Aquarius Entertaining Style

Aquarius entertaining is all about kicking off your shoes and kicking up your heels. It’s an Aquarius party.

Does Aquarius like to party?

Aquarius is the sign of community, so you’re right at home in the middle of a big bash. With your outrageous jokes and boisterous laugh, you turn every gathering into a full-on fiesta. You’ve got tons of friends, and you tend to be quite popular, even while rebelling against cliques and the status quo. In fact, it’s your trademark individuality—like those sarcastic comments that crack everyone up—that wins you so many fans. Taken too far, though, your “Aquarius gone wild” vibe may alienate loyal pals, creating a fair share of frienemies in the process.

The Aquarius host

You love to hang out, but you’re not big on fuss. A casual, festive vibe is just your speed. As a spontaneous soul, you happily host friends any night of the week. You’ll open a few bags of tortilla chips, pour prepared salsa into some pretty vintage bowls, and throw open the doors. As the crowd rolls in, you’ll air-kiss them, connect the people whom you’ve been dying to introduce, and whirl through the room welcoming everyone. That said, when you’re ready to pull out all the stops, you spare no expense. You’ll spend hours in the kitchen preparing a themed dinner or passed hors d’oeuvres that would wow a professional chef.

Aquarians love to improve society, so throw a charity benefit and take donations at the door. You’d rather have people put dollars toward your favorite cause—animal rights or an arts endowment—than shower you with presents. Unusual ideas appeal to you, so your parties should have highly original twists. No matter what, everyone in your presence will have an entertaining time with lots of laughter. And isn’t that what parties are for, anyway?


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