop, and nurturing it to full harvest.

This earthy 2022 Taurus new moon sends an honorable nod to the food producers of the world. It encourages us to “get our farmer on” in some small way. While some of us may have sun-drenched acres at our disposal, others may only have small windowsills and a grow light to work with. Plant what you can, be it a giant bed of Swiss chard or a pot of rosemary. We love the book, The Dirt Cure by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein for ideas on connecting with the source of your food.

Growing food is an offering of gratitude to Mother Earth for filling our plates each day. Planting in her soil is an act of abundance—no matter if your efforts yield a bumper crop or a few misshapen (but delicious) sprouts. Check out our Plantstrology guide for indoor and outdoor plant tips tailored to your zodiac sign!

According to The Hunger Project, 60% of the world’s hungry are women and girls. And with the global pandemic still waging on alongside the effects of climate change, even more people will be scarce on food this year. If you have the means, consider making a donation to an organization like Feeding America that distributes 4.3 billion meals to food banks each year.

3. Give your throat chakra a tune-up at the 2022 Taurus new moon

Taurus rules the throat and this new moon helps us free our voices. It’s time to open up our throat chakras, whether by courageously speaking up, singing and even filming a livestream. A balanced throat chakra allows us to clearly express our truths and live from a place of free will and creativity. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

Chanting—which involves repeating a phrase or mantra with conscious breathwork—is both soothing and energizing; it can boost immunity and reduce anxiety and depression. Many yoga and meditation studios offer online (and live) sessions. Grab your mat, get into the lotus position and open up that passageway with some “om namah shivayas.” Humming can also create a meditative and soothing vibration that energizes the body. You might check out a sound healing download, as specific tones are believed to heal and help forward intentions.

P.S. Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra. If you want to work with crystals and gemstones to activate or heal yours, try these: sodalite, kyanite, moonstone, aquamarine, turquoise or sapphire.

4. Belt out a ballad!

If you’re not the “woo” type, here’s a more earthbound prescription: set up a home karaoke system or go for a private drive in your car to belt out some songs. As you breathe deeply, preparing to unleash your favorite power ballad. You’re giving your lungs a workout and freeing up that throat chakra, producing many of the same results as chanting. Who cares if you can’t keep a tune? You might actually learn to with some practice.

5. Use your voice for a cause

Whether it’s in protest or a rallying cry, the power of your words can help heal the world. Taurus also rules finances AND our personal values. So put your money where your morals are, perhaps by donating to a cause. The 2022 Taurus new moon reminds us: Don’t underestimate your own influence. As anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of caring, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

6. Invest in practical luxury

Ruled by sensual, decadent Venus, Taurus also loves life’s finer things. Bespoke and handmade goods have a special quality to them. You might invest in something unique near this new moon. The craftsmanship that goes into their creation is human potential at its finest—the living result of some divinely inspired mastermind at work.

Owning a piece of Taurus-ruled natural luxury brings a rich and special dimension to our lives. For those on a tighter budget, this could be something as small as trying a recipe using one high-end ingredient like truffle oil or saffron. For others, it could mean investing in a signature piece, like an artfully crafted handbag or an incredible kitchen tool. Remember: Taurus is all about practicality. This purchase must be something that will be treasured but also used on a regular basis, bringing a bonus hit of happiness every time you encounter it.

7. Embrace the little things at the 2022 Taurus new moon

Let’s face it—we all SAY we want stability, but we’ll chuck it for a bit of excitement, turning our lives upside-down. Earthy Taurus rules security, so at this new moon, look where you can bring magic to the mundane—and even boredom! Savor the touch and feel of fabric, the scent of someone’s skin, a gorgeous song (check out our Soundtrack for Taurus Season).

It’s up to us to keep life interesting, so find ways to relish in the little things—a Taurus specialty.

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