Planetary Aspect: Grand Cross

Grand Cross (or Grand Square): 4 Planets Square To Each Other

Breaking point! The rare and intense Grand Cross occurs when four planets align in stressful 90-degree angles (squares) with each other. Action can reach a deadlock during a Grand Cross, as four dueling agendas demand a seat at the table. This powerful celestial summit is like a U.N. meeting of nations. A Grand Cardinal Cross on April 23, 2013 stirred up major tension in the skies.

In a Grand Cross, all four planets involved share the same “quality”—either a cardinal, mutable or fixed sign. It involves both squares and oppositions, demanding balance, negotiation and a need to direct the powerful energy to work together instead of at cross-purposes.

Photo via Cinzia Meneghello

Photo via Cinzia Meneghello

A Grand Mutable Cross deals with change and communication. It calls for balance and dignity in the way we speak to each other, for fair media representation and for change that takes everyone’s needs into consideration.

A Grand Cardinal Cross deals with power abuses and leadership. It calls upon us to bring balance and justice to those who govern and rule, and to be more humane in our own positions of authority.

A Grand Fixed Cross deals with security, resources and self-worth. It calls for the fair distribution of money and assets, and for hard work to replace a victim mentality.

People born with a Grand Cross in their birth charts may find themselves constantly pulled in dueling directions, with spectacular successes and equally stunning failures. Famous people born with a Grand Cross include Steve Jobs and Jennifer Lawrence. Jobs was fired by Apple in 1985, only to be rehired in 1996, revolutionizing our lives with smartphones, iPads and Apple computers. Jennifer Lawrence won an Academy Award, only to trip over her own gown while coming onstage to accept her Oscar statue. River Phoenix, a stunning child star from an eccentric but close family, also had a Grand Cross in his chart (he died of a tragic drug overdoes).

Which signs form a Grand Cross with each other?

Cardinal: Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn
Fixed: Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius

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