Cancer Travel Horoscope

The Cancer travel style requires authenticity. This sign will scout out the local hideaways.

Does Cancer like to travel?

While Cancers have a rep for being homebodies, you’re also some of the zodiac’s most avid travelers. Your approach to journeying is anything but touristy. Wherever you go, you like to live as the locals do, experiencing the location as if it were your home.

You’re a water baby, so if you’re traveling to the shore, the beach is immediately where you head. Renting a cozy cabana on the ocean, far from civilization, is your idea of bliss. You’re ruled by the moon, which pulls the ocean’s tides, so being near water heals and soothes your soul. No organized itinerary for you. You want to sleep in, relax and get lost in a great book. 

The perfect Cancer travel destinations

Unless you’re with family or a large party of friends, you’ll rarely step on a big bus or cruise ship with a bunch of strangers. You’d rather travel incognito and flow at your own pace. You take the time to learn about the culture wherever you’re traveling, and prefer to go somewhere known for great food and historical sites. However, Cancers can be shy in their early days of travel, so guided tours may be the best “gateway” drug to more adventurous wanderlust.

Cancer travel astrology tips

Doing the research in advance helps you find those rare, out-of-the-way spots that are full of authenticity and character. Skip the resort hot spots and drive twenty extra miles to a tiny surf village. Camp under the stars by the ocean’s edge, or splurge on a one-of-a-kind luxury hotel in a boho-chic town.

You also appreciate a great shopping trip, especially when you load up on well-priced antiques and unusual treasures—the rarer the better. Don’t stop in Paris or Milan. Instead, take a tour of the textile-maker’s shops in Marrakech, or hit the open market in Senegal, bargaining your way into an incredible price.


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