Aquarius Friendship

An Aquarius friendship has many layers, if you are ready to go deep. We threw in a gift guide for your Aquarius friend, too.

Aquarius friendships are storied and deep—the layered “onions” who must be peeled slowly to reveal their dimensions. (And even then!) Aquarius dreams of making the world a better place. They may actually be more generous with the general public than with their own friends and family. Should someone show up bawling on their doorstep, however, they may be overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. Their heart is big and they will try to help. But they’ll feel a little bit trapped by the situation, too.

Their squad relies on them to be the objective listener, and they always know just the book or podcast to recommend to make you feel better. And it doesn’t hurt that they can help people see the divine humor in humanity. While people are naturally drawn to their accepting and open-minded nature, it may take years before they open up to others in the same way. It’s not that your Aquarius friend means to be cool or distant; it’s just that their emotional side can be a mystery to THEM! 

Hanging out with an Aquarius friend

Freedom is also important to them, which is why they like to keep things light. That way, they won’t feel bad about running off to the opposite corner of the world at a moment’s notice. At times this strategy backfires, leaving them feeling lonely and disconnected. Or they may pick one—and only one—person to open up to and get attached to the point of near-obsession. Like the rest of us, they need people. It’s only their fear of being needed in return that keeps them from expressing this.

Learning to relax and form deeper bonds is a powerful lesson for your Aquarius friend. If they open up—even just a little—they will be surprised to find how many people are waiting to support them in whatever their freedom-loving heart desires. Calm and patient (and private!), those who do not push them to open up before their time are the ones with whom they will ultimately share their deepest secrets.

Gift guide: The perfect presents for an Aquarius friend

  • Sports equipment or a series of spin or yoga classes
  • Self-help or metaphysical books
  • Karaoke machine
  • Modern art prints and housewares
  • Stylish, oversize bags for all your books, gadgets and projects
  • Divination tools like tarot cards or runes
  • State-of-the-art electronic equipment and computers
  • Tickets to a concert or festival
  • Jewelry made by and indie-designer or a piece that serves as a spiritual totem

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