Cancer Style Horoscope

As the sign of the Crab, your clothing is your armor. Cancer style needs a shell to protect you from the oft-rough world.

Does Cancer have good style?

Cancers love to shop, and since your moods can change on the hour, you might run out on your lunch break to buy something more suitable for the second half of the day. Dressing in layers is the key, and you may always need to keep a spare pair of  shoes in your car or bag.

Although you can be thrifty, you’ll splurge on bespoke finds. You also love upscale vintage, especially hand-selected pieces sold in quaint little consignment shops. As the sign of the motherhood, you can make “granny chic” look good in the right measure: crocheted pullovers, floral prints and shawls.

How does Cancer dress?

Cancer is a sensual sign, though it may take years before you dress the part. Many Cancers, will hide out in preppy or jockish styles—polo shirts, tweed pants, tailored button-downs. Anything nautical is in your wheelhouse, like a Breton striped shirt, white denim and loafers that say, “sunny day on the dock.”

But too much “sportif” can fade you into the background—and yes, that might be the shyer Crab’s intention. But as one of the zodiac’s forthright cardinal signs, it’s not where you belong! Step into vintage versions of classic cuts—even a 70s inspired pantsuit. Play with ruffles, lace and patterned pieces.  

Cancer rule the chest, and many of your sign-mates happily accentuate theirs with dropped necklines and fine lingerie. The more modest Crabs do well with scoop-necks, baby tees, blazers paired with camisoles or tanks, and long necklaces made of shells or moonstones. Your hair looks great curly and angelic, in a loose bun or with pixie-style bangs. Baby-doll or pin-up girl cuts can sing on some Cancer, whether you’re wearing a lacy white minidress or a puffy-sleeved top.

What should Cancer wear?

Cancer style profile

What colors should Cancer wear?

Silver, Pearl White

Cancer body focus areas

Chest, Stomach

Fabrics for Cancer


Cancer style best looks

Scoop-neck shirt, necklace, belt, wrap dress, Breton stripes, silver jewelry, pearls, lace, haute lingerie, puffy sleeves and skirts

Cancer styles to avoid

Stiff or buttoned-up styles, anything too vampy or severe in cut


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