Planetary Aspect: Grand Trine

Breakthrough! The rare and flowing Grand Trine occurs when three planets align in a perfect equilateral triangle, making 120-degree angles (trines) to each other.

What is a Grand Trine aspect?

In a Grand Trine, all three planets involved share the same element—either fire, earth, air or water. These moments of harmony can spark major artistic inventions, progress around world peace and massive communication openings. These are golden moments to break down barriers and lift everyone up to new heights of happiness and unity.

What does it mean if you have a Grand Trine in your birth chart?

People born with a Grand Trine in their birth charts are often naturally lucky. Huge successes come easily to them—often to their own bewilderment, because it happens with little effort. They are charismatic and often become public figures and spokespeople, as they have an easy and natural magnetism about them. They can be phenomenal artists and creatives.

However, Grand Trine people can find themselves unprepared when the going gets tough, as they may not develop the necessary character and skills to pull off their magic tricks during lean times. Luckily, they land on their feet soon enough, as opportunity has a way of finding them wherever they go.

Interestingly, some of the world’s most phenomenal and heart-stirring singers were born with Grand Trines in their charts (see this list)—Etta James, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Whitney Houston, John Lennon and Billy Joel to name a few. Actors Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon also have this aspect in their natal charts.

Because of the pure energy of a Grand Trine, these people can connect to soul-stirring depths without distraction. They can also be reckless if they take their talents for granted. Grand Trine people do need to work on humility at times, though, as their megastar status can make them forget that others don’t share their effortless privilege.

Which signs form a Grand Trine with each other?

Fire: AriesLeoSagittarius
Earth: TaurusVirgoCapricorn
Air: GeminiLibraAquarius
Water: CancerScorpioPisces

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