Kendall Jenner Birth Chart – Scorpio Zodiac Sign Horoscope & Birthday

Kendall Jenner’s birth chart, interpreted by The AstroTwins

The following analysis by celebrity astrologers Tali & Ophi Edut, aka The AstroTwins, highlights the most interesting astrological features of Kendall Jenner’s birth chart for all level astrology readers to understand.
Additional reporting by Astrostyle Contributing Editor Tasha Beg @thepopastrologist

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When Is Kendall Jenner’s Birthday?

Kendall Jenner’s birthday is November 3.

Kendall Jenner’s Sun Sign Is Magnetic Scorpio

•The Sun represents the essence of your personalityyour main character energy•

Kendall Jenner’s astrological sign is Scorpio. She was born on November 3, 1995 in Los Angeles, California

As a Scorpio Sun, Kendall is a notoriously private persona despite her prolific brand. It usually takes a Scorpio a second (or two) to trust you (they need a second to observe and figure you out before sharing a bit of their true selves).

Kendall’s Scorpio Sun happens to be located in her seventh house, typically associated with Libra energy. The seventh house is considered to be the traditional house of marriage, signifying partnership as a core theme in Kendall’s life. 

Despite being on a reality TV show about her life, Kendall always had a rule around showcasing her romantic interests on her family show. Executive producer Farnaz Farjam previously said in 2021 that, “she felt like she had to be with someone for at least a year before she let them be a part of the show because she doesn’t always know what people’s intentions are” (sounds petty Scorpionic to us).

Kendall Jenner’s Moon Is In Straight-to-the-Point Aries

•Your moon sign governs the “inner you” and influences your emotions•

Kendall Jenner’s moon is in Aries, making her a natural thrill seeker with significant “here for a good time, not a long time” energy. Aries moons are also independent and fearless with an admirable self-focus. Kendall doesn’t chase, she attracts. 

Kendall’s moon is located in the twelfth house of her natal chart, a house associated with Pisces energy. A twelfth house moon placement can indicate a deeply private individual (doubling down on her private Scorpio self). 

Kendall’s twelfth house moon can be overwhelming at times, as the twelfth house has a divine connection to the collective, making it easy for Kendall to be on the receiving end of some intense projection and aggression/troll culture. Mental health issues are incredibly important to Kendall, and she’s been very vocal about self-care and her battles with anxiety.

Kendall Jenner’s Aries Rising Adds More Fire to Her Chart

•Your rising sign, or ascendant, is the first impression you make. Like a filter, it “tints” your Sun sign•

Kendall Jenner is an Aries Rising.

Aries risings are natural leaders who are here to blaze their own trail. It makes sense that Kendall carved a unique path away from the rest of the Kardashian clan as she began modeling as a teenager and worked all the way into her 20s, ultimately becoming one of the world’s highest paid models. 

As a fire sign, Aries has no problems starting but might have a tough time slowing down—burnout is a typical side-effect. Kendall revealed that she took a break from modeling at 24 in an attempt to tend to her mental health.

Kendall Jenner’s Chart Ruler Is Her Mars in Sagittarius

•Your chart ruler is the planet that rules over your rising sign•

As an Aries rising, Kendall Jenner’s chart is ruled by her Mars in Sagittarius. Think of chart rulers like your personal avatar. 

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign linked to hips and upper thighs. With a Mars in Sagittarius, it’s no surprise that Kendall Jenner would be known for her “mile-long” legs as one of the world’s top models. She also happens to be the tallest female Kardashian family member!

Of course, there’s more than meets the eye with “cool-girl” Sagittarius; they’re also known for their wicked sense of humor. Kendall has certainly been a part of some viral comedic moments, from awkwardly cutting a cucumber or overlining her lips to mock her sister, Kylie.

Love Astrology of Kendall Jenner: “Worst Single Person”?

•Venus and Mars are the love planets in astrology. In your birth chart, Venus represents seduction and romance while Mars represents lust, motivation and erotic instincts.

Kendall Jenner happens to have her Mars and Venus both in Sagittarius, an irresistible and charming, energetic combo. Having a Mars and Venus conjunction can suggest an inherent relationship-desire (even if it’s not explicitly vocalized). Natives with this placement can’t help but get drawn into flirtation (especially in witty Sagittarius!)

However, Sagittarius tends to have a problem with being tied down. Like a wild horse running free, Sagittarius might get turned off by the idea of settling. The desire for new experiences gets in the way of potentially serious commitments. 

With Venus and Mars in Sagittarius, Kendall has no problem jumping into a new romantic partner. Case in point: Kendall Jenner had previously joked about being “the worst single person ever” amidst early romance rumors with Puerto Rican musical superstar Bad Bunny (they were confirmed to have split in 2023). 

Kendall’s Mars and Venus happens to be located in her eighth house of merging and intimacy, doubling down on her chart’s partnership focus with her seventh house Scorpio Sun. While it might be easy to flit and “escape” from one romance to the next, Kendall is here to explore the depths of her emotional vulnerability with a partner, finding meaning in their shared experience. 

Kendall Jenner’s South Node Is In Self-Focused Aries

•Astrologers use the nodes of the moon (found opposite each other in your birth chart) to determine where your destiny lies (North node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South node).

Kendall has her South Node (past-life karma) in Aries and her North Node (destiny) in Libra. With a South-Node in Aries, Kendall is looking to move past her own fearful perspective and assumptions about relationships. Turning to her North Node in Libra, the sign associated with partnership, Kendall is here to engage in meaningful dialogue with her partners, cultivating deep trustworthy bonds.

Her Libra north node is located in her seventh house of partnership, sharing important energetic real estate with her Scorpio Sun. The idea of her identity and her karmic destiny intertwined in partnership makes sense given Kendall’s impressive and prolific dating history. She’s dated everyone from popstar Harry Styles to NBA superstars Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons.

In fact, Kendall’s own sister, Kim Kardashian has trolled the model by sporting a “Kendall’s Starting Five” T-shirt on the show, poking fun at Jenner and her NBA exes (including Jordan Clarkson, Kyle Kuzma and Devin Booker). Sagittarius can’t help it, they love their sports!

Karmically, Kendall will be pulled towards the direction of the relationship. She may find some trouble navigating her independence with all her Aries and Sagittarius fire. 

Mercury in Kendall Jenner’s Birth Chart Is A Lens

•Mercury directs the ways we think, communicate and share information.•

Mercury is the planet associated with intellect and communication, the personal lens that helps you frame the world. Kendall’s natal chart Mercury happens to be in Libra, the sign of the talented artist and creative.

Aside from being a famous fashion model, Kendall has also demonstrated some serious photography chops. With a Mercury in Libra, Kendall has an eye for some serious aesthetics. 

Not just a selfie-taker, Jenner has previously photographed fellow model/friend Kaia Gerber for a 10-page spread in LOVE magazine, in addition to shooting Sienna Miller’s cover photo in 2017. She’s also been known to capture some beautiful Kardashian family moments on Instagram as well.

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