Astrology of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles: What Was Happening in the Stars the Day the Queen Died?

What zodiac signs are Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles (now King Charles)?

Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8, 2022, at age 96, is a Taurus with Capricorn rising and Leo moon. Nicknamed “Steadfast” by Douglas Hurd, the queen’s biographer, it’s no surprise her astrological chart houses tenacious earth signs.

Her son, Prince Charles, is Britain’s new king (kingly name pending!). He is a Scorpio with Leo rising and Taurus moon, sharing similar zodiac signs in his “big 3” with his queen mum.

What was happening in the stars the day of the Queen’s death?

On September 8, 2022, between 4 and 4:30PM GMT, the Sun was in traditional Virgo in the 8th house while the moon was in Aquarius, the sign of community and the Ascendant was in Capricorn, the sign of public leadership. The lunar North and South Node were in Taurus and Scorpio, the Sun signs of Elizabeth and Charles, respectively.

The planets were also forming important angles (aspects) to the planets in Elizabeth and Charles’ natal charts:

  • Double rainbows! A pair of rainbows appeared outside Buckingham Palace the night before the queen’s death. Fitting indeed, since Saturn the timekeeper was at 20º Aquarius, the magical sign of rainbows and unicorns, as we like to say. Moreover, Saturn was exactly conjunct the Queen’s 20º Mars in Aquarius and 22º Jupiter in Aquarius. (A ROYGBIV for each planet?) The timing of her soul’s departure leaves a powerful mark on the world in a year where stable, noble leadership is in such demand.
  • Saturn in Aquarius was in a change-provoking square to Charles 22º Scorpio Sun, heralding his move to a public role with greater responsibility.
  • Saturn was also squaring Elizabeth’s natal Saturn of 24º Scorpio, indicating a challenging moment of maturation—in this case, the end of her life.
  • The moon, also in Aquarius, represents the mother in the chart and was squaring Charles’ Scorpio Sun. This reveals an identity shift based on the mother, one that comes with potential pain.
  • Charles, who was born with a Taurus North Node, is in his 18-month “North Node return,” this year, as the North Node has been in Taurus since January 18, 2022. This indicates that 2022 would be a year where he moves to the next phase of his destiny.
King Charles’s birth chart

What does astrology say about Queen Elizabeth’s reign?

As a Capricorn rising, Queen Elizabeth’s chart ruler is Saturn, the most steadfast planet of them all! Saturn is the cosmic timekeeper, guarding over history and karma. Through her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth the II was the longest-serving monarch in the in British history. That is Saturn’s endurance at its finest!

Saturn governs the legacies we leave behind and our lifetime achievements—and the late Queen’s Capricorn rising (and karmic South Node in Capricorn) are proof positive of this sign’s powers.

Queen Elizabeth II’s birth chart

Queen Elizabeth’s Saturn resume

In 1952, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor became the queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. During her long reign, she has seen her country through some of its most turbulent times. Here are some of her greatest achievements:

  • Elizabeth became queen at a time when Britain was still recovering from the devastation of World War II. Under her leadership, the country slowly began to rebuild itself and regain its place on the world stage. With her natal Saturn in transformational Scorpio (in her global ninth house), she was born to help people find hope through their darkest hours.
  • The queen has also been a key figure in the advancement of women’s rights—a signature of her Jupiter and Mars in humanitarian Aquarius and her trailblazing first house. In 2017, she became the first female head of state to attend a cabinet meeting in over 300 years.
  • True to her Taurus Sun, Elizabeth has also used her position to promote environmental causes. In 2002, she helped to launch the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, which encourages people to plant trees in their local communities.

The influence of Queen Elizabeth’s Leo moon

And with her show-stopping Leo moon, Elizabeth the II, knew how to throw a jubilee or two! In 1997, she celebrated her Golden Jubilee, marking 50 years on the throne. The queen marked the occasion with a series of public appearances and special events, including a thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history, surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. She celebrated the milestone with a series of special events, including a tree-planting ceremony at Buckingham Palace. (How Taurus is that?)

The Diamond Jubilee of 2012 marked 60 years on the throne for Queen Elizabeth II. The occasion was feted with another series of public appearances and special events, including a flotilla on the River Thames.

For her 90th birthday she had a portrait shoot with Annie Leibovitz, hung out with President Barack Obama and attended the annual Trooping the Colour festivities in an open-air carriage to greet well-wishers.

How 2022’s Taurus-Scorpio eclipses played a part in the royal transition

In 2022, all four eclipses fall in Taurus and Scorpio—the zodiac signs of Queen Elizabeth II (Taurus) and now-King Charles (Scorpio) Eclipses are powerful astrological events that can bring about significant change in our lives.

These rare lunar events are known to cause a feeling of upheaval as we’re forced to confront the areas of our lives that need to be transform. However, eclipses can also be a time of great opportunity and growth, even if they are accompanied by sudden, shocking or historical moments.

The destiny-driven lunar North Node is in Taurus in 2022, signaling that Queen Elizabeth may have arrived at a “destination point” for her soulful journey in this lifetime. Meanwhile, the karmic lunar South node is traversing Scorpio, waking up Charles’ calling to the throne.

Read more about what eclipses mean here and the lunar nodes here.

What type of king will Prince Charles be, according to astrology?

What does Prince Charles’s birth chart reveal about him as a leader?

A Scorpio Sun makes Charles born for power, but we shouldn’t expect to see him follow exactly in his mother’s footsteps. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs and we may see a different kind of ruler in the new king. Tauruses, like the queen, like to uphold tradition, stick to long-time rules and rituals and keep things simple. She was the glue that held the family together, despite palace intrigue and scandals. Perhaps that’s why Harry and Meghan named their daughter Lillibet, the Queen’s nickname, in 2021.

Scorpios, on the other hand, aren’t afraid rock the boat in the name of change. They can be secretive and mysterious and enjoy complexities. King Charles is no stranger to Scorpionic scandal, bucking palace tradition by leaving Cancer Princess Diana—the mother of his two children William (Cancer) and Harry (Virgo)—for his longtime love, another Cancerian, Camilla Parker Bowles who is now officially Queen Camilla.

One might say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the case of his son, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, who also made love a priority over the demands of the crown when departing the palace for the United States with his Leo wife, Duchess Megan.

So what will come of the royals now?

King Charles was born with his Scorpio Sun in the 4th house of family. There’s no doubt that he takes the duties of his lineage seriously. Loyalty is extremely important to Scorpios. We expect some turbulence will arise as he figures out what titles to pass along to his two sons and their wives. Will the dutiful Cancer William and Capricorn Kate get all the spoils—or will he extend a regal olive branch to rebels Virgo Harry and Leo Meghan. (We’re betting The Firm has already got those press releases ready.)

With his noble Leo rising, Charles will be a magnanimous king, but he may reign according to his own whims at times. Paging The Daily Mail! Some “spoiled royal” antics may be captured by the paparazzi.

With his 0º Taurus moon in the 10th house of leadership, we expect Charles may carry on some patriarchal traditions. This new role may also strengthen his relationship to his heir, William. That said, the newly appointed King has a stellium of planets in the 4th house of women: compassionate Neptune, value-driven Venus, the karmic South Node, social Mercury and his Sun. Will he be the first openly feminist king?

Charles was also Jupiter and Mars in global Sagittarius, in the showy 5th house. This means he may take a more outspoken approach to international issues. He could perhaps become a role model for peace with his Venus in Libra. Certainly this Venus placement will make for lavish celebrations, especially if he lives to see any of his grandchildren host a palace wedding!


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