Aquarius Style Horoscope

Aquarius, you are BFFs with the world. Aquarius style is casual, making it easy for you to flow from one social group to another.

Denim, t-shirts and statement sneakers are wardrobe staples, but you’ll always add some signature flair. Active and bohemian, you may have your share of unique yoga-wear, from paneled leggings to billowy pants. Bonus if there’s iridescent or metallic fabric to suit your Space Age tastes!

Does Aquarius have good style?

Originality is a must for you, whether you’re the sporty Aquarius or the hippie type. A good section of your closet should be dedicated to one-of-a-kind pieces from indie designers, vintage shops or tiny bazaars from your travels around the world. You love to accessorize with jewelry from local artisans, or even pieces that you’ve crafted yourself. You’re a people-person, and if your clothes are conversation pieces, all the better by you. 

How does Aquarius dress?

As the zodiac’s idealist, ethical fashion is a must. Reach for vegetarian leather, organic fibers, or “upcycled” fashion reworked from secondhand pieces. Metaphysical or “mantra” jewelry, like mala beads and crystal necklaces suit you. 

Since you rule the calves, you can wear sportier styles, like miniskirts with sneakers. Since you’re always on the go, invest in shoes with good support, like lace-up boots that reflect your rebel streak.

Your hair and makeup scheme should be simple and easy to reapply. A swoop of mascara and a dab of lipgloss may be as far as you’ll ever go. No one can rock a pixie cut quite like you. Punch up longer locks with face-framing layers, braids or unexpected colors.

What should Aquarius wear?

The Aquarius style profile

What colors should Aquarius wear?

Violet, indigo

Aquarius body focus areas


Fabrics for Aquarius


Aquarius style best looks

Statement denim, boho tunic tops, handcrafted jewelry, lace-up boots, metallics, miniskirts, shorts, statement sneakers

Aquarius styles to avoid

Dull and drab colors, cookie– cutter clothes, high maintenance hairstyles, anything too fussy or prissy 


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