7 Liberating Moves to Make at the Aquarius Full Moon

Calling all thought leaders! On August 15, 2019 at 8:29 AM EST, a full moon in Aquarius wakes up our inner disruptors. Get ready to dance like no one’s watching (while secretly hoping they are)! 

The Aquarius full moon brings rainbows and unicorns—but not just any garden variety. These rainbows are iridescent, changing colors and vibrations when viewed from different angles. These unicorns are wizards, propelling the world into a digital age with exponential speed. Now is the time to hatch billion-dollar dreams, preferably with a team of the brightest minds and happiest souls you know. 

If you haven’t yet found that collective, start your search! Then, over the next two weeks, find your people and plant yourself amongst them, whether that’s at an EDM show or a geeks and nerds meetup. This is matchmaking energy for kindred spirits, but don’t go scouting for your next soul mate. That whole idea can make one nervous under the universal love vibes of the Aquarius full moon. This lunar lift is about connecting with people who make you think, laugh and liberate yourself from the constraints of fitting in—your besties, the ones who get your inside jokes.


The Old Farmer’s Almanac dubbed August’s lunation the Full Sturgeon Moon, because it marked the time of year when these fish were most readily caught in The Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. Under the “come together” vibes of Aquarius full moon, you’ll happily swim with a school of kindred spirits (ideally in an upstream direction)—or find new schools of thought to explore.  

With focus and collaboration, you and your tribe have power greater than your numbers. You can achieve whatever you set your collective mind to—so dream big and think different. As Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. “

You say you want a revolution? In activist Aquarius, the full moon reminds us that there’s no time to waste on “trivial matters” like what size house you live in or how many Instagram likes your last post got. Not when the planet is having a climate crisis and humanitarian violations are happening daily. This full moon calls for progress and change, the kind that uplifts the underdogs of society. Make some wishes or intentions (see our guide to new/full moon rituals here) and get the movement underway.

Here are seven star-powered tips to liberate yourself.

1. Take a sharp turn off the beaten path.

You do you. And during this full moon, don’t be afraid to give a little attention to the “you” who allows curiosity tp lead you into edgier terrain. There’s nothing wrong—and in fact, there’s a lot right—with dancing in the wonder of your one weird life. Metaphysical Aquarius rules the higher mind, so do things to stoke the exploratory part of your intellect. Watch TED talks, then, sign up for a live workshop with a particularly inspiring thought leader. Or attend a convention! This is a chance to meet the other “aliens” who share your quirky hobbies. Single? How about dropping into a pheromone party, where romantic matches are made based on scent? Or wear your favorite green glitter beret with pride and sing in the streets? Tired of that chapeau? Set up a clothing swap with your sartorially savvy squad and give your wardrobes a colorful update.

2. Let it be.

What are you holding on to, and how is that holding you back? This chilled-out full moon wants to free your mind of the irrational inklings that hijack your emotional health. Buddhists define non-attachment as willingness to accept and face the reality that everything breaks or dies eventually. Everything is impermanent, even your emotional state. When you stop expecting life to be immutable, you’ll lose the need to control it—and you’ll be amazed at how smoothly things flow when you go fluid. Aquarius is the sign that governs electricity, which is represented by the waves of its zodiac glyph. Why not build up a powerful current of life force energy while releasing the charge of old “stuff”? Modalities like kundalini yoga and Qi Gong could be perfect to try under this lunar light.

3. Build your avatar.

Shudu, the world’s first avatar supermodel, was created with a few imperfections to make her seem more human. (Apparently even AI bots have flaws). What would your avatar be like? This moon governs all things science fiction, so it’s a great time to put on your inventor’s cap and take advantage of its brilliance to build your dream digital self. What are the unique elements that make you who you are, and what are the impediments you’re ready to let go? Will you make yourself perfect, or can you think of a few “flaws” that are actually be kind of fun? Creating your avatar will show you a lot about the analog you. Since this full moon is like Burning Man and Halloween rolled into one, you could host a costume party and have friends dress up as their virtual alter egos. 

4. Build your team.

The communal, convivial Aquarian full moon is an excellent time to gather your peeps and put your dream team to work (or play). Check out the new escape room in the neighborhood, join a Peloton group, mix up some mean mocktails and bring them around to everyone’s desk. There couldn’t be a better full moon for holding a strategy session under. Whatever your squad puts its hive mind and energy to is bound to yield spectacular results. The tech-savvy Aquarian energy calls inventors AND crowdfunders out of hiding. Maybe it’s time to set up that Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign. If your visionary idea has merit, people will clamor to get in on the ground floor. You could call this the kumbaya moon (it won’t care), and when it comes down to it, we could all use a little of that energy. In the immortal words of John Lennon, who had an Aquarius moon, you’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

5. Feast

This communal full moon was meant for feasting—but not on just any old fare. An Aquarian full moon calls for a magical meal that makes you smarter, faster and stronger, a menu made to meet your nutritional and metabolic needs. Aquarian banquets might include CBD-infused celtuce and sea vegetable kimchee washed down with kombucha, A2 milk, reishi lattes or maybe a little mescal. This would be the night to host a plant-based potluck where everyone shares a story about the dish they bring. Dig in!

6. Breathe

Aquarius is an air sign, so give your lungs a little love—which can be as easy as stopping for a moment to take five deep breaths, in for a count of four and out for a count of four. You’ll be amazed at the balance just that simple exercise—which you can do anytime, anywhere—can bring. And you can go a step further under the light of this full moon. Slip into a yoga class, give yourself a little steam therapy by breathing in hot vapors or brew up a pot of tea made from lung-friendly herbs such as osha root, astragulus, monk fruit and reishi. 

7. Go way out there.

Idealistic and intellectual, the Aquarius full moon is your portal to realms not yet imagined, faraway galaxies of mind and spirit. The gateway’s open wide right now, and you have permission to entertain your most bizarre notions and cutting-edge ideas. What are you curious about, secretly or otherwise? Whether it’s polyamory, singularity, augmented reality, betterness or psychedelic healing—or something so new it doesn’t yet have a name (and might not ever have one)—now is the time to explore the depths of concepts that could shape your future.

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