Sextile: Planetary Aspect in Astrology

What is a sextile?

In a sextile, two planets are either in “yin” (earth or water) or “yang” (fire or air) signs.

When two planets are sextile, they are in a highly compatible position. Sextiles are not extremely strong aspects, but they bring happy vibes, friendly interactions and general good cheer.

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Sextile facts

Sextile: Two signs apart
60 degrees apart
Energy: Ease, cooperation, flow

For example, love planet Venus might be in Aries (an independent fire sign), forming a sextile with change-maker Uranus in Gemini (a free-floating air sign). Couples could make positive shifts in their relationship today, giving each other a bit more breathing room. Single people might take a little risk, talking to an intriguing stranger or contacting someone online. It may not bring staggering results, but it will be fun and low-risk. The odds—and the gods—are smiling on you during a sextile!

What is the meaning of a sextile?

Their energy is compatible and not in conflict. As a result, it’s easy to resolve conflict, make changes or talk about difficult topics during a sextile, as people will be laid-back and less prone to taking things personally. This is not necessarily a day to do hard work—but if you have to, you’ll do it with pleasure, perhaps playing music, invoking a spirit of camaraderie or treating yourself to a fun Happy Hour afterward.

A sextile in your birth chart

If two planets in your birth chart are sextile, this indicates a part of your life that might be easy or generally low-stress. When three or more planets are sextile, it is a rare event called a Grand Sextile (there was an amazing one in July 2013!).

Which signs are sextile to each other?

Aries: Gemini, Aquarius
Taurus: Cancer, Pisces
Gemini: Leo, Aries
Cancer: Virgo, Taurus
Leo: Libra, Gemini
Virgo: Scorpio, Cancer
Libra: Sagittarius, Leo
Scorpio: Capricorn, Virgo
Sagittarius: Aquarius, Libra
Capricorn: Pisces, Scorpio
Aquarius: Aries, Sagittarius
Pisces: Taurus, Capricorn

Other planetary aspects in astrology

Semisextile: 1 sign apart

Square: 3 signs apart

Trine: 4 signs apart

Quincunx: 5 signs apart

Opposite: 6 signs apart

Conjunct: 2 planets in the same sign


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