Kris Jenner Birth Chart – Scorpio Zodiac Sign Horoscope & Birthday

Kris Jenner’s birth chart, interpreted by The AstroTwins

The following analysis by celebrity astrologers Tali & Ophi Edut, aka The AstroTwins, highlights the most interesting astrological features of Kris Jenner’s birth chart for all level astrology readers to understand. Additional reporting by Astrostyle Contributing Editor Tasha Beg @thepopastrologist

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When Is Kris Jenner’s Birthday?

Kris Jenner’s birthday is November 5.

Kris Jenner’s Sun Sign Is In Powerful Scorpio

•The Sun represents the essence of your personality, your main character energy•

Kris Jenner’s astrological sign is Scorpio. She was born November 5, 1955, in Los Angeles, CA.

Scorpio is the zodiac sign concerned with the shadows—matters of sex and sexuality come to mind, not to mention secrets and behind-the-scenes maneuvering. Scorpios are notoriously private placements, understanding that true power rests in silence, observation and control. Scorpios are also no strangers to scandal and public controversy. Kris has certainly had to fend off widespread claims regarding her role in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape leak over the years.

Kris Jenner’s Scorpio Sun lies in her second house of money matters. Kris is one of the most successful “momagers” of all time, having helped manage her children’s career moves and trajectory with their successful family brands, including Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.

Kris Jenner’s Rising Sign Is Managerial Virgo

•Your rising sign, or ascendant, is the first impression you make. Like a filter, it “tints” your Sun sign•

Kris Jenner has her rising sign in Virgo. Virgo risings are amazing organizers with a keen eye for order and details. Simply put, Virgo risings make excellent producers. This serves Kris Jenner well in her role as Executive Producer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, one of the longest running reality TV shows in history, focused on the personal and professional lives of the Karadashian-Jenner family. She’s also been an EP on numerous spin-off shows.

It’s chess not checkers with Virgo risings. No surprise that Kris, the businesswoman, actually views her family’s careers like pieces on a chessboard, writing in her memoir Kris Jenner…And All Things Kardashian that her “business decisions and strategies were very intentional, definite and planned to the nth degree.”

Kris Jenner’s Moon Is In Family-Oriented Cancer

•Your moon sign governs the “inner you” and influences your emotions•

Kris Jenner’s moon is in sweet and sensitive Cancer, a sign fiercely connected to family and motherhood.

Kris Jenner’s natal chart moon is located in her tenth house of public reputation and legacy. As a cardinal sign, Cancer moon natives can be action-oriented, relying on intuition to guide their next step. Above all, Cancer moons are the ultimate nurturers, deriving joy from taking care of their loved ones. Kris’ daughter, Kylie Jenner, has previously noted that she believes Kris to be the best example of a “working mom,” citing her ability to do it all. 

Cancer moons, however, are notorious for placing others’ needs over their own, which would involve lessons in meaningful self-care to right the scales of service. Kris has shared how taking care of her body through a meaningful morning routine and revised sleep schedule (sleep is incredibly important to Cancer placements!) has helped her to stay focused. 

Kris Jenner’s South Node Is in Adaptable Gemini

•Astrologers use the nodes of the moon (found opposite each other in your birth chart) to determine where your destiny lies (North Node) and what you were in past lifetimes (South Node).

Kris Jenner also happens to have her South Node (past-life karma) in Gemini and her North Node (destiny) in Sagittarius

Her South Node is in her ninth house, while her North Node rests in her third house, giving her a kind of flipped energy (the third house has the energy of Gemini, and the ninth house has the energy of Sagittarius). The Gemini-Sagittarius axis centers on truth as well as publishing and broadcast media. Whose reality is it anyway? Kris Jenner does run her own production company, Jenner Communications, after all! Kris is ultimately here to actualize grand visions of immense fame and power by crafting the spotlight around her family narrative. 

With a South Node in Gemini, Kris is a wonderful storyteller with keen powers of observation. She has an ability to quickly adapt to circumstance, always staying one step ahead of her competitors. However, she might also be prone to indecisiveness and trusting others’ perceptions instead of her own.

Love Astrology for Kris Jenner

•Venus and Mars are the love planets in astrology. In your birth chart, Venus represents seduction and romance while Mars represents lust, motivation and erotic instincts.

Mars and Venus in Kris Jenner’s natal chart are situated next to each other in the zodiac, suggesting some energetic friction.

Kris Jenner’s Venus (love) is in magnetic and sexual Scorpio, the same sign as her Sun (self) and Saturn (elder), giving her a Scorpio stellium (three or more planets or placements in the same sign of a chart ). This makes Kris very Scorpionic. Scorpio is a sign associated with radical honesty and taboo. She has been publicly sharing intimate details of her sex life with partner, Corey Gamble, since his debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Corey Gamble also just so happens to be a Scorpio!

Kris Jenner’s Mars (lust and confidence) is in partnership-oriented Libra in her first house of self. Kris feels more confident when she’s in a relationship than when she’s not, evidenced by her history of long-term relationships. To wit, Corey made his debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians back in 2015. Mars in Libra could also symbolize an attraction to the lawyer types as Libra is the sign of legal matters.

Jupiter and Pluto Collab in Kris Jenner’s Birth Chart

•Jupiter in your birth chart reveals where you’re adventurous and willing to take risks•
•Pluto holds the key to our personal chamber of secrets, everything from money, sex, power•

Kris Jenner has Jupiter and Pluto in Leo in the eleventh house of social networks. When two planets sit side by side in a chart, their energies are fused, just like a luxury brand collaboration. In Kris Jenner’s chart, Jupiter and Pluto are right on top of each other in the sign of popular, famous Leo. Leo can also come to symbolize the child or the pride.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and power. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and opportunity. Taken together, Pluto and Jupiter can come to symbolize master manifestation prowess as well as immense wealth and control. The Kardashian clan has certainly come to define mainstream pop culture and celebrity, with Kris Jenner at the helm. 

Kris Jenner’s Chart Ruler Is Social Mercury

•Your chart ruler is the planet that rules over your rising sign•

Kris Jenner’s chart ruler is Mercury, the planet that governs Virgo, her rising sign and Gemini, her South Node, making Mercury a particularly important player in her chart.

Her natal Mercury is in Libra, in the first house. The first house is associated with self, identity, and reputation, while Libra invokes negotiation and charm. With Mercury’s Libran presence in her first house, Kris is a savvy negotiator, masterfully navigating discussions and project pitches like a seasoned lawyer.

According to multiple industry sources, Kris Jenner still receives a portion of her childrens’ businesses, contributing to her $170 million net worth. Her Mercury, which can also symbolize children, happens to also sit atop her natal Neptune, a potential fame indicator in the chart. Neptune also conjures up the idea of fantasy and aspiration while Mercury can also signify the news and media. 

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