7 Universal Year: Your 2023 Numerology Horoscope

Get ready to dive inward during 2023, a 7 Universal Year with this special forecast.

The following is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2023 Horoscope book.

In Numerology, each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number, which holds a unique energetic influence and imprint. We all feel this energy, and it’s called the Universal Year.

During a Universal Year, everyone on the planet experiences the energy of its particular number, from January 1 to December 31.

2023 is a 7 Universal Year

Welcome 2023, a 7 Universal Year (2 + 0 + 2 +3 = 7).

The energy of the 7 is all about diving inward. Its focus is on spiritual and personal growth and evolution

We’re bridging from 2022’s nurturing, relationship-focused 6 Universal Year energy into a time of reflection and inner focus.

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What does a 7 Universal Year mean?

This is a vital year to take a collective pause as we prepare for a massive reset. 

The diffuse energy of 7 beckons us to go inward, quiet down, slow down, and sit with ourselves. To study, analyze, ask questions, and peel our personal “onions.” As we contemplate bigger questions, deep shadows rise to the surface—both collectively and individually. 

The 7 Universal Year is both spiritual and scientific. Along with tapping our intuition, there’s a drive to research, find and analyze the data and quantify knowledge and information. 

Financial gain, however, is not the core focus during a 7 Universal Year. No, we can’t just go along with “business as usual” or place a Band-Aid (or a tourniquet!) on our fractured economic systems. However, putting a focus on money above all else will bring a harder lesson or a “fail” in 2023.

Starting in 2024, we will enter a three-year “push” time of global transition and transformation. Next year is an 8 Universal Year, where money and power take a front seat. Before then, the 7 Universal Year readies us to make wise and spiritually mature decisions. 

How to make the most of the 7 Universal Year

Slow down. The energy of the 7 is slow, deep, soul-shifting, and needs time for gradual digestion and integration. Blazing forward “business as usual” is a recipe for some harder lessons to come into play. Think of 2023 as a sabbatical or a retreat. Like academics, we may take time away from our usual duties to study, research and work on a project that will ultimately pay off.

After giving so generously during 2022’s 6 Universal Year, we may enter 2023 feeling slightly fatigued and energetically spent. We may be less inclined to socialize or make sacrifices for loved ones. Take time for rest. Reconnect with the natural world and turn inward.

Is 7 a good year in Numerology?

It demands we ask the hard questions, dig deep — and be open to the answers. Have you been avoiding certain pain points and triggers? Brace yourself. They’re likely to arise during the 7 Universal Year, begging to be examined. The golden insights of a 7 Universal Year arise when we reflect on our inner workings—then revise and organize as needed. 

Despite the call to dive deeper, some of us may surf along superficially during a 7 Universal Year. We may adhere to narrow-minded dogma instead of opening our minds to expanded realms of potentiality. As we butt up against our own edges, feelings of victimization can be heightened. We may cling to outmoded structures that are holding us back from a more evolved existence.

As a global community, it’s obvious that we’re undergoing massive changes. We are in the midst of a breakdown, which hasn’t brought out the best in the human species. While infrastructures crumble (economic, environmental, health care, etc.), the choice appears to be this: Cling to old paradigms or open up to a reinvention of how our entire global community engages and operates. 

The 7 Universal Year significance on the world

During the Universal 7 Year, we are readying ourselves for a period of major transition.

In 2023, we must reevaluate our deepest wants, needs, and values—both individually and as a global community. We have to reflect on the ways we manage our resources and the long-term effect this has on the world at large. 

The 7 Universal Year accelerates scientific developments. In its skeptical moments, the 7 wants proof. This is a powerful year for discoveries that can be quantified and measured. Ideally, the 7 also brings a beautiful balance between intellect and spirit—the seen and the unseen. The power of the 7 is its ability to bridge the analytic left brain and the intuitive right brain. 

What a 7 Universal Year means for all of us

Take time for healing — whatever that means to you

Numerologist Dr. Juno Jordan suggests that the invitation from the number 7 is for us to develop the “right state of mind.” The 7 Universal Year is a Petri dish of opportunity to do some deep, soul-evolving healing. How can we resolve long-held grudges, wounds and affronts? How can we make amends? How can we forgive (without condoning egregious behavior) and move forward? As we heal ourselves individually it impacts the “whole” in a powerful way.

Go with the flow

The highest expression of the energy of the 7 is its uncanny sense of flow and serendipity. In 2023, we are called to surrender to the unknown and embrace that which is out of our control. Developing trust is a worthy challenge in a 7 Universal Year—trust in the Universe, trust in flow, trust in self. We will make missteps, but we are here to learn from them.

The 7 Universal Year supports us in taking a deep dive inward. In the process, we can take leaps in our spiritual growth and evolution—ones that will benefit humankind in the years ahead.


Felicia Bender

Felicia Bender, Ph.D. is The Practical Numerologist and author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You. You can get your numerological groove on at feliciabender.com.