Scorpio Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Scorpio baby?

Scorpio children are born during the four weeks of Scorpio season, meaning they are typically born October 23–November 21. Conception dates for a Scorpio baby are January 25-February 15.

What are Scorpio kids like?

Scorpio babies are quite the firecrackers, born with tons of talent, and attitude to match. Brooding and intense one minute, smiling irresistibly the next, they’ll have you wrapped around their tiny little fingers. They tend to be introverts, so don’t be surprised if your Scorpio child prefers to play alone for hours or only enjoys the company of one favorite friend or sibling.

Their ruling planet is Pluto. They are deeply sensitive but tend to hold in feelings. If your Scorpio child is being excessively quiet (or giving you the silent treatment), sit down for a judgment-free talk and let them tell you what’s going on. They can be remarkably intuitive, and you may just learn something new about yourself in the process!


How do you entertain a Scorpio child?

Playtime tips

  • This water sign is especially talented in the arts or music. Start them young with toy instruments and craft sets and they’ll entertain themselves for hours.
  • The Scorpio child loves to compete, so enter them in contests where they can shine as individuals.
  • As the sign that rules transformation, many Scorpios love having an alter ego. Give them lots of dress-up clothes so they can go into costume. You may be shocked at how well they can emulate their favorite TV character or copy an accent. If you want to teach them a foreign language, they’ll pick up on it quickly at a young age.
  • Scorpios are fashionistas and can be a bit fussy about playing games where they might get their outfits all dirty.
  • They’ll prefer aquatic sports like water skiing, surfing and boating. Sign them up for swimming lessons early.
  • Highly intuitive, Scorpios are easily affected by other people’s energy. Don’t force them to play team sports or be a part of playgroups if they protest. They are particular and will make friends on their own.

How do you parent a Scorpio child?

Parenting tips

  • Give them some one-on-one time. Scorpios have a jealous streak, so if they feel ignored or think another sibling is being favored they are sure to act out. One caveat: these kids can be clever and cunning; don’t get manipulated into favoring THEM!
  • Scorpios have incredible memories and will recall every slight and fight from their childhood. Keep the home environment as calm and stable as possible to avoid spending a fortune on therapy when they are teens.
  • Reward them for sharing. The Scorpio child can be incredibly possessive at times, to the point where you might hear them saying “mine!” a little too often. As early as possible, teach them the power of paying it forward. Praise them each time they are generous with siblings and peers.
  • Scorpios like having favorites: favorite toys, foods, friends, etc. Learning their favorites is a good idea if you want to have an easy time keeping them occupied (the babies can spend hours fixating on a musical mobile above their cribs). Note: this sign can become obsessive, so you may need to nudge them to try new things.

What can I expect from a Scorpio child?

How they deal with

Rules and authority

Obviously, Scorpio can’t run the show as a child, but they’ll certainly try! From a young age, tiny Scorpio can exert serious will, making their influence known. As the zodiac sign of power, little Scorpios are keenly aware of “who’s who” on the metaphorical chess board and will strategically position themselves to curry favor with the key decision maker.

This systematic sign likes to know where everyone stands, particularly in relation to them. If they could map out an “org chart” they would—grabbing the title of Executive Vice President of Children’s Affairs, perhaps. Caution: ruling with an iron fist or being overly permissive can lead to a power struggle, as Scorpio doesn’t trust anyone they perceive as either weak or domineering.


Scorpios hate being out of control, so limits can help this security-seeking sign feel safe. Knowing what to expect if they touch a hot stove (burn!) or pull the cat’s tail (scratch!) minimizes their chance of an unwelcome surprise. Whew! Of course, many Scorpios need to learn the hard way first. Scorpio might look you straight in the eye (with the famously intense Scorpio glare) and flagrantly disobey you. “I dare you to stop me” is this kid’s M.O. That’s when you need to be extra firm with limits—otherwise, Scorpio will keep pushing the envelope.

Separation and independence

Scorpio is the sign of bonding and has a strong need to be attached—often through physical closeness—to the (slim) few people this little one trusts. Heading back to work or dropping off Scorpio at daycare? Not so fast. Scorpio could have some powerful emotional outbursts when you first leave their side. You may need a transition period while slow-to-trust Scorpio warms up to a secondary caregiver.

Younger siblings

Scorpio is the sign of jealousy and possessiveness. One day, the little sibling may be “mine!” Other times, Scorpio may get a touch of the green-eyed monster, especially if they feel displaced or one-upped by a scene-stealing sib. Should this happen, Scorpio will maneuver things—or act out—to regain his stronghold.

Older siblings

Sensitive Scorpio loves to be adored, so if a sibling is attentive, Scorpio will soak up the adulation. Babying aside, though, Scorpio doesn’t want to be treated like a flighty little kid who doesn’t know anything. This sign demands a respected seat at the big kids’ table—even if they’re a head shorter than everyone else there! If an older sibling teases or taunts, Scorpio will quickly become wary and even competitive. Verbal warfare can be brutal, as cutting Scorpio knows how to strike back right where it counts. Ouch!

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Scorpio is the sign of bonding, so weaning can be a tricky process for this attachment-driven sign. Little Scorpio is loath to give up anything that provides comfort and security. Potty training can be relatively easy for Scorpio if explained as a calm, step-by-step process. However, Scorpio will rebel if it becomes a power struggle, or they feel forced to make too sudden of a switch. This sign likes to be in control, even of when (and how) they use the bathroom!


Scorpio is the sign of sexuality, so you’ll be explaining the birds and bees to this kid young. Or you could find them conducting “amateur research” on themselves. Keep an eye on the Scorpio kid who suggests playing Doctor with friends. This is also the kid (and adult) most likely to ditch clothes and run around starkers. 

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Scorpio’s powers of concentration are unrivaled, and this observant kid can be a sharp little student. This sign may have one or two subjects that they pour all their energy into, since they like to focus. Because Scorpios can have such great memories, they often do well on tests and quizzes, and can be early talkers. They’re also competitive and will want to be the strongest, fastest, and smartest kid in class.

Household conflict

Private Scorpios want no part of the ugly airing of feelings that don’t involve them. They’ll hide in their private little sanctuary, tuning it all out as they disappear into a book or TV show. Of course, Scorpio will often be the reason there’s conflict in the first place, especially if they have siblings. When Scorpios fight, they fight dirty. A sibling who invades Scorpio’s turf without permission could provoke a vicious backlash!


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