Gemini Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Gemini baby?

Gemini children are born during the four weeks of Gemini season, meaning they are typically born May 21-June 20. Conception dates for a Gemini baby are August 25-September 15.

What are Gemini kids like?

Congratulations! You’ve just given birth to a real, live Baby Einstein. Gemini kids are all born with a touch of genius to them. They may exhibit an early musical gift, talk or read before other kids, or have another rare talent. Whatever the case, life won’t be dull when a Gemini baby is crawling around the house. Naturally curious, they’ll want to touch everything in sight. Extra baby-proofing is a good idea; cover up those electrical outlets!

Ruled by the communication planet Mercury these chatty kids may talk to themselves or an imaginary friend, and in some cases might even develop their own language before learning to speak their parents’ tongue.


How do you entertain a Gemini child?

Playtime tips

  • Gemini kids tend to have advanced technical abilities. Many of them are good with computers but watch out or they could get addicted to video games. Give them hands-on toys like musical instruments. They may learn how to play by ear. They’ll also enjoy scientific toys, like detective kits or chemistry sets.
  • Teach them a foreign language. Being the sign of the communicator, Gemini picks up easier than other kids on new dialects.
  • Drama classes are a natural fit for Gemini kids who are great at mimicking others. Child actors Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (the ubertwins) are Geminis!
  • Gemini kids thrive in a social setting. Note: they prefer to be with children close to their own age, so get them into preschool and playgroups as early as possible.

How do you parent a Gemini child?

Parenting tips

  • Be prepared to answer the question, “why” with a darn good reason. These sharp kids won’t accept “because I said so” as an answer easily. They do respond well to logic, however, and you may be surprised at how adult their understanding of rules can be.
  • Be consistent. Geminis get a rap for being “two-faced,” which is a not-so-nice way of saying that these kids have a hard time making up their minds. Parents who are solid, decisive and stable can provide a safe space for the Gemini child to navigate through indecisiveness and draw a conclusion. Inconsistency in the home, however, can have a debilitating effect on young Geminis who may fall into the trap of “analysis paralysis” and be scared to take action.
  • Consider alternative schooling. Your Gemini may display prodigy-like talents in one subject and completely flop in another. These responsive, anxious kids are also more restless than most, and may be misdiagnosed as having ADD. Explore unconventional paths for their education before you race out to fill a prescription.
  • Call them on their fibs. These cunning kids know how to manipulate with their words. If you know your Gemini child is trying to pull a fast one on you, don’t sweep it under the rug. Teach them the power of their words and encourage them to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What can I expect from a Gemini child?

How they deal with…

Rules and authority

Gemini’s favorite word is “why?” and as soon as they’re old enough to ask it, they will. This air sign could make a career out of bending the rules and will cleverly find the loophole in any policy you try to create. The Gemini child enjoys playing the devil’s advocate and might rebel just for the sake of rebellion…or for their own entertainment. An iron fist will only make Gemini rail against you even more. As the sign of the Twins, Gemini needs to feel like everything is a dialogue. Throw out the rulebook. A conversational tone, even treating Gemini like (gulp) a peer, will actually get the best response out of these kids.


…are only limits until the Gemini child finds a way to get around them.

Separation and independence

Many Geminis are joined at the hip with their parents (it’s that Twin thing), and they’re reluctant to venture off…at first. The first separation will be the hardest. Once they get the hang of interacting with other kids, though, the Gemini child’s social nature kicks in. Soon, your main concern will be making sure they don’t talk to every stranger—or wander off chasing butterflies and other whims.

Younger siblings

Interactive Geminis love to teach and will patiently take a little sibling under their wing. They love to lead, mentor and mold an adoring younger sibling. If your Gemini is the family baby, they might adopt a neighbor or cousin.

Older siblings

Copycat Gemini can irk their older siblings, helping themselves to their toys, clothes and even friends. Gemini kids are communal by nature and may clash with a possessive older sib who “wants space.”

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Eager for independence, Geminis can be fabulous students when learning the ropes of becoming a big kid. This smart sign can handle change and likes to learn new things. Lucky you: you might not have too much trouble sleep-training the Gemini child or getting them out of diapers. 


Precocious Geminis are full of questions, but they also know how to find the answers themselves. Ruled by speedy Mercury, the messenger planet, the Gemini child might give you an earful about the birds and bees, which they’re no doubt been buzzing about on the schoolyard. Touchy Gemini also rules the hands, and might do a little, er, exploring with theirs. Rather than get embarrassed, you might advise them to do so in private. Little ringleaders, Geminis might be the kids telling their schoolmates how babies are made as soon as they find out.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Brainy, verbal and excited to learn, Geminis can be enthusiastic students. Their award-winning poems, drawings and reports on obscure topics can crowd your bulletin board. Geminis are less interested in grades than they are in satisfying their curiosity, though. Easily distracted, your Gemini child may not score perfectly on tests or bring home straight A’s, even if they have genius-level smarts. Working with a fun but firm tutor can help, since Gemini learns best in an interactive setting where questions and dialogue are encouraged.

Household conflict

Diplomat or double-crosser? Dualistic Geminis can switch loyalties faster than you can change a TV channel. One minute, they’re on Team Mom; the next, they’re pleading another person’s case. Their gift for seeing both sides of the situation can make them fabulous mediators, or it can give you whiplash. Be mindful what you let Gemini overhear, because they don’t miss a thing. However, some Geminis choose denial as a response to stress, inventing their own imaginary worlds and playmates as an alternate escape route.


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