Aquarius Travel Horoscope

The Aquarius travel style is: A nomad at heart, you’re already planning your next adventure.

Does Aquarius like to travel?

As the zodiac’s nomad, you love to travel. You can’t stand being confined! Variety-loving Aquarius needs regular escapes from your everyday surroundings. When it’s time to back your bags, you prefer to travel as far from home as possible, especially overseas. Group travel appeals to you, so book a trip with your closest friends or sign up for a study abroad program. You love to share the journey, and enjoy lively company as you explore new terrain—and collect stories to share when you return to the hotel. 

The perfect Aquarius travel destinations

Communal Aquarians love to immerse yourselves in the culture of the area, as long as the locals are broad-minded, creative people. You have a special place in your heart for artist centers like Oaxaca and spiritual vortexes like Sedona. If you find a place that feels like home, you may relocate there or go in with friends to invest in a vacation home that you can all visit on a rotating schedule. 

If you travel alone, you won’t be unaccompanied for long. Aquarians make friends everywhere. Your first night in Rome could find you sipping red wine with the local gelato-maker—even if you don’t speak Italian! Before you know it, you’re learning the family secrets for churning the perfect creamy consistency and chocolate-hazelnut infusion. 

Aquarius travel astrology tips

With your bohemian leanings, you may travel on a spiritual pilgrimage or go on a vision quest. Medicine ceremonies in the jungle, biking across a new continent—no idea is too out-there for you. You could also travel for a creative project, especially one connected to a cause, such as filming a documentary about a humanitarian crisis.

You’re spontaneous and unpredictable, so it’s anyone’s guess where you’ll go next. There’s a wide world to wander, Aquarius. Facts: nobody loves to explore it more than you do!


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