Semisextile: Planetary Aspect in Astrology

What is semisextile?

When two planets are semisextile, they are one sign (30 degrees) apart. The proximity can be uncomfortable, since these planets have no traits in common. It’s like building a tasteful mansion with an English garden next door to someone who decorates with astroturf and plastic flamingos in their lawn (not that there’s anything wrong with that—ha!).

Semisextile facts

Semisextile: One sign apart
30 degrees apart
Energy: Friction

Here’s a cosmic example: In a semisextile situation, one planet could be in Scorpio, while the other is in Sagittarius. Scorpio is a feminine and fixed water sign—emotional, introverted and seeking stability. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign—extroverted and seeking constant change. The vastly divergent energy is an uncomfortable reality that you have to live with, at least, for as long as these two planets linger in a semisextile to each other.

What does semisextile mean?

Have you ever been at a party where you stood next to a “close talker”—perhaps with garlic breath or a beer stench coming out of their pores? You inch away but the person keeps invading your space, and you have to constantly reassert and negotiate the boundaries of your vastly different comfort zones. That’s kind of the awkward dance of a semisextile. Or maybe one of you is a “hugger” while the other prefers a handshake.

Other planetary aspects in astrology

Sextile: 2 signs apart

Square: 3 signs apart

Trine: 4 signs apart

Quincunx: 5 signs apart

Opposite: 6 signs apart

Conjunct: 2 planets in the same sign


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