Planets & Astrology: Chiron

Heal thyself! Chiron, a comet that orbits the Sun, reveals our own power to process our trauma and suffering so that we can in turn, heal others. According to astrology, Chiron is known as “the wounded healer.”

Wedged between karma overlord Saturn and high-minded Uranus, Chiron helps us to synthesize our own core lessons so that we can help others relieve their own suffering. As Chiron flies through its orbit, it makes an erratic, flower-shaped pattern between these two planets. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow refers to Chiron as “the rainbow bridge” because of its unique trajectory, and also because of the way it bridges the energy of Saturn and Uranus. Chiron can reveal where we learn to fly free after a period of struggle.

Astrologically, the wound of Chiron is not one we overcome, but rather a pain that we learn to live with.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the most civilized of the Centaurs—the son of Saturn, in fact. He was a highly revered teacher and healer who was sought after for his sage advice. While carousing with the rowdier of his brethren, Chiron was struck in the knee with one of Hercules’ free-flying, poison-tipped arrows. He was in great pain, but due to his immortality was unable to find relief. Astrologically, the wound of Chiron is not one we overcome, but rather a pain that we learn to live with.

The glyph for Chiron is shaped like a key, symbolizing this comet’s ability to unlock deep internal healing. In any given lifetime, we may all experience the proverbial dark night of the soul and eventually, become healers in our own right. This often happens for people between the ages of 49 and 51, during their Chiron return—when Chiron has made one full orbit around the Sun, returning to the position it was in at one’s birth.

Chiron’s placement in your natal chart will reveal where your core wounds lie: What are your insecurities? Where do you struggle to feel whole and adequate? And how can you turn these lemons into lemonade?

People born with Chiron in Gemini may struggle with communication—feeling constantly misunderstood or betrayed by peers, before realizing the need to be more consistent and loyal themselves. Chiron in Pisces people may have parents who suffer from addiction, or they might struggle with setting boundaries until they learn that setting limits is actually a sign of respect—one that makes others feel safe in their presence. Chiron in Pisces may also be gifted intuitive healers, musicians and energy workers, knowing how to work with the Piscean “invisible realm” to bring others relief.

Note: Chiron is currently in Pisces from 2011-2019, changing the face of traditional religion and bringing a widening acceptance to non-denominational and mystical practices.


Planetary Stats: Chiron

  • Changes Zodiac Signs: Varies
  • Zodiac Sign It Rules: None
  • Day of the Week: N/A

Chiron governs:

  • Healing
  • Suffering
  • Trauma
  • Dharma
  • Wounds