Aries and Libra North Nodes

Your Aries North Node and Libra North Node Life Path

Aries and Libra are the signs of individuality and relationship. If you were born with an Aries north node or a Libra north node, your life path involves balancing between self and others, being the solo star and the best supporting actor.

The theme of “me versus we” is a running thread throughout your life. Relationships are your karmic classroom as you balance between your own needs and those of others. You may swing between getting lost in relationships and fiercely protecting your autonomy.

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Aries north node traits

Anger is a major lesson for Aries north nodes. In past lives as Libra peacekeepers they were never allowed to express discontent. This lifetime is “assertiveness training school.”  In the rare occasion they do get mad, their bottled-up anger can come out in frightening ways. Aries north nodes may even manifest bullying or rage-filled people until they make peace with their own anger. Their best path is to channel these emotions into justice work, championing the rights of people who have been silenced.

Libra north node traits

Libra north nodes walk the opposite path. With their fiercely independent Aries south nodes, they have spent lifetimes as free agents, operating independently and beholden to no one. In this go-round, they are learning how to play well with others. Sharing, compromise, diplomacy—Libra north nodes will have eye-opening experiences that teach them these traits. They may resist marriage or long-term relationships but also crave them. When and if they do commit, Libra north nodes need plenty of solo time and breathing room. In business alliances, they are happiest working independently and can’t stand to be micromanaged.

Relationships matter for both nodes

People with Aries north node/Libra south node have spent many lifetimes mastering relationships. In previous lives, they have been married and worked in close partnership. They come to this life with strong interpersonal skills, naturally seeking synergies. The risk is that they compromise too much or fail to develop their own identities. Many get married or sign binding arrangements before forming their own identities. Later in life, they may go back to blaze a solo trail. Aries north node people must embrace their inner star power. When they do, they may rise to public prominence or step into a leadership role. It is there they’ll bring their natural gifts of diplomacy and compassion.

What does Aries North Node mean?

Release (Libra south node)

Hiding out in partnerships, being the “best supporting actor” instead of the star, taking the comfortable path, avoiding challenges, being the peacekeeper, making compromises, putting others first, passive-aggression, codependence, enabling

Embrace (Aries north node)

Stepping out as a leader or star, prioritizing your own goals, being comfortable alone, the rewards of risk, fighting for your beliefs, expressing anger in an open and healthy manner

Famous Aries North Nodes

Dua Lipa, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion, Drake, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Lea Michele, Blake Lively, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Ricki Lake, Kesha, James Dean, Robert Pattinson, David Guetta, Richard Gere, Caitlyn Jenner, Zac Efron, Marilyn Manson, Oscar Pistorius, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Owen Wilson, Marc Anthony

Aries North Node Dates

  • Jan 27, 1949 – Jul 26, 1950
  • Aug 20, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969
  • Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987
  • Dec 27, 2004 – Jun 22, 2006
  • July 18, 2023 –January 11, 2025

What does Libra North Node mean?

Release (Aries south node)

The “me first” mentality, aggression, fighting, too much self-reliance, selfishness, acting without considering the consequences, bulldozing, hotheadedness, rushing, impatience

Embrace (Libra north node)

The power of partnership, the “peaceful warrior” within, cooperation, compromise, commitment, generosity, patience, making sacrifices for the good of the group

Famous Libra North Nodes

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kanye West, Shakira, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Orlando Bloom, Isaac Newton, Ashton Kutcher, Tina Turner, James Franco, Simon Cowell, Thomas Edison, Tim Burton, Usher, Abigail Breslin, Kendall Jenner, Lorde, Chris Martin, Liv Tyler, John Mayer, Tom Hardy, Michaelangelo, Judy Garland, Morrissey, Brittany Murphy, Anais Nin, Amal Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis

Libra North Node Dates

  • Jun 17, 1958 – Dec 15, 1959
  • Jan 8, 1977 – Jul 5, 1978
  • Aug 1, 1995 – Jan 25, 1997
  • February 19, 2014 – November 11, 2015
  • October 15, 2032 – May 22, 2032

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