Aquarius Career Horoscope: 16 Best Job Ideas

Future-forward Aquarius needs a career on the cutting edge

Aquarius career traits

Independent Aquarius loves freedom, and the Aquarius career path requires room to express your individuality. The gig economy was made for your sign, as long as you don’t isolate yourself. As a natural “people person,” you can thrive in an office environment, provided it’s not too strict of a setting. You rebel under the supervision of anyone bossy or controlling, and are better off leading a team or working in a position that gives you lots of breathing room.

With your gift of gab and hilarious wit, you can sell just about anything. Like Aquarians Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres, you genuinely love interacting with people, and you’re naturally curious about everyone. It’s not uncommon for you to become personal friends with your clients. Commission-based jobs don’t faze you. In fact, you rise to the challenge. Cold calling, which other signs dread, is a breeze for outgoing Aquarius. You have no trouble picking up the phone and dialing a total stranger.

Your quirky brain loves to solve problems or find your way out of a difficult spot. You make a great advertising copywriter or PR/ marketing specialist, and with your futuristic bent, you could be a scientist or an inventor. Aquarius rules electronics, so you may excel in the tech industry. The ever-evolving, free-speech-enabling Internet was made for your sign! You could thrive in a wide variety of web-based jobs from designer to digital marketer to YouTuber!

Aquarius is focused on the future, and that often leads you to work with future generations. You love kids, and with your team spirit, you make a great teacher or coach. As the sign of the rebel, you also understand childrens’ need to assert themselves, and encourage them to express that. A stint at a humanitarian mission or a non-profit is a requisite for your resume. You’re the zodiac’s humanitarian, you want to make a lasting difference for the people around you!

What is a good career for an Aquarius?

  • Teacher    
  • TV Producer           
  • Futurist
  • Scientist/Inventor           
  • Salesperson
  • Public Relations               
  • Pop Star
  • Coach                   
  • Nonprofit Worker
  • Psychic Healer               
  • Talk Show Host
  • Author                   
  • Coder
  • Therapist               
  • Project Manager
  • Pilot

Aquarius career mistakes or pitfalls to avoid

Being sloppy with details

Entrepreneurship appeals to your free spirit, but you can be impatient and sloppy with details. If you open your own business, team up with someone who has lot of Capricorn or Virgo in their chart. These grounded earth signs will handle the mundane administrative tasks you hate. Make sure you have a good lawyer and accountant, who can follow up with the official paperwork after you make your handshake deals. You’re at your best selling people on your vision or product, so funnel your energy towards being the rainmaker instead of the drone.

Rebelling against authority

You’re a natural team player, but authority figures tend to get under your skin. It’s important that you develop a friendly, open connection with your boss, otherwise, you can turn into a rebellious teen at work, raging against the so-called machine.

While it’s tough for you to respect the chain of command (you’d prefer everyone to be on an equal playing field), the Aquarius career path can lead to taking on the role of the boss for this reason. This gives you compassion for what it takes to run the show—yup, it’s a lot of work. Surprise! Your fun loving, visionary spirit and cooperative nature give you the makings of a great leader too. The one caveat: it can be tough for you to stop pal-ing around with your team when it’s time for them to get down to work.

Aquarius career: Your ultimate purpose

To unite people into a shared mission with a humanitarian goal.


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