Cancer Health, Fitness and Wellness Horoscope

For Cancer health, exercise is both a physical and emotional release for this sensitive sign.

What does Cancer rule in the body?

Body parts

Chest, lungs


Mammary glands, body “containers” that retain water 

Does Cancer like working out?

Cancer health and fitness style

A sporty soul at heart, you have a lot of energy to burn and might even work out every day. Exercise, particularly gentle and cooperative modalities, are a great way to work through your moods for Cancer health. You’re emotionally affected by just about everything!

Yoga, running, stand-up paddleboard, sailing, volleyball—anything that gets you breathing heavily will help you release pent–up tension that comes from being a true empath. Swimming is also good because you can use your lungs and be in water, which you love. You excel at team sports, where you can enjoy the camaraderie and family vibes your sign loves.

Cancer health habits

Food and eating habits

Cancer is at home in the kitchen, whether indulging in lavish takeout or preparing an indulgent feast. You’re an emotional eater and your nutritional habits depend on your mood. When you’re depressed, you may lose your appetite; when you’re happy, you use food to celebrate or to comfort others.

Eating foods that nurture and stabilize you is extremely important, and you can be quite a health nut. You may be a vegetarian from a very young age because you care so much about the ethical treatment of animals. You may be devoted to eating only organic or raw food. With your natural domesticity, you know how to make dry ingredients taste delicious, even gourmet.

Keeping that glow

You store up so much emotion that anything that lets you tune in to your body and process your feelings will benefit you. Alternate from sauna to cold-plunge pool, since water is always cleansing to you (Cancer is a water sign). A walk by the ocean or any body of water always lifts your spirits.

Take time to breathe, keep a journal or team up with a nurturing fitness buddy. Weekly therapy or a supportive discussion group (or both) keeps you clear and balanced. As a water sign, staying hydrated is the key to your radiance. Keep a pitcher of filtered H2O by your desk. Cold-pressed juices deliver liquid nutrients straight to your cells, so skip the caffeine fix and opt for a kale-apple-ginger concoction instead.


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