Taurus Baby and Child Horoscopes

What are the dates for a Taurus baby?

Taurus children are born during the four weeks of Taurus season, meaning they are typically born April 19-May 20. Conception dates for a Taurus baby are July 25-August 15.

What are Taurus kids like?

No need to rock this wee one to sleep. Baby Bulls turn napping into an art form. Taurus rules the five senses, so when they are hungry, tired, or ready to play, be prepared. Otherwise, they’re likely to start screaming and shouting to get your attention. Generally, their disposition is sweet and leisurely. 

Ruled by lovely Venus, these dimpled tykes are born contenders for Cutest Baby competitions. They love getting dressed up: bring on the photo opps! Though they can be counted on to keep their clothes neat, the baby bull has a rough-and-tumble streak as well. With their tiny fists and feet, they love to punch, hit and kick. Give them soft or inflatable toys so no one winds up black-and-blue.


How do you entertain a Taurus child?

Playtime tips

  • Take them to the park. Taurus is an earth sign, and these kids thrive in the outdoors. Sign them up for an outdoor sports team when they are old enough to play.
  • Baby Bulls are musicals, so set them up with toy instruments. They may especially love banging on drums or singing. Since Taurus rules the throat, you may discover that your child has a one-of-a-kind voice. They’ll also love listening to music and being sung to.
  • Taurus likes to roll around in style but if you’re too tired to push their stroller, they’ll enjoy playing in a kid-sized battery-operated car that they can drive around in.
  • Family-oriented and possessive, the Taurus child may prefer playing with siblings above anyone else. If your bull is an only child, arrange for regular playtime with another child, so Taurus feels something close to the sibling kinship.

How do you parent a Taurus child?

Parenting tips

  • Teach them the rules about hitting others, and don’t laugh it off. Taurus babies love to punch and kick, but they need to know that their actions can do damage.
  • Nip their lazy streak in the bud. This sign likes to feel useful, so start them doing chores around the house as early as possible. Feeling appreciated motivates them, so let them know how much of a difference their help makes for the family. Use the reward system sparingly or they may come to expect a shiny quarter every time they lift a finger.
  • Taurus babies are the thumb suckers of the zodiac: this is a baby that loves tasting everything! Think twice before popping a pacifier in this baby’s mouth. While it may quiet little Taurus, it can also become a hard habit to break.
  • The Taurus child can be stubborn, so keep the rules simple and straightforward. The broken record technique is a good tool for disciplining these kids. If they don’t listen, continue to repeat the same boundary or rule over and over again (without losing your cool) and your bull will bow to your wishes.

What can I expect from a Taurus child?

How Taurus kids deal with

Rules and authority

Rules make children feel safe and secure, and that’s really all a Taurus child wants. However, many parents’ rules are arbitrary and subject to change without notice, which is a no-no with this sign. Headstrong Taurus will constantly test boundaries if they sense that you don’t mean what you say. Follow-through is a must. 

The Taurus child needs someone strong enough to handle them—and that will take a lot of self-discipline for parents. As much of a drag as it can be, you’ll have to set rules and reinforce them until Taurus sees that you mean business. The good news? Kids of this sign will gladly defer to a consistent, confident authority figure who doesn’t back down from their challenges. And if you start strong with a Taurus child, you can stay strong. Your own consistency from Day One could spell the difference between a golden child and a problem child.


Happily sets them for everyone else (younger siblings, friends, pets), but nobody bosses the Bull around. Rules—and locks—were made to be broken, as far as the Taurus child is concerned.

Separation and independence

Confident Taurus isn’t really a clinger. As long as they have someone they know and trust around, it doesn’t matter if it’s an aunt, uncle, grandparent, sibling or sitter.

Younger siblings

Taurus kids take a shine to their little brothers and sisters. Rather than feel replaced as the family baby, this managerial sign enjoys being regarded as the older, responsible sibling—and will milk this position of power for all they can. You might need to make sure they’re not bossing the smaller ones around too much, overshadowing or dominating them.

Older siblings

Your Bull may be the baby of the family but make no mistake about who’s in charge. Affectionate Taurus will love being coddled by an adoring older sib. But if rivalry occurs, this cute little brute can hold his own—and will push right back if someone tries to steamroll them.

Bye-bye, baby: Weaning, potty training

Pass the Pull-Ups! Little Taurus is eager to grow up and be the one telling everyone else what to do. While this sign dislikes being dependent, Taurus can be equally averse to change. Transitions still need to be handled sensitively, warming up the Taurus child to the idea and letting them know what to expect each step of the way. Praising their “big kid” behavior and pointing out the perks can also work well with this results-driven sign. Cold turkey tactics will backfire, guaranteeing that Taurus will resist with all their might.


Drop trou, anyone? As prim as your Taurus might be, this kid will shuck that elegant party outfit and go naked in a heartbeat. Taurus is a sensual sign, and they love to feel the sun or grass or fresh air on their skin. This earth sign is just going au naturale, so the key is for you not to freak out or get embarrassed by it.

Parents might need to steer the Taurus child to have “designated naked zones” so they can maintain a sense of body confidence. Teaching your Taurus healthy sexuality and the facts of life is important, as this pleasure-centric sign sometimes begins exploration early. Try to impart responsibility and not pass on a sense of shame. Teach Taurus that having sexual feelings is normal, but that they don’t necessarily need to act on every one.

Learning: School, homework and teachers

Taurus kids fall into one of two camps: either the grade-grubbing teacher’s pets (it’s all about status) or lazy students who only apply themselves to subjects that interest them. The non-academic Taurus types, however, tend to have street smarts in spades, which will serve them well in sales or “schmoozer” type jobs later in life.

If your Taurus is underachieving in school, consider steering them into a different curriculum than the standard “reading, writing and ‘rithmetic”—possibly even a technical or trade school. You might even give your Bull some real-world work experience, even starting with simple tasks helping out at a relative’s shop or business.

Household conflict

Duck and run for cover! Taurus kids are like dormant volcanoes: serene until too much heat and pressure build up. To prevent epic explosions, don’t expose your Taurus child to chaos.

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