Aquarius Money Horoscope

Aquarius is a hard-working sign, and with your gift of gab, the Aquarius money management style is best described as: could sell lattes to a barista.

Aquarius money management style 

Although you can be flighty, you’re also capable of being cool and rational—a natural investor. You have a big appetite for life, and you love taking on major projects. You’ll build a nest egg then spend it all on an epic mission. This leaves you plugging away to refill the bank account you just leveled down to a zero balance. Learn to “work smarter, not harder,” so you can take time to enjoy family and friends, rather than driving yourself into the ground.

Aquarius money habits: Is Aquarius good with money?

As the sign that rules groups and friendships, you definitely need cash for social spending. You want to be able to grab dinner with a friend, hit a show or just go wherever the wind blows you. You can be a little flighty with money, blowing it all and figuring you’ll make it up later. Because you work hard and can sell anything, you usually earn back what you spend.

Favorite splurges for Aquarius

Unusual artwork, electronic and computer hardware, pets and pet accessories, yoga and metaphysical retreats, crystals, presents for your friends, inspirational books, bespoke jewelry and clothes, tickets to concerts and cultural events, mobile gadgets.

Can Aquarius make more money?

How can Aquarius attract more wealth? Aquarius is the sign of the nomad, so you resist putting down roots anywhere. You may rent an apartment for twenty years just to feel “free.” By refusing to commit to a long-term investment because you don’t want to be trapped, you may actually leave yourself stuck and spinning your wheels. Don’t just live for the moment. Plan for tomorrow, too.


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