Capricorn Career Horoscope: 14 Best Job Ideas

Ambitious Capricorn works tirelessly for achievements

Capricorn career traits

Your sign rules the zodiac’s tenth house of career and achievement, which means that you’re in your element at work! A dedicated professional, the Capricorn career path stokes your love to plan and set goals. You don’t care if it takes 30 years to reach your ultimate destination. Capricorn views life as a rocky uphill climb (like your sign’s symbol, the Sea Goat). Unlike other signs, you expect to face a few bumps along the way and don’t mind learning lessons. Even when you get discouraged, you rarely let an obstacle stop you for long. For you, mistakes are expected and become experience (and you’re not likely to make the same mistake twice.)

Capricorn is all about structure, and you need it to function. You appreciate good process and strive to not only understand it, but to be sure it makes sense to you and everyone else. Although you make a great CEO or manager, the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship can drive your nervous sign crazy. If you want to run or own a business, you may do best heading up a well-established corporation, or wisely choosing an industry where profit is guaranteed.

The key for Capricorn is planning. Research your field, or write a business plan and follow it to the letter. You could also plug into a franchise or pre-existing business model and follow the steps to success.

Although you may gravitate toward a traditional career in the corporate sector, Capricorns career paths can lead to highly artistic endeavors. With your flair for structure, you make a great designer, architect or head of a creative department. Being an earth sign, you’re tuned into the sensuality of colors, shapes and textures. Musical ability is also common for Caps, and you may have a deep, rich voice.

Capricorn is the sign of public honors and fame. You love to be rewarded or acknowledged for a job well done. Trophies, bonuses, and titles turn you on. Even the smalles “good job” acknowledgement can keep you motivated. If you don’t get enough recognition, you will seek it. And you love all the trimmings of a successful career: monogrammed stationery, embossed business cards, a gold-plated or leather-bound desk set. Why not? With your sights set on a goal, a little incentive goes a long way in keeping you motivated!

What is a good career for a Capricorn?

  • CEO 
  • Banker/Broker    
  • Film Director       
  • Architect
  • Politician                
  • Creative Director
  • Department Head            
  • Military Officer
  • Stockbroker                
  • Doctor
  • President                
  • Restauranteur
  • Financial Planner            
  • Business Owner

Capricorn career mistakes or pitfalls to avoid

Working too much 

Capricorns are at high risk for becoming workaholics. You may not know when to log out and have fun. If you’re not careful, work can dominate at the expense of friends, family, health and happiness. If you’re asking yourself, “what social life?” you may need to reassess things. While Capricorns are often the family breadwinners, make sure you have a healthy balance of pleasure in your hectic schedule, too. What could you add to your recipe for success? Moderation. Breaks. Vacations. There’s no award for not taking your PTO!

Obsession with power 

You love to build and grow and have quite the competitive spirit. But when is enough really enough? Single minded Capricorns can get so caught up in the climb that you never feel as if you have enough power. This is an indication you need to take a vacation and regain perspective. There’s more to life than awards and acclaim.

Capricorn career: Your ultimate purpose

To build something of lasting value that evolves into a legacy.


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