North and South Nodes Astrology: Your Life Purpose and Past Lives

What’s your life purpose? In your birth chart, the lunar nodes—known as the North and South Nodes—hold the keys to your destiny and ultimate life lessons.

What do the North and South Nodes mean in astrology?

In astrology, your life purpose is encoded in the North and South Nodes of the moon. The lunar nodes are directly opposite each other in the chart.

They aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs. For example, if your North Node is in Capricorn, your South node Will be in its opposite sign of Cancer, and so on.

To get a little geekier: The lunar nodes are determined by the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the “ecliptic”—the apparent path the Sun makes around the earth. (We say “apparent” because in reality, the earth is revolving around the Sun…but from our vantage point on the planet, it appears that the Sun is moving.) The nodes take into account the Sun, the moon and the Earth. They fall in the same signs that the eclipses are in when you’re born.

How do astrologers interpret the North and South Nodes?

Astrologers use the lunar nodes to determine where your destiny lies (North Node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South Node). The nodes change signs every 18 months, approximately. People born within your same lunar node group are like your “soul squad.” You incarnated with to learn the same lessons.

So what exactly is the difference between the North and South Nodes?

The North Node represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn—or the language we are learning to speak.

The South Node reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.

The South Node: Reveals past lives, natural abilities

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The South Node

The South Node reveals the gifts that you bring into this lifetime, your sweet spot, your comfort zone. You will be innately good in these areas of life, and may begin your early path based on your South Node leanings. While this can bring a sense of satisfaction, it is unlikely to elevate you to Blissville. There’s a sense of “been there, done that” in the field of South Node activities. And indeed you have: in many past lifetimes. The key is to use your South Node as a springboard into your North Node destiny, much like an expat living abroad will always feel most comfortable speaking her native language, even if she’s lived in her new country for many years. The South Node is your horoscope hometown, perhaps not the place you want to settle permanently, but somewhere cozy to visit when you need to feel a sense of place or belonging.

The North Node: Destiny’s calling

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The North Node

The north node is the exact opposite zodiac sign of the south node. It illuminates the terrain that’s calling your name, but climbing to the peak of this mountain is like trekking up Mt. Everest. You’ll have to lighten up your baggage and enlist a proverbial Sherpa to get you there. It’s your learning curve. North Node activities require you to stretch out of your comfort zone. Once you do, you’ll be amazed by how fulfilled you feel. It’s like the activation of your life’s mission. The sooner you align yourself with this path, the more purpose-driven your life becomes. However, you will often return to your South Node as that “ace in the hole”—kind of like returning home to your roots, even after you’ve made your way in the world.

We often think that just because we’re good at something—or it comes easily to us—that it’s what we should “do” with our lives. Yet, sometimes, the easy way doesn’t feel spiritually satisfying. Maybe you’ve taken this path enough times in past lives, and you’re ready for something new. One of our favorite books on this topic (and actually, one of the few written) is Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

How do I find my North and South Nodes?

Scroll to the bottom of this article for a table or use the North and South Nodes calculator below:

Find your North and South Nodes

Calculate Yours!

North and South Nodes in the houses

The meaning of the placement of the north and south nodes in the houses

Aries and Libra North Nodes

Aries and Libra are the signs of individuality and relationship. If you are born with an Aries north node or a Libra north node, your life path involves balancing between self and others, being the solo star and the best supporting actor. The theme of “me versus we” is a running thread throughout your life. Relationships are your karmic classroom as you balance between your own needs and those of others. You may swing between getting lost in relationships and fiercely protecting your autonomy.

Taurus and Scorpio North Nodes

Taurus and Scorpio are the signs that rule money, power and sensuality. If you are born with a Taurus north node or a Scorpio north node, your destiny involves learning to balance the spiritual and material worlds. These nodes exude sexual prowess, earthy sensuality and power. Channeling these dynamic forces in healthy, balanced ways can be a challenge, as these lunar nodes are prone to extremes. You are often pulled between the practical and mystical, the sensible and the spiritual.

Read more about your Taurus and Scorpio North Nodes

Gemini and Sagittarius North Nodes

Gemini and Sagittarius are the signs of communication and learning. If you are born with a Gemini north node or a Sagittarius north node, your life purpose could include teaching, learning, writing and spreading a message. These lunar nodes are constantly gathering and disseminating knowledge. They are the most interactive of all nodes and could have a wide array of friends and acquaintances. Gemini rules local travel and familiar faces, while Sagittarius is the global ambassador.

Cancer and Capricorn North Nodes

If you were born with a Cancer north node or a Capricorn north node, your life path involves balancing personal and professional endeavors, home and work, masculine and feminine energy. Cancer rules the archetypal feminine (yin) realm—home, family, women, maternal energy, creativity. Capricorn rules the archetypal masculine (yang) realm—career, public life, men, paternal energy and structure. You may often feel pulled uncomfortably between the two, struggling to find work/life balance. Or you may be especially fluid, developing ease with expressing both genders within yourself, even opting for non-binary status.

Leo and Aquarius North Nodes

Leo and Aquarius are the signs of selfhood and group activity, the royals (Leo) versus those who keep it real (Aquarius). If you are born with a Leo north node or an Aquarius north node, your destiny involves a path of balancing between the spotlight (Leo) and being a team player (Aquarius), self-gratifying luxury and a bohemian or communal spirit. You could even think of Leo energy as the “haves” and Aquarius energy as the “have nots.” People with Leo and Aquarius nodes can drift between privileged, patrician worlds and some of the most spiritually and emotionally impoverished ones. Their hearts can be big, but so can their appetites.

Virgo and Pisces North Nodes

Virgo and Pisces are the signs of health and healing. If you are born with a Virgo north node or a Pisces north node, your destiny involves a path of service, healing and generosity. You may even literally work in the wellness industry. If not, fitness and healthy habits could play an important role in your life lessons. These lunar nodes may veer into addiction or overcome health challenges. Later, you can become teachers and guides for others who struggle with these issues.

Do other types of astrology work with the nodes?

The lunar nodes help us answer questions like: What am I supposed to do with my life? Why am I here and what’s my mission? What was I in a past life?

Kabbalah’s astrology focuses primarily on the lunar nodes. This system calls the North Node your tikkun (“correction”) and view it as the karmic adjustment your soul must make. Vedic astrology calls the nodes the head (Rahu/North Node) and tail (Ketu/South Node) of the dragon and take a harsher view of the south node’s karma.

North and South Nodes Compatibility

If you have a child around the age of 18-19 or 36-37, you’ll share the same nodes. And if you date, marry or join forces with someone 9-10 years older or younger than you, there’s a good chance they’ll have the opposite nodes. (For example, your South Node is Virgo and their North Node is Virgo). This can be a powerful but polarizing pairing—you’ve both mastered what the other one has come here to learn. If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable.

The ultimate book on the North and South Nodes is Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. A huge influencer who we learned so much from, Spiller passed away July 2016. We are forever grateful for what we learned about the nodes from her writing.

North and South Nodes dates tables

To find your lunar nodes, choose the date range that includes your birthday. Note, due to period retrogrades, we recommend confirming your exact nodes using the calculator found earlier in this article.

ARIES South Node/LIBRA North Node

Feb 8, 1921 – Aug 22, 1922

Jan 1, 1940 – May 24, 1941

Jun 17, 1958 – Dec 15, 1959

Jan 8, 1977 – Jul 5, 1978

Aug 1, 1995 – Jan 25, 1997

Feb 19, 2014 – Nov 11, 2015

Oct 15, 2032 – May 22, 2032

TAURUS South Node/SCORPIO North Node

Aug 16, 1919 – Feb 7, 1921

Mar 4, 1938 – Sept 11, 1939

Oct 5, 1956 – Jun 16, 1958

Jul 10, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977

Feb 2, 1994 – Jul 31, 1995

Aug 30, 2012 – Feb 18, 2014

Mar 21, 2031 – Oct 14, 2032


Feb 14, 1918 – Aug 15, 1919

Sep 14, 1936 – Mar 3, 1938

Apr 3, 1955 – Oct 4, 1956

Oct 28, 1973 – Jul 9, 1975

Aug 2, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994

Mar 4, 2011 – Aug 29, 2012

Sep 24, 2029 – Mar 20, 2031

CANCER South Node/CAPRICORN North Node

May 31, 1916 – Feb 13, 1918

Mar 9, 1935 – Sep 13 1936

Feb Oct 10, 1953 – Apr 2, 1955

Apr 28, 1972 – Oct 27, 1973

Nov 19, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992

Aug 22, 2009 – Mar 3, 2011

Mar 27, 2028 – Sep 23, 2029

LEO South Node/AQUARIUS North Node

Jun 25, 1933 – Mar 8, 1935

Mar 29, 1952 – Oct 9, 1953

Nov 3, 1970 – Apr 27, 1972

May 23, 1989 – Nov 18, 1990

Dec 19, 2007 – Aug 21, 2009

Jul 27, 2026 – Mar 26, 2028

VIRGO South Node/PISCES North Node

Dec 29, 1931 – Jun 24, 1933

Jul 27, 1950 – Mar 28, 1952

Apr 20, 1969 – Nov 2, 1970

Dec 3, 1987 – May 22, 1989

Jun 23, 2006 – Dec 18, 2007

Jan 12, 2025 – July 26, 2026

LIBRA South Node/ARIES North Node

Jul 8, 1930 – Dec 28, 1931

Jan 27, 1949 – Jul 26, 1950

Aug 20, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969

Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987

Dec 27, 2004 – Jun 22, 2006

July 18, 2023 – Jan 11, 2025

SCORPIO South Node/TAURUS North Node

Dec 29, 1928 – Jul 7, 1930

Aug 3, 1947 – Jan 26, 1949

Feb 20, 1966 – Aug 19, 1967

Sep 12, 1984 – Apr 6, 1986

Apr 15, 2003 – Dec 26, 2004

January 19, 2022 – July 17, 2023


April 17, 1927 – Dec 28, 1928

Dec 4, 1945 – Aug 2, 1947

Aug 26, 1964 – Feb 19, 1966

Mar 17, 1983 – Sep 11, 1984

Oct 14, 2001 – Apr 14, 2003

May 6, 2020 – Jan 18, 2022

CAPRICORN South Node/CANCER North Node

Oct 27, 1925 – Apr 16, 1927

May 12, 1944 – Dec 3, 1945

Dec 24, 1962 – Aug 25, 1964

Sep 25, 1981 – Mar 16, 1983

Apr 10, 2000 – Oct 13, 2001

Nov 7, 2018 – May 5, 2020

AQUARIUS South Node/LEO North Node

Apr 23, 1924 – Oct 26, 1925

Nov 22, 1942 – May 11, 1944

Jun 11, 1961 – Dec 23, 1962

Jan 6, 1980 – Sep 24, 1981

Oct 21, 1998– Apr 10, 2000

May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

PISCES South Node/VIRGO North Node

Aug 23, 1922 – Apr 22, 1924

May 25, 1941 – Nov 21, 1942

Dec 16, 1959 – Jun 10, 1961

Jul 6, 1978 – Jan 5, 1980

Jan 26, 1997 – Oct 20, 1998

Nov 12, 2015 – May 9, 2017


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