Cancer and Capricorn North Nodes

Cancer North Node and Capricorn North Node Life Path

If you were born with a Cancer north node or a Capricorn north node, your life path involves balancing personal and professional endeavors, home and work, masculine and feminine energy.

Cancer rules the feminine realm—home, family, women, maternal energy, creativity. Capricorn rules the masculine realm—career, public life, men, paternal energy and structure. You may often feel pulled uncomfortably between the two, struggling to find work/life balance, with Cancer and Capricorn north nodes.

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Cancer north node traits

Depending on your node placement, you may be more comfortable with one gender over the other. Most likely you need to develop more ease with the gender represented by your north node. Cancer north node people are learning to understand women and feminine energy, and may be “one of the guys.” The female Cancer north node is often quite girlish in appearance, but can be structured, driven and single-focused on the inside. These people have spent lifetimes as “captains of industry” and patriarchs, conquering the world and accumulating wealth. Now, they are learning that there’s more to life than just work and money.

Cancer north node people’s mission is to enjoy home, family and heartfelt connections. However, many can be reluctant parents. Male or female, they may prefer to express their newfound maternal energy as “work moms” who nurture coworkers or acting as mentors. Caution: When Cancer north nodes do get sentimental, their Hallmark moments can be over-the-top and a little awkward. (These are the people who might hang a “Live Laugh Love” plaque over their desks.)

Capricorn north node traits

Capricorn north node people have had many lifetimes in the feminine (Cancer) realm as caretakers, mothers, wives and dependents. In this lifetime, they are learning the exciting new world of self-sufficiency. Capricorn north nodes are moving from the role of nurturer to the role of provider. However, too much time in the corporate world depletes their souls. Even if they do go into an office, they need to add homey touches and create familial bonds with their coworkers. These are the people who bring cupcakes in or organize the company picnic.

Capricorn north nodes are creative and intuitive, and need to apply these gifts to their goals. They may resist structure (their least favorite moment is taking a shower and leaving the house!). However, when they stick to a simple plan that includes time for self-care, they thrive. Oprah Winfrey, a Capricorn north node, is as famous for her book clubs and “favorite things” shows as she is for her celebrity trainers, chefs and experts. Like many self-soothing Cancer south node people, she struggles with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating.

Family matters for both nodes

Family relationships, especially with parents, are a major issue for Cancer and Capricorn lunar nodes. You could be closer to the parent represented by your south node (mothers for Cancer south node, fathers for Capricorn south node). Your deepest evolution could involve working to understand the parent represented by your north node (fathers for Capricorn north node, mothers for Cancer north node). In some cases, this parent may even be a distant or absent figure in your life. If you have kids, many of your biggest life lessons will come from balancing worldly achievements with your parental duties.

What does Cancer North Node mean?

Release (Capricorn south node)

Elitism, defining yourself by your worldly accomplishments (e.g., job titles), hierarchy, cool detachment, workaholism, being “lonely at the top,” head over heart, ruthlessness, competition, drive for materialism and status, too much masculine energy, mommy issues

Embrace (Cancer north node)

Emotional sensitivity, family time, compassion, the feminine realm, domestic arts, maternal energy, nurturing, self-care, connecting from the heart, being more inclusive than exclusive

Famous Cancer North Nodes

Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt, Sonja Morgan, Adolf Hitler, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Jessica Biel, LeAnn Rimes, Louise Hay, Michelle Obama, Marc Jacobs

Cancer North Node dates

  • May 12, 1944 – Dec 3, 1945
  • Dec 24, 1962 – Aug 25, 1964
  • Sep 25, 1981 – Mar 16, 1983
  • Apr 10, 2000 – Oct 13, 2001
  • November 7, 2018 – May 5, 2020 

What does Capricorn North Node mean?

Release (Cancer south node)

Caretaking, codependence, passivity, shyness, fear of abandonment emotional responses, self-soothing, too much feminine energy, too much attachment to mother/being mothered, daddy issues

Embrace (Capricorn north node)

Leadership, professional and business acumen, being proactive, empowering others instead of enabling, living a public life, cool-headed vision, masculine energy, relationship with father/father figures

Famous Capricorn North Nodes

Oprah Winfrey, JFK, Emma Roberts, Ben Affleck, Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner, Jude Law, Tori Spelling, John Travolta, Woody Allen, Michael Moore, James Cameron, Ron Howard, Julie Andrews, Robert Redford

Capricorn North Node dates

  • Oct 10, 1953 – Apr 2, 1955
  • Apr 28, 1972 – Oct 27, 1973
  • Nov 19, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992
  • Aug 22, 2009 – Mar 3, 2011
  • March 27, 2028 – September 23, 2029

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