Planetary Aspects In Astrology

In astrology, the distance between any two planets and zodiac signs is called an aspect. Will you go through a challenging cycle or can you cruise down Easy Street? To find out, astrologers track the constant movement of the planets, and how each planet interacts with the others.

by The AstroTwins

Here’s a metaphor: The planets are like actors in the movie of your life, trying on different roles and costumes as they move through the zodiac signs. Often, these actors will have a “scene” together. Will it be a shoot-’em-up action plot, a romantic tearjerker or a “bromantic” comedy? That depends on the TYPE of aspect these two (or more) planets are forming.

Aspects are measured by mathematical angles—but we’ll skip the geometry lesson for now and introduce you to them all. There are seven major aspects that astrologers look at—and we reference them all the time in our daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.

In astrology, there are “soft” (or easy) aspects (conjunct, sextile, trine) and “hard” aspects (semisextile, square, quincunx, opposite).

The Seven Major Aspects:

Conjunct (same sign)
Semisextile (1 sign apart)
Sextile (2 signs apart)
Square (3 signs apart)
Trine (4 signs apart)
Quincunx (5 signs apart)
Opposite (6 signs apart)

Multi-Planet Aspects (when 3 or more planets align):

T-Square (3 planets at war)
Grand Cross/Grand Square (4 planets at war)
Grand Trine (3 planets in sweet, sweet harmony)
Yod (Finger of Fate – sextile-quincunx-sextile)

Aspects & Your Relationships

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How do aspects work in real-time?

For example, if love-planet Venus and communication-planet Mercury are forming a soft (or easy) aspect with each other, they might blend their powers, helping you have a productive conversation with your love interest or open up about an attraction. But if Venus and Mercury are forming a hard (or difficult) aspect, lovers can argue or struggle to understand each other.

Another example: If structured and disciplined Saturn forms a soft/easy aspect to ambitious Mars, you could channel your energy into signing a contract, sealing a deal or making one of your big dreams into a tangible reality. But if Saturn and Mars form a hard aspect, you could come across as pushy, egotistical and impatient—perhaps trying to force an outcome before tis time.

Click through the links above to learn how aspects work. They are the secret to predictive astrology and an amazingly helpful tool!